If you are looking for a cell phone close to R$ 1,500 you can keep an eye on a Galaxy A31 or the LG K61, which we’ll talk about today. Is the A31 a good buy in the sea of ​​Samsung’s A-series smartphones? Can the K61 maintain the good reputation of the mid-tier series that LG launched last year? Check out our considerations now at TudoCelular.com. Already expecting a glossy plastic finish we have more differences in the presentation of the cameras, because on the rest, they have that rounded back as always with frames also in polycarbonate. There is an advantage to the K61, which is military-certified and can withstand more temperatures and drops. At the front, the notch is resolved in a centralized U shape for the A31 and a hole in the left corner for the K61. At the rear, Samsung adopts the domino piece style, which is a trend in its series this year, and LG bets on cameras placed next to each other in a horizontal line. If you have no problems with a slight slowness you’ll enjoy the biometric sensor below the A31’s screen, while its rival brings the same sensor on the back of the device, being faster and more accurate. In size, due to its slightly larger display, the K61 has superior dimensions and it is also heavier, although it is less thick and has less battery. It is also the only one with a silicone case in the box. Finally, both are Dual-SIM and have a dedicated MicroSD slot. The LG K61 opens the scoring with the design point.

 In terms of the display, it is difficult not to give the point to the A31 – it is true that the K61’s 6.5″ screen it’s bigger than Samsung’s 6.04” and both are Full HD+, but LG didn’t want to go too far on the screen. Starting with the fact that the A31 features Super AMOLED technology, brighter and with more intense colors than the K61’s IPS, which is simpler and has low contrast. The screen-to-body ratio is better on the A31 too, which still has more bezels than its predecessor The Galaxy A30 – their chin is also quite large. LG informs that its device has a scratch-resistant glass on the screen but does not say which one and Samsung doesn’t even mention it. The aspect ratio is longer on the latter, with 20:9 versus 19.5:9 on the LG. As already mentioned, the point goes to the Galaxy A31. Sound is not something that stands out in cheaper mid-rangers like these two that we are comparing, so neither one will have stereo sound and they bring very simple headphones in the box. To increase the volume power they exaggerate the treble and burst the audio at higher volumes – with a small advantage, the K61 brings DTS-X Surround technology to the headphones but you will need to purchase some better ones to take advantage of this feature. So, for that last detail, the LG phone gets this point in audio. Obviously, both are Android phones but each company puts its own interface on the Google system, and things get ugly for LG, released its product with Android 9 Pie, with Android 11 coming, just around the corner, and having a calendar of updates That is erratic and unreliable. 

The A31 arrives with Android 10 and One UI 2.0 interface and should be upgraded to Android 11 next year – and if the updated system is important to you, then the Samsung phone Is definitely a better idea. In general, the two are full of features and even look a little bit alike since the latest version of LG’s interface made it look very similar to that of its rival. The connections are very similar: Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS (which is way better on the A31) and FM radio, but without the presence of NFC. So, we have a clear point for the Galaxy A31. Although they are from different manufacturers, they are two smartphones equipped with MediaTek processors A Helio P65 on the A31 and a Helio P35 on the K61, both with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Theoretically, the P65 should perform better, and in the benchmarks, it is 70% better, but when it comes to our standardized app opening tests, things change. The Galaxy A31 is 20% slower than its LG rival, and this is explained by a lack of system optimization When working with the given hardware. Both will perform well for average mid-rangers, keeping apps in the background this being a better scenario on the K61. In games, the situation is reversed and the A31 surprises even running games like PUBG in higher graphics. The K61, on the other hand, choked on even simpler games and even froze frequently on Asphalt 9. This strange session ends with a point for the Galaxy A31, which is more balanced. 

With 5,000 mAh, the Galaxy A31 arrives with far more potential than the K61 and its 4,000 mAh and the TudoCelular tests confirm this. The nearly twenty-five hours of overall Samsung cell phone life is longer at seventeen and a half hours from the LG. Of course, with not too heavy use you can easily stay away from the outlets with both but the A31 will be much better. And it also recharges its bigger battery in about the same time as the K61, just over two hours – and that’s because it has a 15-Watt charger in the box against a 10-Watt in the competitor’s box, and it is a point that stays with the Galaxy A31. Following the trends of 2020, our two devices come with a quadruple set of cameras with the same lenses and some minor differences. On the Galaxy A31, the main wide is 48 MP and f/ 2.0 aperture with PDAF it has an 8 MP ultra-wide, a 5 MP macro, and a 5 MP depth sensor. The LG K61 has a 48 MP main wide with aperture f/ 1.8 and PDAF an 8 MP ultra-wide, a 2 MP macro, and a 5 MP depth sensor. A better opening on the LG wide and a better macro on Samsung what does this mean in practice? Our reviews revealed that both sets of cameras fall short however, on the main sensor, the A31 manages to have slightly better pictures with good lighting but both will have a drop in quality when the light is running out. In the case of the ultra-wide sensor, there is a lot of difference for the larger sensor and noises appear more quickly. In the macro, the two have fixed focus and the A31 is superior in sharpness and focus, however, both work with fixed focus, as I said, that makes the photos impractical despite more versatile. Overall, the photos on the Galaxy A31 are a bit higher and it takes the point. There was no good evolution in either of them in relation to their previous models in the video item but despite the two shooting in Full HD at 30 fps, Samsung manages to do a little better mainly in sound capture, which is good in it and very muffled in the K61. 

There is no stabilization in either and they shake a lot, with the focus on LG being much slower the quality of the video itself is reasonable in both but the point goes to the Galaxy A31 for bringing a better audio. At the front, a 20 MP camera on the A31 and a 16 MP camera on the K61, also recording in Full HD at 30 fps but, again, the Galaxy shows its superiority, with more sharpness and performing more coherently in all environments. The K61 struggles a bit to get the focus right and its Portrait Mode sometimes misses thhe cutout. That last point in the photo will also go to the Galaxy A31. In its launch period, the K61 arrived cheaper than the A31 which is quite explainable by the difference in specifications. The LG phone was launched for R$ 1,500 while the Samsung came for a frightening R$ 2,000. After this scary period, the two have already had a price drop and today they are tied in the approximate R$ 1,600 range, with the K61 having had a bigger raise lately. And if we consider the score so far, we see that the A31 is currently a better bang for the buck. The two should still have some price drop by the end of the year, so stay tuned for some nice deals – and for that, one more point helps to increase the overall score of the Galaxy A31. Yeah, it was a tough fight for the LG K61, which had few points on the scoreboard. Overall, it arrived cheaper than the A31, but now that the price of both is equivalent you can put them side by side and see that Samsung has a better set. The K61 has advantages in the body, with more protection, case in the box and others but apart from that detail like the DTS-X for audio, it failed to take anything from Samsung. It even performs better when opening apps, but then it stumbles so much in games that it misses the point. The A31, on the other hand, is a good option in this price range, although it is also not a great result, between these two he is the most sensible choice. It is difficult to recommend the K61 in this case. 

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