There’s also the Fitbit Charge 4 SpecialEdition which is $169. That simply gets you these extra bands, or technically oneextra band in three part. That is a fancy looking band. There is no otherdifference between the two, it’s just simply the bands and the bands only.That’s a notable departure from the past where the Special Edition of a Fitbitvariant usually had some other features. Again same software, same hardware…justsimply extra bands. So with that let’s get into the first new item on theCharge 4 which is the fact that it has GPS in it. In the past, the way it workedis if you wanted GPS tracks after the fact. For example to upload to Strava, youhad to go ahead and have your phone nearby. Versus now there’s GPS builtinside of this fitbit claim is about five hours of GPS on battery life and inmy testing that seems about right i would say between four and five hoursbut pretty much close enough that’s different however the normal batterylife which is seven days when the GPS isn’t on and for that it also seemsabout right it’s a bit tough for me to tell because I charged a bunch of timesthey had a bunch of really long GPS activities so the way it works when youwant to start a GPS activity is you go ahead you just swipe to the right youchoose exercise there you choose the sport you want if you want to go andturn off GPS you would swipe up at this point and then you would choose to turnoff the GPS but if I went out for a run for example outside GPS has on bydefault you wait for GPS to find signal generally takes between five and tenseconds then you press it.

 again and you’re off and running quite literallyas you’re running it’ll go ahead and show your pace using GPSit also shows your distance again using GPS and all that seems to work more orless just fine pace stability in the words how stable is that pace if you’rerunning pretty stable seems to be mostly pretty good couple wobbles here andthere but it’s in the ballpark of what most folks would want from an accuracystandpoint that also looks pretty good I did a bunch different accuracy testingaround this in woods nann woods in the tall buildings all thekind of stuff and for the most part it’s pretty solid it does seem tooccasionally cut corners a little bit more than I would like but on the wholeit’s not too bad if you want to see a bunch of different GPS accuracy testingcheck out my full written review it’s linked down below or somewhere on thescreen there I go into excruciating painful detail on both the GPS and theheart rate accuracy of the charge for moving on to number two on the list isthe addition to fitbit pay so that means that you can take a credit card debitcard and load it on to this watch assuming your bank supports that we’llget to that part in just a moment there so there you better go ahead and holddown the button go to nearby merchants and tap to pay for something prettystraightforward.

 you probably using on your phone for quite a while andfitbit’s had on their wearables for quite a while too but only at the versaand ionic basically their higher-end wearables so it’s the first time we’veseen it at $149 price point from Fitbit or actually really from anyone sothere’s no other company that I know of that has a $150 wearable band the hasGPS in it and it has contactless payments in it and part of that isbecause doing contact us payments in a wearable is really really tough becauseyou have to talk to every single bank out there which gets back to that firstbit of whether or not your bank supports it Fitbit has a site you can lookthrough and see if your bank is on the list there it’s not as simply saying allvisa are all Amex for all mastercards your actual issuing bank has to supportthat so to put that in the context for me in the US my issuing bank for most ofmy credit cards is chase and chase is supported so I was able to load on mychase card honor this launch no problem all you use walk through theFitbit app takes a couple seconds so you get to add it and then from there asit’s the device and then from there you hold on the button on the side for asecond you type in your PIN code once that’s complete the pin code part is abit messy but you get used to it I guess then you go ahead and just tap on ourpayment reader and you’re done straightforward but that was for the USI live in the Netherlands and here my bank ING isn’t supported it’s not on thelist at all though most other major Dutch banks are also I have cards fromFrance and those ones are not supported either so you’re gonna have to go to thesite and see whether or not your bank is out of there at this point being a fewyears down the road if your bank isn’t on there it’s probably not looking superpositive of course Fitbit is adding banks all thetime but just kind of keep that in mind this isn’t something brand new speakingof support by the way if your fun in this video interesting or useful tosomebody whack that like button down the bottomit only takes a second and it really helps out this video and the channelquite a bit so the next on the list is the new sleep metrics in particularsleep score that’s a score from 0 to 100 though hopefully not it like the 0 sideof things that judges your sleep for the nightthe higher your sleep the heart call your sleep the higher the score in inmost cases for me having toddlers at home that ranged about in the 70 or sorange for a sleep score I’d say that seemed maybe a wee bit optimistic but Iguess I’ll have to take it to see your sleep score you can actually see in thesummary view on the Fitbit charge for itself or you can see it later on in thesmartphone app that Fitbit app .

there you can also see the Fitbit app your sleepstages and durations you can plot them over time and all the graph will go togoodness that you’d expect from pretty much any other app including the Fitbitapp also Fitbit does offer the Fitbit premium service which is something youcan pay for and that gives you bunch of sleep plans and things like that sosleep guidance or coaching to hopefully giving you better sleep in my case if Iwere to do that my toddlers would just laugh at me also Fitbit has promised anew feature which is a smart wake feature that will allow you to go aheadand set an alarm for example 7:30 a.m. and then will wake you at some pointbetween 7:00 and 7:30 depending on your particular sleep stages or phases now inthis case if it hasn’t promised a date that is saying coming soon whichunfortunately fitbit’s history in this particular coming soon category is notsuper strong the last time they promised something coming soon it was almost ayear later so we’ll have to see on that one it is something that is on manyother wearables so hopefully we’ll see a Fitbit implement it sometime soon therewere four on the list is the addition of Spotify kind of sort of I mean it’s morelike a Spotify remote than it is a Spotify on the watch the wearable thething so the most important thing to take away from this is there is no musicon the Fitbit charge for period you cannot put music on the Farge for theFajr for the NE for it cannot go on this wearable itself you cannot play musicdirectly from this to your headphones again just to make that SuperDuper clearno music on here what it does though is a controls music somewhere else so yougo and you take the charge for in particular the Fitbit app and you linkit up to your Spotify accounts behind the scenes or some magic and then fromthere you can take this and control your Spotify playing on your phone or on yourcomputer or on anything else Spotify plays on youcan control their via your wrists technically speaking it mostly workssometimes though not always sometimes.

 it gives me like an app error or somethingelse but when it does work a lot you go and play a different playlist you canactually swipe through them here you can stop and start songs you can go aheadand all of the things you would expect from a remote control but from yourwrists in practice though it’s just not super useful like it’s just kind ofcumbersome to get into to use just like but just just pull out your phone youhave to be your phone anyways so I’m sure there are some very slim scenarioswhere maybe you have this on you in a gym and your phones in a bag closeenough that range sort of works and your headphones you control it that way buthonestly I appreciate the gesture but I’ll pass thanks maybe just put music onthere that’d be cool but again there’s not music on here on the bright sidethat does bring us number five of the list which edition of active zoneminutes active zone minutes are basically Fitbit giving you a credit fordoing more intense workouts but to step back a little bit talk about sort of thezone minute goal which is that you have a hundred fifty active zone minutes perweek that falls alongside the American Health Association the WHL guidelines ofa hundred fifty minutes of exercise per week or roughly five times thirtyminutes per week how you divide that up though is really up to you it’ssomething that many of the wearable companies have been doing for a longlong time and so fitbit’s gone into that and they’ve rebranded parts of it andgive me more credit for more intense workouts so to put this into contextlet’s say you do a 40 minute run and the first 10 minutes are a relative basicwarm-up pace you’ll get 10 minutes of active zone minutes credit for that Ithink of like 10 coins instead but then you go and do 20 minutes of hard runningfor that you’ll be in a different zone a harder zone and you may get 40 minutesof credit for that 20 minutes of running so at the end of your run you could endup with say 60 active zone minutes for only a 40 minute run kind of a coolconcept and kind of make sense if you’re doing really hard workoutsyou’ll be able to see your active zone minutes on the device itself at the endof a workout as well as on the fitbit app and you can see how many active zoneminutes you have towards your weekly goal as well on the device and also inthe Fitbit app which gets us right into the next one which is the new heart ratezones or in particularly the new active zonethe idea behind this is to take generic heart rate zones and give them fancynames like fat-burning zone and cardio zone and things like that they’rebasically just heart rate zones that you can probably actually remember in yourhead you can lightly customise some of these zones in the Fitbit app but forthe most part they are what they are and the way they are structured or what theyare but as you’re doing a workout you’ll get notifications each time you changezones you can turn that off though.

 if it’s annoying just in the settings foreach individual workout type and then after the fact in the app you’ll seewhich zones you were and how much time you spent in each zone and then on themap itself you’ll see which owns you’re in as you were running or ridingwhatever the case it’s pretty cool actually when you look at the map andsee that for an interval workout because you can see the hard part the workeffort of that being in red and you can see the easier parts being in orangebecause I was doing recovery there so it’s kind of neat there overall againnothing earth-shattering but it’s somewhat appreciated it sort of take thesports side of it and push it a bit more into the more basic wearables thatFitbit has next up on the list there is a new weather option or weather widgetsthat means that you can swipe through here and go to the weather option rightthere and then see the current weather around you so if you’re in a dark cavelike I am right now I can see what it’s doing outside you can also go ahead andadd your friend’s house on there by adding another city or multiple citiesif you want to and then you can swipe through and see those cities as wellpretty straightforward also straightforward is the next featurewhich is the addition of the agenda so in that same widget role there you swipeuntil you find agenda and that you’ll be able to connect .

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