LG 27UK850-W 27 REVIEW||Best monitor!


 Are you wondering what the best monitor for ps4 pro is for this year if so stay tuned because by the end of this short video you’ll know exactly which one to choose this list was made based on our personal views and are listed based on price quality durability and more to see prices and get more info about the product shown be sure to check out the description below one last thing .

 so let’s get started with your three is the lg 27 uk 850 w gaming monitor the lg 27uk 850w has a class 27-inch display combined with the new generation of convenience like usb type-c connectivity and is stuffed with loads of features such as amd freesync industry standard hdr10 and the latest hdcp 2.2 compatibility from a design perspective the lg 27uk 850w looks slim and sleek thanks to its accentuated arcline stand the smooth curve of the base gives stability assuring reliable performance with a touch of class the ultra thin bezel on the sides gives seamless viewing experiences without distraction from the precise powerful image moving on the three side virtually borderless design is slimmer than others measuring less than two inches there aren’t any usb ports on the side but there are two downstream jacks on the rear panel all connections face the rear and are easy to access either visually or by feel it is straightforward to set up thanks to its on-screen control that puts a host of basic monitor settings into a convenient window for easy access which we liked additionally .

you can adjust brightness volume picture mode presets screen split 2.0 and more with a couple of clicks of the mouse rather than using hard buttons on the monitor moving on the classy 4k uhd resolution 3840×2160 27-inch ips display is compatible with industry standard hdr 10 high dynamic range so the lg 27 uk 850w can give a higher level of contrast between light and dark images on the screen to create a more realistic image providing the best picture quality available that exceeds the capabilities of standard monitors to give you the edge performance wise this monitor offers optimized display settings with black stabilizer for improved detail and clarity in dark scenes while the dynamic action sync feature reduces input lag for better gameplay the amd freesync technology reduces screen tearing and stuttering for a smoother gaming adventure all in all the lg 27 uk 850 ips monitor is perfect for anyone who wants a 4k display with hdr freesync and usbc it’s got a great design rich connectivity and plenty of additional features both for gaming and everyday use and we think it’s an excellent all-around monito. 

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