yeah this comparison could look a littleodd because of course the oneplus 8 pro has a better primary camera it should perform better. and in fact it does in many if not all the cases.but there are many people like me who love their money and would like to knowhow much more you get for the more money you put on a phone.and if that’s not true you wouldn’t have been looking for a video like this. hey everyone mukul here. so both thephones have a primary camera and ultra wide camera and a selfie camera in thefront the difference is that oneplus 8 has amacro camera and the oneplus 8 pro has a color filtercamera and a telephoto camera which can also work as a macro camera.the rest of the specs and video capabilities are similar on both thephones. i tested the phones both in ample andnot so ample lighting conditions and tested the night especially with thegcam mod too. so let’s see how they perform. well indaytime shots you would see that the overall picture of the 8 pro is brighteron the shadow areas and also because of the superior lensthe details are better too. the picture of 8 is also more saturated.these ultra-wide shots look absolutely the same fromfar which if we zoom in would show that the eight pros picture has more details.of course as the eight pros ultra-wide is the eight’s primarysensor.

 the 2X and 3X shots are a tad brighter on 8but they show more details on the 8 pro the dynamic range on this shot washandled quite well from both the phones with as usual the 8 pro having way morecrisp details on it as it also loves those crispy spicy layslike most of us these ultra-wide shots look gorgeouson both but with totally different color science. guessthe two team of scientists here really don’t like each other. the 2x and3x zoom shots again showed superior details on the 8 pro. butboth of these shots would be ok for your instagram celebrity account.the macro on the 8 is meh but even though when the 8 pro captured this shotat higher pixels it wasn’t much impressive just looks like as if you fiddled with the primary mode and took thispicture this human subject who is still learningthe art of posing looks equally good on both but as wezoom in way sharper on the 8 pro but that sharpness seemed a little faketo me. the portrait on the 8 was actually betterand wider than the 8 pro. the edge detection is meh on both of many years has it been since companies are trying to figure this outand then the slap terms like artificial intelligence etc written with every newlaunch. i think we should first get our humanintelligence improved before we talk about artificial intelligence andworld domination by it the macro shot was brighter and betteron the 8 pro such a waste of space that lens is on the8. and as i was being a little artistic here boththe shots came equally good but there is again no comparison betweenthe zoom details from both the cameras the imx 689 on the 8 pro is definitelysuperior and flagship grade sensor. in videos thedynamic range of both the phones behave the samebut the 8 pro was able to capture more details on the video.i could also notice the 8’s video jitter just a little when i moved the phonequickly which was quite minimal on the 8 pro. butthese videos are nowhere near the samsungs or the iphones. and maybenext time they will be who knows. on both the phones you couldchange modes to ultrawide and zoom in obviously.

on ultra quite strangely the 8 had a brighter video.and this is how the video quality is from the front camera from both thephones at 4k 30fps. on phone screens i see oneplus 8 pro dobetter but they have the same sensor the sameprocessor so i don’t know how will this look on the computerscreen the hdri performance is kind of same onboth the both of them because i can’t see theanything on the sky on both the cameras. these slo-mo videos look the same withthe same amount of noise and details on both of the following shots were taken in extreme dim lighting conditions.not many would be clicking a lot of pictures in such scenarios but it was agood test nonetheless and if it wouldn’t have been then iwouldn’t have taken these pictures all right let’s have a look at these twodifferent shots a and b, a and might think the b pictures are from night mode and a is from the standardmode but no it’s actually the opposite. thisis the night mode and this is the standard mode. thepicture of the standard mode look way better than the night modeespecially handheld they even retained more details. thestandard mode actually bumps up the iso to 10000 andsometimes even 16000 but for a quick click especially innight i would prefer the standard mode. and thesame case here repeats this was the night mode and then theseshots without the night mode. but then becauseit was pretty dark the gcam generally has this epic night mode on it.  had quite visible noise the normal modepictures are generally taken at a way higher isos.but the 8 pro shot is looking good but the night mode shots in this case weregenerally cleaner and this g-cam shot was again quite hazyand i don’t like them a bit to be honest these ultra wide shots from the stockcamera night mode were way brighter on the 8 pro. but wheni took these on the ultra wide with the night modeon the g cam the 8 shot came out to be much cleanerwhich was a surprise. and a pleasant surprise.the zoom in shots were also cleaner on the 8 in this caseagain a surprise. i took multiple shots from the 8 pro but this is the best icould get these standard shots from the rear lenswere way cleaner on the 8 pro but the portrait was brighter on the 8shot.

 these selfie shots more or less were the same onboth the standard and portrait modes but these g cam selfies with the night mode captured way more light obviously.but too many bumpy details on my face as expected which won’t be liked byany of the humans i know so far. and yes okay now these first shots were from thestock camera app on a tripod. this was actually the nightmode and once i shifted to the normal modethe 8’s picture in particular captured more details and light. so thenight mode is so broken on these oneplus phones.i hope they fix it in the future but once when i shifted to theg cam night mode just take a look at how brilliant the 8 pro’s pictureis. i mean it’s not an award-winning picture or anythingbut as this was a pitch dark scene man was this impressive or what.the videos in the night look generally decent on both of them.and if you want you can also check my dedicated oneplus 8 camera review videoand other comparison to in the description below. the ultrawide gets a little darkerbut overall good videos get captured by both the phones.well these video samples were both taken from the g cam and for some reason notfrom the stock camera app so yeah come and get me if you can forthat mistake. bwahahaha but yeah there is a peculiar behaviorof the 8 camera to maintain highlights moreand in this process it crushes the shadows, and hence the 8 pros video isbrighter overall this is how the video quality is fromthe front camera at full hd yep it’s quite humid so now i see the screen on oneplus 8,the camera is looking to to have captured more light on it.i’ll reconfirm this when i see this on the desktop.but yeah overall this is how the video would look like from both the phones so there you go a thorough comparisonof both the phones and if everyone was as good as coding cameraapps like how google is then so many phones would have hadbrilliant cameras processing on them in low lit scenarios. butunfortunately that’s not the case i would buy the 8 pro for cameras if ican stretch my budget and pay 10 or 12 000 rupees more or 200us dollars. 

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