The Infinix Zero 8, Infinix finally heard us out guys, right off the bat, you get a90Hz refresh rate phone with a headphone jack now that everyone is taking it away, usb c,high megapixel cameras even though it’s not the ultimate decider for how good a camerashould be, the Helio G90T, a gaming focused processor which handles well and of coursea 33w fast charger, I mean, it’s in a pretty unique spot for Infinix smartphones now andin this video, I’ll be giving you guys a first look, my impression and an unboxingof the Infinix Zero 8. Without further ado. 


 So this is the box of the Infinix Zero 8 , so when the box is opened, firstthing we get is the device with all of the main highlights on the front sticker but we’llput it to the side for now. Taking the separator plastic out the way fornow, we get a small envelope with icons that shows what’s left in the box, cable, headphones,adapter and a case and of course that’s what we get. But inside it, or on the back is where weget the sim ejector tool, then we get the warranty card. X club member Invite, a screen protector whichis nice to have and you get a couple of neon Infinix zero 8 branded stickers. That’s all in the envelope and back to theaccessories, we have a nicely done rubber case with all the appropriate cutouts andit is designed by Oraimo. Next up it’s the charging brick, it’sreally big and I can’t wait to test out the charging capabilities and know how fast33w really would perform. Next up is a very interesting designed 3.5mm headphone quite shiny too, I kind of like this design. Last but not the least it’s this cool lookingorange-colored accent USB C cable. Guys! It’s been a while since we’ve been askingfor it and at least it’s done here, plus it’s commendable. Also if you’ve gotten this far into thevideo, thank you so much for watching I’d love it if you could consider give it a thumbsup and subscribing and hitting the bell icon beside it so you’ll be the first to knowthe my full review would be out for this guy. I’d really appreciate that.


 Taking the wrap off of the front welcomesyou to the 6.85 inch IPS LCD display which we’ll come to in a bit and of course, Upfront is where the earpiece and pill shaped dual cameras sit and taking the wrap off ofthe back, you do get a polycarbonate finish, with a diamond shaped or rhombus sharped cameraarray and design. It looks different from a lot of smartphonesactually and I really want to know how people would take this camera array shape. In a world of multiple back cameras in squares,this takes a different turn. I’d like to see how that plays out. Any way, it’s got a subtle amount of gradientfinishing but it’s also a fingerprint magnet and there are 3 color options. I don’t have the exact names for them butI have the black gradient version and there’s a green and white gradient version as well. For the ports and I/O, there’s nothing ontop, we have the power button/fingerorint reader on the right side and above it arethe volume rocker keys. The left side houses the slot for your microsd card and dual nano sims. At the bottom is where we’ve got the headphonejack, microphone, USB C port and speaker grille. One of the major highlights you’re gettingon the Zero 8, is that 90Hz display, it sits on a 1080p display, 1080 x 2460 in pixel termsand for the limited time I’ve had it. It was smooth. Viewing videos were certainly also good tolook at although I’m not sure about HDR quality on here but it’s a 21:9 1080 displaythat was quite good with picture quality and of course you also get full hd streaming aswell You can change between 90Hz and 60Hz or Autoswitch. I’m leaving mine as 90Hz, infact, it’s90 out of the box and it was really smooth to use so I’ll keep testing it with 90Hz. I’ve been using 120Hz display phones alongside60Hz display phones and this is just enough of an upgrade from 60Hz, it’s subtle butit’s a step in the right direction and I’d love to use it some more and get a feel forhow well it does for day to day use. Of course you get dark mode and a host ofother features and speaking of that, a major feature upgrade on this guy, would have tobe the processor added to it. The Mediatek Helio G90T is what’s on theInfinix Zero 8 and this is what was on the quite popular Redmi Note 8 Pro, you can watchmy video on that with the card up above or the link in the description. Anyway, the G90T is a gaming centric processorand it’s one of the processors going head to head with the Snapdragon 730G. I’ll leave a link to the article that pointsto the G90T being better than the Snapdragon 730G but that’s not to say there aren’tbetter Snapdragon processors that are midrange centric. 


The G90T certainly helps the Zero 8 with abetter RAM power, its an 8GB RAM device, the G90T also supports UFS 2.1 storage but I’mnot sure which kind is on the Zero 8, however you’ve got 128GB of storage. Cameras too benefit alot and this comes witha 64 and 48MP camera in one phone and of course, a fast charging battery for which Infinixadds in a 33w fast charging capability to help support its 4,500 mah battery. When I tried gaming from the limited amountof time I had, it was smooth, I noticed no lag at all and it’s been commendable sofar. However, I did block the speaker sometimeswhen I was gaming and call of duty automatically reverted framerate of gameplay from max (the highest setting) to very good. So on a scale of 1-5 that’s a 4 but in graphicsquality it’s a 4/4. All of these being said, this device comeswith Android 10 out the box, and still on software; the improved XOS 7 has some graphicalchanges, looks a lot smoother thanks to that refresh rate. I like how when you slide down the notification,it fades in and out. Nicely designed Custom Icons and Graphics,the side edge panel no longer just shows up and interrupts but it can be pulled up whenyou drag and hold from the edge and not until you release does it come out. It’s useful in some cases. You know we just have a couple of subtle improvementshere and there but again, a deeper look would help get some of the actual capabilities andnovelty on here. Right off the bat, I didn’t like the factthat there were too many apps and 3rd party stuff, the bloatware that it comes with wasplentiful. Although you can just take a few minutes touninstall them. It’s your phone after all. In terms of securing your device, you’vegot Face Unlock which works fast in good lighting and even faster, you’ve got the fingerprintreader which I much preferred. In the front camera side of things, we’vegot a dual “pill shaped” camera array. A 48MP selfie camera and an 8MP ultra wideangle selfie camera beside it. As far as the specs of the rear camera it’sgot a 64MP Primary wide camera, then an 8MP Ultra wide camera, in addition you get a 2MPlow light cameras for low light video and another 2MP depth sensor on either side ofthe diamond shape and of course the LED flash. When I checked the camera modes, you actuallycan shoot 4K in 30 FPS, 1080P in 60FPS and 30FPS which is cool and for the lowest, it’s720P at 30FPS. This is only available in the main 64MP lensas you can’t go up to 4K with the 8MP ultra wide lens, only 1080, 720 and 480p all in30FPS. Another addition is slow motion. You can go as high as 960FPS in slow mo whichis crazy to think of, and 240FPS or 120FPS. I’ll be testing these for later but theseare some interesting stats. You’ve also got short video mode, normalvideo mode, AI Cam mode which is the default, beauty mode, bokeh mode aka portrait mode,super night mode, professional mode, super macro mode, panorama mode, and documents forscanning documents. 

That’s 11 camera modes for the rear camera,12 if you could Google Lens. In the front camera, it’s 8 modes, wideselfie mode for a panoramic selfie, super night mode, portrait mode, beauty mode, AICam mode (which is the default camera mode), video mode which you can also go up to 4Kand 1080p, short video mode for Instagram videos or social media, and slow motion mode,which you can only shoot 120FPS and 240FPS slow motion in. I like that the camera section can now disablethe fingerprint being used as a shutter to capture images and videos. It’s a cool feature but can get in the wayof normal use when you’re with your camera or as I complained in the Note 7 video. It can just trigger recording on its own. That’s an improvement here. I think the Infinix Zero 8 is something tolook into or keep an eye on, it’s got a lot of new features from Infinix in a while. It’s certainly better and I’d encourage anyone who wants to buy it to actually try it on a display stand at a Store before youbuy, of course being safe about it.


 According to a press release, Infinix is launchingthis for $258 . THIS IS ABOU T Q 18700INR.


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