A feature all about the top 10 chrome extensions He’s going to recommend a whole bunch of them including mail trackers Also looking into how to improve your reading inside of the chrome browser as well as tab management and lots more Even including pomodoro timers. He’s put together fantastic lists You can download them all in the description below and please do make sure you go ahead and subscribe to eat He has been on this channel before diving into siri shortcuts, and we’ll be back again soon doing an introduction to siri shortcuts Which is very exciting. So without further ado i’ll pass you over to into the capable hands of git madan. Thank you francesco Hi everybody. My name is keith. Madon, and I have a youtube channel where I talk about tech productivity and automation So if that sounds interesting, you might want to check out my channel after this video though. So let’s get started So statistically speaking almost all of us use google. Chrome or some variant of chromium Which is basically google chrome as our main browsers on day-to-day basis and google. Chrome is good Don’t get me wrong but you can definitely make it better and You can make it better with chrome extensions and francesco and I came up with a list of kind of top 10 Extensions that we believe will add to your experience with your browser and make your browser a little more productive for you So:

 The first extension that I have for you is called black menu for google This is a simple extension that gives you access to all google services right from the toolbar on google Chrome this lets you navigate to your gmail account without ever leaving the web page you are on You can also right click on an email address and send emails using your gmail account having all google services presented in one place and accessible to you within a few clicks can actually let you go through with Certain workflows. That would have been a little too cumbersome to carry on without black menu for google for instance While writing out an email you can quickly navigate to google drive grab a link to a file You want to share and put it on your email without ever leaving the tab you had open in the background now 

Let’s talk about auto text expander for google chrome This is an extremely long name for something that intends to Make sure you don’t have to type out extremely long phrases Like I said this extension lets you set up shortcuts for longer phrases hoping to reduce the amount of time You spend typing out repetitive things when you first installed the extension it would have some shortcuts already set up But you would want to customize it to fit your typing style in my case I have o1 as my outlook email g1 and g2 as my gmail accounts. I also have shortcuts for my full name first name last name street address and my full address It just makes sure that I don’t have to type out the same things over and over again Instead I can just put this little shortcut and actually expands it to the full phrase What i’ve been talking about is just the surface level you can actually customize it to write out giant emails you can You can customize it to have your cover letter written by this application automatically. You can actually insert dates honestly Your imagination is the limit in this situation and if you come up with something that is way better than what I have . 

I’ll be more than happy to copy Emails are probably the one thing that should have died in favor of better and newer solutions But that hasn’t happened yet and we all have to deal with it today when you send out an email There’s no way to know if an email was ever opened or even delivered Your options for tracking are the same as you would have had If you were gonna tie your letter to a pigeon and send it to somebody Mail tracker is an extension that will keep track of all your emails and with a simple check mark based ui It will inform you if your email has been delivered and then opened This is great If you’re using chrome to access your gmail account But if you’re sending emails using a phone or a third-party application this chrome extension will not work for you So works good If you want to track an email Make sure you send it through your chrome browser print friendly is. 

The next extension I have on the list It takes all the fluff out of a web page and make sure you have the text front and center essentially making sure you’re now Wasting paper and toner on promotional ads and other stuff that you don’t want to really print out If you want to customize the output even further you can delete individual sections That you don’t think belong in the final version other than printing the output You can also save the output in a pdf file or send it as an email in the flow of making cleaner web pages Let’s talk about how lame it is that chrome does not have a reader mode by default this chrome extension adds a much Needed reader mode to google chrome other than removing ads and links to clickbait articles It organizes the text on the web page in separate sections that can be accessed using a table of contents on the left bar This is ideal for long form articles that don’t have hyperlinks for easy navigation between multiple segments You can also change the font typeface size and justification You can enable dark mode if you choose to sign up for an account You can enable reader mode on certain websites automatically. 

The next extension on this list is mindset I think almost all of us are suffering from information overload these days I mean with the internet being so ubiquitous and there is so much text to read and consume That we rarely ever take the time to actually sit down and make note of all the things that resonate with us Which is what mindset can help you with it lets you capture snippets of text Quotations or just fun facts and then you can organize them in their collections respectively You can also use this to research a topic to have all the information available to you in one Application if you want you can also turn your collections into flashcards for you to review The best part of mindzip is the fact that it stores the source of the snippet So you don’t have to go hunting if you want to re-read the source of the text you saved I’ve been using mindset to capture codes and mindset principles for minimalism Although I like to believe i’m a minimalist and 100 successful at it there are times that I really want to buy the newest ipad or the newest surface pro x That thing’s even prettier in those times. I like to look at my minimalist principles collection on mindzip to avoid making impulsive purchases So as religious viewers of key productive, 

we all know what farmer door timer is right like the 25 minute timer You work for 25 minutes, and you take a five minute break Yes, exactly that did you know that a chrome extension that can do that for you? One of my favorite chrome extensions for this is tomato timer It is a simple application that you can start with two simple clicks It makes an obnoxious sound when the timer starts or when the timer runs out other than running a recurring timer and making obnoxious sounds It can block certain websites based on the domain names by default It blocks twitter and facebook, but feel free to add reddit and youtube because I know how distractive those can be Let’s talk about grammar as a non-native english speaker and an engineer. 

At technical writing I have to write reports and I have to write emails And so do you but those emails are kind of representation of us, but everybody can catch our grammar errors Which is where grammarly comes in visible extension will scan through all your text And point out spelling and grammar errors that can be fixed quickly and in the latest update They’ve also added the ability to identify the tone of your text This is highly useful when you’re writing professional emails where you don’t want to sound rude or passive aggressive Although there’s a paid version of grammarly, but i’ve been using the free version It has helped me even while scripting this video You have no idea how bad it would have been if I hadn’t used grammarly in this video It’s a long script in my defense Do you if I just sit around and wonder?

 If a website would look different if they didn’t capture all your data and google wasn’t providing them all the information that you have Provided to google to customize it to your liking. Well incognito mode on chrome can actually do that But in order to open a current web page in incognito mode You have to copy the url of your web page You have to open a new incognito window paste the url. You just copied in the incognito window If not anything that sounds like a lot of steps for something that shouldn’t be that hard But if you use a chrome extension called incognito this you simply right click on a website click on incognito this it would automatically open the current web page and Incognito window and you can see the web page devoid of all the data that you have been given to google Or whatever website you’re trying to change.

 over the past few years all Modern apps and operating systems have been talking about dark mode and they’ll be taking dark mode a lot more seriously on the other hand Websites have continued to stay Annoyingly bright and ugly, but you can use dark leader Chrome extension to convert all these ugly websites to a very pleasing dark mode on google chrome This extension analyzes all the colors on our websites and converts them to a suitable dark mode color But making sure images and videos are not affected in any way You can also customize the colors to be a little more muted and under saturated to suit your preferences overall This extension is amazing and it is bringing a modern dark mode to the most antiquated websites as well That were 10 extensions for me in francesco If you want to check these extensions out There should be links to these extensions in the description below And if you think there are extensions that we completely missed out and you think are essential in this top 10 list.

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