Today we’re going to take a look at two of the top end tvs on the market uh between the lg e9 oled and samsung’s q-900r 8k tv to find out which is better or which gives you the best band for your buck and of course that price range so let’s jump in so when it comes to buying televisions uh the top tier tvs in the market usually are priced around three thousand dollars nowadays so we have the e9 oled which is one of the top-end oleds from lg uh this thing of course has beautiful contrast in blacks and also boasts uh improved game mode which has a nvidia g-sync now uh through an update if you’ve already bought this tv now there’s a lot of cool features to this tv one of the things i will mention is the fact that it does have a really good sound system uh it’s got a soundbar built into it and it’s about 60 watts in terms of output power and does a really good job.

 Now the other things to mention this tv of course is it’s setup process i could show you but it was a pain and i’ll put it that way you have to set it up with the box it’s not an easy process and something that will take some time so i kind of dig it a little bit there because it’s not an easy and intuitive process it does take some steps and i think a lot of users will not be interested in that there’s also no separate box everything is there but what you do have here is something that’s really thin in design of course that paper thin or that credit card thinness that lg is pushing the oleds is something you see with this and it’s very nice to see and look at and i think a lot of people would like that with you know a device like this does come with the magic remote and what you have here is a remote control that has a basically a one like mechanism built in i don’t like that anymore this is the time i used to like it so if you see in my old videos i’ll probably praise it a little bit but now it feels gimmicky and it actually interferes with the os this is running webos and uh the webos is really good and functional on the lg tvs what you have here is something that i think hasn’t been updated as much but it does give you a lot of features mind you so don’t don’t take me wrong here uh you do have the ability of possible applications there is a built-in uh tv tuner giving you different stations and hd applications over the air which is nice and you also have the ability to go ahead and connect to your smart home products as well so all that is baked in now before we get to picture let’s talk about the samsung q 900r now this is samsung’s flagship it’s about 30 3000 maybe 3 500 uh pricing for good tv should be on screen for you so don’t worry but this is a tv that is an 8k television .

Now you’re saying wait wait we don’t have 8k source material that is very true what the tv does it upscales anything you watch any input that comes in to 8k now some people have gone out and said yes this is not true ak yes it doesn’t do that properly well i disagree one of the big benefits of this tv is watching older content and the real reason why 8k is important is as we get to bigger sizes i would say 65 is the quantity close but 75 and up that’s where you need 8k resolution because you as you go bigger you’ve got you know more pixels there’s a lot of spaces your content 1080p content 720p content starts looking fuzzier at that range now i was able to go ahead and watch star trek next generation which is on netflix it’s 720p and it was a marvel watching it upscaled to a higher resolution and seen it and just better content it’s really nice now if you go walk up really close to tv you will notice that yeah okay um it is upscaling but sitting back normal distance it it really does a good job so what’s interesting about this tv is that yes it doesn’t have the same high contrast as you find with the oled but it does a really good job especially with the multiple dimm zones here you have here. 

Now in terms of speakers it’s not as powerful or as loud as the oled speakers but the setup process is really easy uh it’s a very simple process something you can do your own especially the 65-inch because the uh stands are placed behind the tv something you pop up connect and you’re good to go actually i have a setup video on that so go ahead and check that out see there’s a reason why i didn’t show the lg because it just wasn’t as easy now this tv is thick it’s not as slim as the oled but it is a nice looking tv set thinner bezels for something like this but it’s still a thick tv now in terms of functionality you do have of course tizen and i think samsung has the best operating system for tvs on the market nothing comes close i think maybe lg is the closest but the magic remote when you put something that makes it a little clumsy you do have ability to download the applications you can go ahead and also use voice recognition with bixby and now google assistants so as you can do with lg with uh google assistant and alexa uh the other benefit to the cvs you also have smart things built in and see how smart things integrates here. 

With the television set it’s very simple easy fluid remote control is probably one of the best remotes on the market very few buttons very intuitive to use doesn’t look like a hot mess what the lg has i’m sorry lg that remote is old and it needs to go now let’s go to picture quality this is something that’s very interesting i i went back and forth and you know daniel’s here and he looked at some of the images himself and i would say when it comes to picture quality especially in the controlled environments you’re watching at night both tvs handle really well now we know how olins do well in blacks and the samsung also does pretty well as well here we’re looking at avengers infinity war if you haven’t seen the movie story spoilers you’re going to see some spoilers here actually that’s not infinity war i lied it’s actually end game so yes if you haven’t seen end game i’m really sorry in terms of viewing i think both tvs look really similar in image quality when you’re watching movies very close very similar i do give a slight punchy edge if you like that to the samsung especially when you’re watching things with high um high uh sorry high hdr uh knits so things like you know of course your comic book movies uh that go really bright 2008 and things like that yeah sure i think the samsung does a little bit better job there but the oled is really good.

 so i’ll say in terms of picture quality to me they are almost the same when it comes to gaming which is something we like to do on here i think lg has stepped up both of them automatically both tvs automatically go into game mode the lg looks really nice and crisp you’ve got it g-sync so if you’re connecting your pc it actually works with that and you’ve got that 120 hertz refresh rate a really good fast responsive playing call of duty i was on the xbox looked really nice that was world war ii same thing with the um the samsung the samsung looks really nice and vibrant i think you know it’s it’s not as contrasty as the lg uh and again it has its game mode goes in automatically as well 120 hertz refresh rate really nice both do a good job i give the slight edge to the samsung just because i think the colors have a much more balanced turn to it in gaming and response time feels just a little bit smoother for me but i’m really impressed with how lg has really improved from in the last couple of years or with the gaming now the one thing i actually showcase here in this video is also visibility during uh daytime and this is where the oled baffled me because uh when sunlight is coming in you’re watching tv uh it’s very reflective and you can see all around my apartment you can’t really see the image in front of you if you’re watching uh doesn’t matter the angle if you’re watching an off angle where the you know sun is behind you you can see more of the tv but not as much now with the uh samsung it is less so with the q 900 and that’s something that i find really important especially if you’re watching tv in the daytime this also goes to the fact that the samsung has a higher date rate as well so it goes higher than 600 which is what the lg is usually at uh and that helps especially when you’re watching in daytime and you’ve got that dynamic mode which you shouldn’t be watching anything at all really unless you’re outdoors or there’s a lot of sun coming into your apartment so you’re asking the question which tv should i get now i’m going to go back to something that i think that sets them apart is 8k i’m not pushing to say this is the best 8k tv what i like about the samsung over the lg oled and i realized this when i switched between both tvs especially watching star trek next generation i was kind of just binging for a while because it’s one of the star trek shows that i haven’t actually fully watched all the way recently i think the last time i watched it fully was years back is with the 8k content with with watching it on 8k on the galaxy it just looked much better the up skating really did a much better job as opposed to what lg has with its you know ai engine on the uh e9 also noting with the samsung 8k tvs that as

 I mentioned all your content is upscaled so if it’s connected via hdmi or playing through an app on the tv itself the tv automatically up scales the content to 8k so doesn’t matter where the source is hdmi or built in it’s going to upscale it and you see the upscale difference uh is more noticeable when you’re going to lower resolutions so if it’s 1080p 720 or 480 if it’s 4k it’s a little bit more minimal so it’s just something to take note now the e9 looks good but i could see the stark difference it wasn’t me watching 4k content or 1080p content it was me watching something like that i mean 1080p it was also a little bit noticeable but 720p i could really see it and the fact that many shows that i love that do that is something that’s quite impressive to see what samsung can do and that’s why i give it the edge plus the pricing is very similar and i think samsung still does a much better job with gaming in game mode now with the samsung tv you do need to get a sound bar uh the q90 sound bar is absolutely ridiculous it sounds so rich huge bass uh the subwoofer really kills you you just turn it down but that’s kind of like an advantage disadvantage where you’ve got a good soundbar but it’s a disadvantage because you do have to buy the soundbar to complete the experience if you will but my pick here between these two is the samsung q900r. 

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