how to create free android app for your website for blog and for your business , hello this is Ritik gupta and welcome to my blog for creating an android app you should know about the programming language but today i am gonna show you how to create an android app without any programing language without any technical skills so lets get started:

  1.  To create free android app go to your browser and open website 
  2. Now click on create now option now select category now enter the url of your website
  3. Click on next Enter app name now click on next enter the description for your app 
  4. Now click on next now choose icon for your app you can choose custom icon for your app to choose custom icon upload icon for your  app
  5.  Now click on next now click on create to check your android app how  it will look simply click on preview now click on create now you have to verify your email id if you want to download your app you can use your email id  for registration or you can use your facebook id for login
  6.  Now you can download your app here now we have create an android app successfully.
  7.  For download your android app click on link now again click on link now you have to wait  for 2-5 minutes when its completed it will be automaticlly downloaded now you can see app is downloading.
 This is how you can easily create free android app for your website blog,business.