So this is the firstQuadro RTX 6000 laptop, and it has 24 gigabytes of VRAM. It’s pretty  it’s bonkers. Let’s get into it here. I have been bothering ASUSjust all the time for this, ever since it was announceda couple months ago. Even apparently the power adapter on this thing is just off the wall. So this power adapter right here, which is just super small, is able to deliver 300 Watts of power, by using gallium nitridefield effect transistors. I don’t know what that is, but it sounds wicked. And this is for its size, a really hefty little power adapter. What else do we have in here? Normally I don’t expect to findlike fun ad-ons in a laptop. But, once you’re getting tothe level of something being $10,000, you know, they can afford to put in likethis nice little dongle here that has two USB Type As, a thunder bolt and a full size HTMI port. I’m guessing 2.0 or 2.1. That’s the new one, right?

 – 2.1’s the new one.- 2.1, yeah. All right. Let’s take a look. How does this thing work? Ooh, she’s heavy! Wow, that’s a lot of laptop. Let’s see what else’s there first. Oh, there’s literally no documentation. So, whatever (laughs) Look at this, it’s probably a pre-production unit. But, as far as I know, we’re allowed to run testson it and everything so, wow, this is heavy. Especially for its size. This clearly takes inspiration from ASUS’s mothership project, where they were justkind of like “Hey yeah, if we turn a laptop upside down, it runs way faster”, that’s cool. And they’ve kept on doing that here. So inside of this thing, the specs are just beyond crazy. So we’re talking a core i9-9980HK, so that’s the one that goes up to like five gigahertz and beyond, eight cores, they also have an NVIDIA RTX6000, so the Quadro one with24 gigabytes of VRAM, we have 64 gigabytes of RAM, I think a One Terabyte SSD, and a 90 Watt-hour battery.

 That’s kind of, all of those are just the fastest that you canget in a laptop right now. Well, I guess the processor you go AMD (mumbles) whatever, close enough. I’m just curious how it works, that like, it can have all of theinternals in the back and not fall over. Like, where’s the tipping point? What’s so heavy about this palm rest? Yeah, ’cause the balancepoints like way back here, I’m guessing that just, this whole base isbattery and only battery. And that’s how they got it to be so heavy. I don’t know. Unsurprisingly, just everything thatyou touch on this laptop feels excellent. It’s all very rigid, it’s not going anywhere because there’s like awhole computer back here. Yeah, it just feels really great. Just like your manhoodcan feel really great. Thanks for today’s sponsor, Manscaped. Manscaped’s new weed wacker nose and ear hair trimmer’s here. It features the sameproprietary Skinsafe Technology that helps reduce nicks and tugs. It has a premium 9,000 RPM motor that powers a 360 degreerotary dual blade system. Get 20% off and free shippingof the Performance package, when you use the code”CIRCUIT” at the link below. Or on Okay, that’s an excellent keyboard.

 I do wish that I had justa tiny bit more travel, Then again, it has thatreal like snappy feel, so you’re able to just really blast. Although I don’t knowif I’d wanna type on it for like hours and hours. That said, after getting used to it, I imagine it would be fine. Like something like, it reminds me a lot of the MacBook Air, like the most recent one, which I got used to and really enjoyed after a couple of hours. The track pad also is reallybig for a windows machine. Now, then again, everything here is quite big. But, especially for ASUS, who I don’t always expectto have the best trackpads, this one seems really quite good. I don’t even feel like… A lot of them I need to tune before I can get it to feel right. But just from the factorythis feels pretty good to me. I’m gonna turn off acceleration though. So this is normally whereI’d complain and be like, “Yeah, the display it’spretty good but, you know, I wish that it was 16 by 10.” Although I’m gonna giveASUS a pass here today. ‘Cause this thing, this thing’s crazy. So we have 4K, okay, it’s not a touchdisplay but whatever. It’s Pantone-calibrated so, they say that it has lessthan one for the Delta Es. You expect two forprofessional photo work, and it’s 120 Hertz. Like, they got 4K, 120 Hertz and super coloraccuracy in this laptop. 

There’s just, there’snothing to complain about. Well, it’s 16 by 10. We can complain about that. But we really can’t because like, they nailed basically everything. Yeah, David just said the screen’s insane. It doesn’t even look like a screen. It looks like a print. And, I agree this thing’s wild. Oh, let’s just have agander at some B-roll here. It’s a good looking display (laughs) Well, I could do more testingand stuff on the computer, but, whatever. We have a full LTT video coming on this, very soon so, we’re not gonna bother here today. I wanna see if we can take it apart. So if you guys watched ourvideo on the Dell XPS 17, we just absolutelygushed about how they got 100 Watts of cooling powerfrom a big old vapor chamber. ASUS has just absolutely knocked it out of the park in that regard here. So we have a vapor chamber that’s made out of titanium apparently, and it’s good for 300 Watts of cooling. And I really wanna look at it, but I don’t know if we’ll be able to. Oh, this is Ooh, Oh this is not great. But I think it is what we have to do, well – [David] I mean I’m not the one firing off that email to ASUS. – Okay, let’s just start withthe screws that we can see. I don’t think it’ll getus access to what we want, but at least it’s, you know, a bit more sensible thanjust pulling the display off and seeing what happens. It does look like they’reall the same screw at least. We’ll get to have at leasta nice look at the battery, and hopefully figure outhow we can get in the top. I do not like this one bit. I also like it a lot but, this is not a small chunk of change in computing right here. – [David] Huh! – Yup, guessed correct their. Bottom’s just entirely battery. You don’t normally see thatmuch battery in a laptop. Also, this piece right here is just, it’s really nice. It’s clearly been CNC-machined from a solid block of aluminum. You can see all of just likethe little machining marks, all the way up here and, this is not cheap, not cheap at all. It looks like this hingeis made out of magnesium. 

Continuing the trend of things that are definitely not cheap. Battery’s off (laughs) Whew! I think I’m going to call it. I don’t see any way to getinto the back of the machine without pulling the display off. It might work. If it doesn’t, we destroy a $10,000 laptop. We got to look at this big old battery. We didn’t get to take a lookat the titanium vapor chamber. But, we need to leave somethingfor the LTT review. I’m gonna call it there, so we don’t end up with avery expensive paperweight, and a very awkward email to ASUS (laughs) Nope, there we go yep.- [David] Yaaay! – Yeah that’s fine, I wasn’t concerned. That wasn’t we didn’t do very much to it.