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You have SD CARD or a pendrive and there is defect on you sd card and pendrive you guys thinks card is damaged or corrupt you always throw that sd card and pen drive on dustbin but its not like that you can repair these memory card pendrive easily you can repair these card with these two methods now lets start with first method to repair  sd card:


  1.  Now here you can see a corrupt pendrive its size is not showing now i am going to repair this pendrive lets start first open command for this press window key on keyboard and search for ‘ cmd ‘ and run it as administrator.
  2.  Now here you have type the following command diskpart and press enter on keyboard now type list disk and press enter. 
  3. Now here you will get two list first one would be hard disk which is your system hard disk second one is your  corrupt pendrive.
  4.  Now you have to select your corrupt device but make sure not to select disk 0 which is you hard disk now just type select disk 1 and press enter now you can see disk 1 is selected. 
  5. Now type clean and press enter now it will clear your corrupt storage device now simply type exit and press enter now you can see a corrupt pendrive drive icon.
  6.  Now simply remove you device and insert it again now you can see a corrupt disk is fix and repaired now its total size is showing there is no error this is how you can repair your corrupt disk


Now lets learn the second method to repair corrupt device 
  1. Here you can see a corrupt pendrive when i open this disk it shows an error.
  2.  Now i am going to repair this to repair this disk i am going to use this software its name is HPUSBDisk you can download this software.
  3.  Now simple run this software as a administrator now here you can see a corrupt storage device size and it is already selected. 
  4. Now you have to format this simple click on start for formating thsi disk now it will start formating the disk once it is done.
  5.  Now you can see here the size of corrupt storage device is showing you can open this software it will not show any error.

 This is how you can repair any corrupt storage device Thats it Thanks.