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Download TeamViewer 

Download TeamViewer
TeamViewer is software that allows you to access your computer anywhere and via

 have TeamViewer installed. You can also use the computer’s desktop access and remote control via TeamViewer Manager to move files, chat, repair and troubleshoot the destination computer, or display something on the destination computer.

Features of TeamViewer TeamView remote desktop software:

A complete tool for any situation such as remote support, remote management, training and sales and… TeamViewer is a comprehensive and powerful software with various modules.
Server management via remote service: This allows remote control of computers and servers. Installing this software allows you to set up and reconnect computers and servers.
File Transfer: The built-in file transfer tool allows you to copy files and folders from one computer to another.
High security standard: All versions of TeamViewer use sophisticated security channels with AES encryption to exchange information. This type of encryption exists on security protocols that use HTTPS / SSL.

Online status display: Are you and your team members in different places? With this software, you can be informed about the presence or absence of people with just one click.
Remote Support: Remote control of the computer via the Internet will be available to you from anywhere. There is no physical connection and you can connect two computers only by running the software.
Compatible with firewall activity: Firewall does not interfere with the operation of this software and you can easily connect to another computer.
Browsing through the browser: Are you on the road and traveling and at the same time want to access your computer remotely? This software can be run virtually through any browser and operating system.
Compatible with LAN connections.
Compatibility with different types of firewalls.
The quality of the images depends on the internet speed of each computer.
Improving sound quality (new).
Shutting down and restarting the computer remotely (new).
Support for Drag & Drop feature to remove a file from email to computer (new).
Troubleshooting screen and text errors (new).
Compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8, Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 / 2008R2 / 2012, Windows Home Server / Home Server 2011.

New version changes:
New software management console:
Web-based management of the entire
TeamViewer Web Connector integration team .
Expand the capabilities of TeamViewer Manager.

Download TeamViewer: 


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