Best Undergraduate Courses in USA for Indian Students

Reasons to study in the US


Doing business in the US as American businesses and government is the best in the world. You are attracting job opportunities in the US, and you can get excellent salaries.


You can get lucrative jobs at work in US corporate, consulting, law firms, companies in the financial sector, health sector and educational institutions. The US has low student visa fees and excellent universities. You can attend world-class universities like Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia Business School, Michigan, Cornell University, Dartmouth, U.

Reasons to study in the US

• Excellent Educational institutions

• The quality of education

• The better opportunities • The world’s best colleges in the US Top Colleges of the USA by Rank and Rating

The US is considered to be the best country for overall development. The education system in the US is known to be highly professional and offers exceptional and comprehensive education. Even after completing the studies, it offers a competitive career, and job prospects are also limited. Various opportunities are also open for an individual who is coming from India.

Apart from the above opportunities, you will get the best educational experiences and exposure with the best international ranking if you want to study abroad. The educational institutions in the US offer excellent support for the Indian students and treat them as equals. It gives a great exposure to the students to the different cultures and social customs.

The Top Universities in the US

Academic excellence is not limited to some select universities or colleges in the country, and many well-known universities are ranked in various categories. The US has several higher education institutes that offer different educational programs to Indian students.

You can choose your favourite University based on the programme, course curriculum, student body etc. List of Top Universities in the US Indian Students Make an Invaluable Contributor in the US Economy They are often rated as some of the most significant contributors to the American economy. They are considered to be the backbone of the American economy. Many Indian students pursue degrees in various fields of study from universities in the US. The good news is that there is no better place for studying than the US.

The Best Undergraduate Courses for Indian Students

Indian students planning to study in the US for undergraduate programs can choose from many opportunities available for international students. The UK is considered the world’s second-largest education destination for international students, while the US is ranked first.

However, international students can take courses in the US without applying for a visa. To know more about the systems in the US, all the students should have a basic knowledge about American education and courses. US Courses Offered by IIT Bombay IIT Bombay is one of the oldest educational institutions in India. As of 2017, it has 17 National Centers of Excellence in multiple fields. The University is ranked as the best engineering university in India by various renowned institutes and magazines.

Reasons to study in the US

1. Flexible Time Your student visa will be valid for a maximum of 12 months from the date you arrive. However, you can extend your visa beyond the visa validity.

2. International Opportunities Student Visa: Applicant shall be a Full time or Part-time Student whose course will be accredited by a recognized Council or University Student Visa: Applicant shall be a Full time or Part-time Student whose course will be accredited by a recognized Council or University Professional Degrees:

3. Applicants with professional degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD) are granted total Visa Applicants with professional degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD) are granted full Visa Non-Professional Degrees: Applicants without professional degrees (Associate’s degree and Diploma) are granted visas 3

The Top Universities in the US

Also, there are plenty of colleges in the US, and the research shows that there is no campus as prestigious as Ivy League, Stanford or MIT.

However, if you want to study in an elite institution, the University of California, Berkeley is your best bet. UC Berkeley was ranked 6th place among the best colleges globally by QS World University Rankings of 2015. UC Berkeley has published a list of courses that you can study in the US if you have a primary degree from a reputed school in your country and want to learn in the US.

UC Berkeley and Cornell are the two Ivy League universities among the best schools in the US. You can also go for those four-year colleges, where the student can major in any subject or not.

The Best Undergraduate Courses for Indian Students

If you are planning to study in the USA and need to sort out your studies, you can always approach the Study in USA Platform and in a short time, we will help you choose the best course for you. Suppose you wish to study in any of the best colleges and universities in the USA. In that case, you can also consider our article, Best Undergraduate Schools for Indian Students About the Author:

Why is the US a Great Destination for Indian Students?

The high graduation rate of American colleges and universities: American higher education standards are very high. As compared to UK or Australia, the US ranks top in the world higher education level. The US is the cradle of innovation and learning: It is the home of many American innovators and inventors such as Thomas Edison, William Shockley, and John L. Lewis.

It is also home to many of the world’s top universities, which are innovative and working in cutting edge fields. Affordable visa-free options: The cost of studying in the US is reasonable due to the low tuition fees and affordability options. Bright future of US: The future of American education is encouraging as the US is ranked 2nd in the world for quality of education and student performance index.

What Is the Difference Between Graduate and Undergraduate Studying?

We wanted to know the difference between undergraduate and graduate studying, and in this context, they have been referred to as two different degrees. An undergraduate degree usually refers to preparing to go to college, while a graduate degree is complete in itself.

The fact that they are different degrees need no mention. “Most universities abroad have a master’s programme of a few courses rather than several bachelor’s degree courses. Undergraduate programs often carry different requirements; for instance, students may do their research projects or undertake internships in their final year. A master’s degree is thus more focused on gaining more profound knowledge, which is obtained in one semester.


So as you may have gathered by now, a foreign student must look for a program in the US after paying due attention to all the steps given above. Students usually buy the books and gear themselves up for the journey. In addition to that, they must keep track of what is going on around them, as once they are in the US, they are lost in the sea of new opportunities and people. Hence, they must be sharp to break the ice in the new country and navigate the choppy waters.

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