DELL LATITUDE 9410 2-in-1:


 The Latitude 9410 is a topnotch corporate laptop, with exceptional batterylife and enough features to please both IT managersand corner office dwellers. Many of Dell’s current premium Latitudes, including this one, are available in either conventional clamshell versions or 2-in-1 convertible models. We reviewed the convertibleversion of the Latitude. Its 360 degree display,lets an executive prop up the latitude, like aneasel to review a presentation in the cramped quartersof an airplane cabin. Or more likely these days,use it in easel mode, on a home office desk while connected to an external display and peripherals. The Latitude 9410 silver exterior is consummate corporate chic.

 Its CNC Machined Aluminum,has a hairline finish and diamond cut edges,add a bit of sleekness. Inside, the Latitude 9410offers a choice of Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processors, with vPro support, and plenty of memory andstorage configurations. Performance is adequate,for light office tasks. Though the laptop isn’twell-suited for gaming or multimedia editing. Many of the Latitude 9410’s nifty features are also available on theless expensive Latitude 7410. Another convertible with a 14-inch screen. These include a proximitysensor, that wakes up the laptop when you walk near it, and logs you in using face recognition. The Latitude 9410 is compatiblewith Dell’s digital pen. This pen is bigger andmore comfortable to use, than the one that comes withthe Lenovo ThinkPad X1 yoga. But the Latitude 9410 does not have a built in place to store it. Overall, the Latitude 9410 is an exceptional corporate laptop. But unless you need the cachet of Dell’s most premium latitude, we suggest sticking with a less expensiveLatitude 7,000 series, a Lenovo ThinkPad or an HP elite book, if that offers many of the same features at a more palatable price. 

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