OnePlus Nord vs POCO X2 Speed Test Comparison | SD 765G vs SD 730G

   let us do a speed test comparisonbetween the OnePlus Nord and the POCO X2. I know you guys want to see a camera comparisonbetween these 2 phones, and i am working on it. Actually I am including the camera samplesfrom the Redmi Note 9 Pro Max in that comparison as well, so it is taking slightly longer. While I am working on that video, you guyscan watch this speed test comparison video. The POCO X2 that I have here is the 6GB RAMand 128gB storage variant, and right now it is available at Rs.17,499 on Flipkart. And the OnePlus Nord has 8GB RAM and 128GBof storage, and I got it for Rs.27,999. The 2nd major difference, is the processorthat both these phones pack in. POCO X2 comes with Snapdragon 730G processorand the Nord gets the latest midrange 765G processor.Both are gaming centric processors, so itwill be interesting to see, which one of these comes on top in this speed test. We will begin with a boot up test. The bigger phone on the right is the POCOX2 and Nord is on the left.

 POCO X2 was the 1st one to boot up. I have cleared all the apps from memory, andto keep this test as fair as possible, both these phones are connected to the same wifinetwork. Before we start with the test, let us comparingthe geek bench 5 scores of both these phones. OnePlus Nord is way ahead in both the singleand double core performance, according to the bench marks. But these synthetic benchmarks don’t alwaystell us how the real life performance of these phones is going to be. So lets start out test, and see if the benchmarksare correct. We will start by opening some basic builtin apps, and then move up to the more demanding apps and games. Starting with the settings app. Both of them opened it at the same time. Then I opened the calculator, and again, bothwere equally quick to launch it. Next is camera, and the POCO X2 was noticeablyfaster at opening it. I will switch to the front camera and thenswipe up to the home screen. Now the OnePlus Nord was a hair faster atopening the google play store, but POCO X2 actually loaded the content first. So I am going to call this a tie. Next let me open the Chrome browser, whichboth of them opened at the same time, but the POCO was a second or so quicker in openingthe webpage. Twitter is next, and Nord was faster to loadit. For Instagram again the OnePlus Nord is quickerat opening it, and even at loading my profile page. Then I opened Youtube and Nord was a tad bitfaster in opening it. Both are equally quick at opening the Netflixapp. Prime video opened up quicker on the Nord,but the difference wasn’t much. For the Amazon Shopping app POCO X2 was fasterin loading all the elements on the page. Snapseed opened up at the same time on boththese phones. Now let us move on to opening some games,starting with the Subway Surfers. This is where we start pushing these phonesa bit. POCO X2 was a hair faster at loading the game. Next is Asphalt 9, and this is a heavy gameso let us see which one loads it first. Both these phones have gaming centric processors,so this is where they should be putting in all their power. Nord loaded the game first and POCO X2 took4 more seconds to load it. Next let me open everyones favourite GamePUBG mobile. Nord was again 5 seconds faster than the POCOX2 is loading this game up. Then I am going to open Real Racing 3, andagain Nord was quicker by about 6 seconds in loading it up. Now I am going to Open Call of Duty on bothof them.

 Now the Nord seemed like it is pulling wellahead, but POCO X2 quickly picked up pace, and while Nord was still quicker at loadingthe game, POCO X2 was just a second or 2 behind it. Finally let’s open up VideoShop. Nord was again quicker. We will import a same 28 second 1080p videofile on both the phones. Nord was quicker with the import. We will now slow this video down to half itsoriginal speed, and see which one does it quicker. Nord finished this task first and POCO X2took 19 extra seconds to slow the video down. And finally let us export this file to thegallery, here the POCO X2 was few milliseconds faster than the Nord. But if we wouldn’t have waited for the POCOto finish slowing down the video, Nord would have been done with this task much sooner. So we are going to give this round to theNord. Alright, while there wasn’t noticeable differencebetween the 2 while opening the basic apps, Nord was still a hair faster. And It was definitely quicker at opening allthe games, so the 765G processor seems to be doing a good job. But the 730G on the POCO X2 wasn’t too sloweither, in most of the apps, it was just 4-5 seconds slower then the Nord, and consideringthe price difference between the 2, I think that difference is very reasonable. Now lets go back, and see which of these havethe most number of apps open in the background. Remember the POCO X2 has 6 Gigs of RAM andthe Nord that I have gets 8 GB of RAM. Both have the Videoshop, Call of Duty, RealRacing 3 and PUBG mobile in the background, but they both had to reload Asphalt 9. I am more and more sure now that the Asphalt9 is not very well optimised, and I will be removing it from my next speed test videos. POCO X2 had to reload Subway Surfers, whileNord had it open in the background. Same with SnapSeed.

 Looks like both had to reload the Amazon shoppingapp, and Nord had the Prime video, Netflix and Youtube open in the background, whilePOCO had to re-load all three of them. Now my Profile page on Instagram was openon both the phones, but for some reason both took couple of seconds to show it. POCO again had to re-load twitter and Chrome. Nord had it open. Nord however had to reload google play storeand the camera app, while the POCO X2 had the selfie camera open in the background,like we left it when we open it earlier on both the phones. Alright so as expected, POCO X2 had to reloada few apps, but even with 8GB of RAM Nord wasn’t able to keep as many apps open inthe background as I would have liked it to have. OnePlus Nord is obviously quicker of the twoin opening apps thanks to the newer 765G processor, But I expected it to do better in the RAMmanagement round. I think OnePlus needs to optimise the softwareon it a bit. So there you have it guys. Speed test comparison between the OnePlusNord and the POCO X2.

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