so inside the box they put it in the cover this is good okay so they have a button in here where you can just plug it in so it doesn’t fall right and soand this one is the mobile clip that comes separately while  we have to install it right let me just take it off So, I don’t know what is this for but we’llfind it out soon Wow so this is how it works and uh yea this is how you can move your cameras um And then, This is where you gonna mount your mobile clip (Holder) I don’t know if this is supposed to be the right way to do So,   I think we still go for  it’s beautiful right it’s really a portable one This is exactly what I saw over the mobile phone app It’s good.


 It’s not small and I think it’s going to be stable for a mobilephone not advisable or recommended forthe DSLR, big camera ones but for a mobile phone, I think it’s perfectum so after this video I’m going to put my mouth on in here and shoot somevideos that I’m going to share along with thisvideo and see how it works and what quality it haswithin, right so, for now, I’m going to close them upand let me do it one by one I don’t know this one’s not going inlet’s see oh okay okay okay all right so this is the product and along with this there was supposed to be a zoom lens, uh but I can’t find it in in the box it’s not in here it’s not in here Neither on this box (pack) so I don’t know some how.