BenQ PD3220U Review 2020 | Best Monitor for Productivity, Creators, and MAC Users!

  Today i want to talk about the monitor your frequently are asking about highly recommended in 2020 thank you pd 3220 you for disclosure bank you did send me this monitor for free last year but this is not a sponsored video i’ve spent quite a few months with this monitor and used it in different conditions from very bright studio to my quite dark man cave here the design of this model is truly fantastic this is what i wanted the monitor to look like for quite a long time like a very futuristic panel no logos no distractions anti-glare surface on the monitor is also highly appreciated when it comes to changing settings in the monitor you have two options you have a joystick and several physical buttons on the back of the monitor or you can use a hotkey puck that allows you quick switch between color modes adjusting the brightness and changing the input of the monitor this design is so pleasing to eyes.

It was designed referencing this monitor behind me and i think this unit is definitely a great addition to any workspace previously i never used stands i prefer to hook my monitors on the wall but the stand in this unit is so slim that i decided to leave it as is it’s worth mentioning that the whole unit was designed with macbooks in mind the finish of the stand is the same finish as a new generation macbooks as you can see together it does indeed look like two pieces of one echo system this monitor has three usbc ports one of which is capable of delivering 85 watts of power this means i only need one cable to charge the laptop and output the signal to monitor from it the reason this wouldn’t work with my amazing razer blade is because razer requires 120 watts of power delivery but with the setup i have here now i don’t need to carry charging cable at all i just plug one wire and i’m ready to go what about peripherals you would ask let’s have a look at the rest of the available ports we have two hdmi 2.0 ports one displayport 1.4 uh three downstream usb 3.1 ports for your peripherals and one upstream usb 3.1 to connect the monitor to computer in case your machine doesn’t have any usbc ports but you still want to connect things through the monitor as mentioned.

 we have three usbc ports one of which is downstream second one is the port with 15 watts of power delivery and the last one is with 85 watts of power delivery that is a lot of ports right i think this would be even better if they wouldn’t ditch the sd card slot from the side of the monitor but these days i’m mainly shooting all my media on t5 ssds which are connected through usbc anyway so i’m not suffering that much to conclude connectivity topic you can connect all your peripherals to the monitor hide all the cables on the back of the monitor and still connect all of this to your laptop via one cable this is 2020 and finally the most important part of the monitor the screen the image how is it is it good these are professional monitors designed for professional use they have a really strong color reproduction capabilities to prove the point all the monitors are coming with the certificate stating that the monitor was tested on factory apart from that the monitor is kalman and pantone verified the monitor is only 300 nits brightness but it worked fine in really bright conditions 300 nits of brightness is pretty cool for a 10 bit monitor considering the price bank you have monitors for all sort of markets from photographers to 3d artists the reason for that is that different applications are better in different color spaces well by default they’re all working in srgb but some of them would benefit from particular color spaces the monitor has ips panel with hundred percent of srgb coverage it’s ideal for anything quite literally in 2020 we’re still mainly working on srgb srgb as we know is really similar to rec 709 which in video industry is the standard color space so you have that but what’s also good about this unit is that it covers 95 percent of dci p3 color gamut dci p3 is a higher-end gamut in video world that becomes more and more popular.

 It’s quite safe to say that this monitor covers everything you may ever need in your professional work considering the design the price the practicality it’s a no-brainer i want more of these hope you guys like that recommendation take care.

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