LG recently renewed its line of simpler devices. The K series was successful last year, so devices with the K40S and K50S sell well today for having a good cost-benefit ratio. This year’s new ones did not follow the same success, and in our individual analyzes they stumbled on some points. Still, models like the K51S and K61 may have caught your eye so it’s worth it to put them side by side to help you make that choice. Do you want to know how each one did and if the K61, which is theoretically better, really gets the crown? Follow our comparison here on TudoCelular.com. LG wanted to be practical and so many of our two competitors like the K41S came looking practically identical between them, with very small details of difference. Glossy and rounded plastic body with frame in the same material. The rear cameras are horizontally aligned in the middle of the device also behind is the biometric sensor almost at the height of the device. The camera modules jump much more on the K61 than on the K51S. Both have a gray-titanium version while the white is exclusive to the K61 and the red is from the K51S. They have military certification and undergo more severe drop and temperature tests without spoiling it, however, let’s remember that LG does not guarantee this. The notch of both is a punch hole located in the upper left corner of the screen and because of the larger display the K51S is slightly bigger, thicker, and heavier – very little. Both have transparent silicone case in the box, besides being dual-SIM and have dedicated space for MicroSD card. In the digital sensor already mentioned they perform well and quickly. 

K61s vs k15s

In general, they are devices with an elegant appearance and a little slippery. It could not be different it is the same. They tie. In the displays, we have two large ones, with 6.5 “on the K61 and 6.55” on the K51S. The settings are different, with Full HD (19.5:9) at the most expensive and HD + (20:9) at the simplest being a bigger screen on the K61, the use of screen-body is also better In similarities, the two have protection against risk and are two IPS, which although they are one of the largest The world’s screen makers, LG itself, have fallen short mainly on the issue of contrast which is poor in both. The brightness is weaker on the K51S but it is also not amazing on the K61. Both may have difficulty showing content, for example, on the street under the sun and also do not bring HDR for content with this technology as on YouTube and Netflix so, just to be less bad, the K61 gets the point. These two handsets from LG’s simplest line are mono and, in general, exaggerate the treble to keep the volume high – the sound is more powerful on the K51S but both also come with headphones simple in the box, with a P2 connection. For headphones, there is also the DTS-X Surround function, but it doesn’t make much difference and it will work better if you purchase higher quality headphones. Overall, the set of both is only reasonable, but the K51S gets the point for being higher. There is no difference in the systems here – as they were launched on the same day, the two phones have the same LG interface and come out of the box with Android 9 Pie, as a launch in the middle of 2020, we still don’t even have a way to know if they will reach Android 10. This interface has been revamped and now it looks very similar to Samsung’s One UI, so it has many functions for fine adjustments in addition to more complete screen capture, distraction mode, screen compatibility and others. In connectivity, both have Bluetooth 5.0 and the Wi-Fi of the K61 is dual-band and ac standard A newer and more versatile one, while on the K51S the wireless connection is only 2.4 GHz. They also do not bring NFC but have FM radio, so the LG K61 ends up with the point Only because of the Wi-Fi. Apesar de o K61 ser mais caro, ele tem o mesmo chipset do seu rival aqui, um Helio P35 da MediaTek but the rest of the set is more powerful, with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. 

The K51S has 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal space and both also accept MicroSD. It’s an old chipset and since the K51S has a lower definition screen it did better in our standardized app opening tests, even if only 4%. in the benchmarks the K61 wins, but by only 2%. These are low numbers, right, but the most expensive should perform better, and even concerning competitors from other brands the two end up being beaten. In games, the K61 experienced problems with stumbling even in lighter games and freezing in some more demanding titles like Asphalt 9. On the K51S these freezes also happened, but until he faces the light and heavier games as long as you use it in the lightest graphic configuration. Incredibly, the LG K51S takes the performance point. Following the list of similarities, we have two LG smartphones with 4,000 mAh battery and going against all logic, their result is extremely similar, even though we have a screen more demanding on the K61. It took approximately 17 and a half hours for both, and a little less than 9 hours of screen time for them. When recharging the 10-Watt charger, which is also the same in the boxes, takes just over two hours to go from 0 to 100%, and recovers 15% in a quick charge of 15 minutes. These results are below even similar models from last year and LG itself, but in moderate use, you will even be able to take more than a day of the battery from them in an easy way – we then have a tie between them. In terms of sensors, LG made a point of differentiating these two phones. The quadruple set offers the same lenses but with different sensors. The K61 comes with a 48 MP main wide sensor with f / 1.8 aperture and PDAF, an 8 MP ultra-wide, a 2 MP macro, and a 5 MP depth sensor. The LG K51S has a 32 MP main wide sensor and f / 1.8 aperture with PDAF, a 5 MP ultra-wide, a 2 MP macro, and a 2 MP depth sensor. Our analysis has shown that even though the number of megapixels the camera of the two devices has not improved compared to last year’s line. Lack of sharpness, colors are faded and textures are of poor quality. The camera brings four pixels together into one, and you can even use the mode that takes all the power of the megapixels but then you give up the HDR, which in general, is an interesting help in the images. However, in images at night, the K61 certainly brings better images and is a major differentiator here. Apart from the main one, even with some differences, the other cameras will behave very similar – the ultra-wide is only usable during the day when it already shows some noise, getting complicated at night.

 The difference for the larger sensor is great between them. The depth sensor can err sometimes. The macro has a fixed focus of 4 cm and it will often be better to take the picture with the larger sensor bringing it closer to the object itself. And in the unique detail of the photos at night, the K61 narrowly took that point. In videos, the cameras of these devices record in Full HD at up to 30 fps, do not have any stabilization and the focus of both are very slow. in video quality, the K61 does a little better but in audio, it loses badly to the competitor having a very muffled intake. So, for that balance, they tie here. For selfies, we have a 16 MP sensor on the K61 and a 13 MP sensor on the K51S, with both recording in Full HD at 30 fps – then you have to make a choice: you want the most vibrant colors in the K51S images or more sharpness on the K61? However, the tiebreaker happens according to your taste for Portrait Mode because it’s a little more accurate and correct on the LG K61, even though it’s not great. So, that detail gives our point of selfies to the K61. arriving at R$ 1,899 for the K61 and R$ 1,499 for the K51S, on the same day they their prices had already been dropped, as is normal for LG, however, the drop has been greater for the K61, since its rival was much cheaper and had a sudden rise. Currently, with less than R$ 200 difference between one and the other, the most expensive model is close to the R$ 1,560 and the K51S comes close to R$ 1,400. By the overall score then, the most cost-effective is with the K61. By the end of the year, these prices are expected to drop further, especially during the Black Friday season. and should be among the best sellers this year. So, this final point is the K61, which is in better price conditions.

 In our conclusion, by a not too big difference, the K61 gets the trophy. It is more expensive, but the price difference compared to the K51S is not big enough to take from it the good cost-benefit in this comparison. In general, these two phones can be picked up from some Samsung Galaxy A series with similar prices, but here between these two the LG K61 has the same design as the cheapest and wins in many aspects. However, the game case can make a difference for you then, although the K51S only takes audio for one thing, in addition, it will do better for gambling than his rival. But if that is not an important fact for you, the K61 is the choice without a doubt. But what about you, are you thinking about a K61 or the budget calls for a K51S? 

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