you’re not a gamerand that’s what this one is right here this is the 10-bit panelsupporting dci p3 standard and the good thing is that all three panelsin today’s video they’re all freesync or g-sync in the case of the odyssey thatis g-sync enabled so let’s check out the juicynumbers first where apparently the odyssey has a 1millisecond response time and very low input lag and for a vapanel that’s actually pretty impressive ifthat turns out to be true where you’re gettingbetter colors than tn but having those extremely low response lines which youdo need at 240 hertz anyhow let’s roll it let’s get into it and here we are now the next day back atthe studio i did a lot more testing than i thoughti would be doing on these monitors i guess once iget started i want to go through everything tip totoe and then give you guys just my honest thoughts and opinions andstraight away one thing i noticed across all three of these monitors in today’svideo is that the black equalizers on all ofthem are just essentially gamma boosters they don’t really do much i have seenthis setting done right on different monitors but thethree monitors here today don’t do black equalizationgood at all which i think is a new feature it’s coming in and it can workreally well if it’s boosting those darker areasespecially if you’re a competitive playerthe one thing about the g7 this is the odyssey comes in two flavors 27inch and 32 inch now the 27 inch will actually come incheaper than the 32 inch but will have a better pixel densityso depending on how far you’re sitting back you may wish to go for the cheaper27 inch versus the 32 inch but there was someanomalies.

 I found with this monitor first of allthe one millisecond response times written on the box they aren’treally one millisecond when it comes to real-world gaming experiencein counter-strike this is the test that i usually do for just real-worldresponse times what we saw here was on the fastestresponse time overdrive setting we were getting around three millisecondsresponse times which is very good for a va panelespecially this is the fastest times i’ve seen for a v8 panelcoming very close to that of tn panels that i’ve tested herebut for instance on my aorus kd25f when i put that on the max overdrive settingwhich i’m comfortable with it’s about one to oneand a half milliseconds response times very quick in terms of how it respondsin games though another thing is too the colorson this don’t look as good as an ips and theylook very very similar if you’re sitting on thisfront on which you’re going to be gaming on the one thing the va panel does dobetter than the tn panels is it does have better viewing angles does thataside continuing on with the g7 it is g-sync supported though havingthis technology switched on i noticed a very strange problemoccurring i haven’t seen this in the history of testing monitors everand that was parts of the screen were reactingand other parts of the screen just weren’t working at alland this was happening in cs go and so with that i’d recommend leaving theg-sync turned off on both the software side and the nvidiacontrol panel and on the monitor itself so for the response times they’re veryimpressive for a va panel especially at 240hz you needfast response times otherwise you’re going to get kind of like a blurrierimage which is going to be bad for your eyesthe three milliseconds on the fastest setting is where i’d leave it at withthe gaming numbers i didn’t notice any bad artifacting orovershooting on this setting however the input lag there is a littlebit on this monitor i’d say it’s roughly around fivemilliseconds even though it’s really not going to make much of a difference ifeel like in 2020 when all the competitors are gettingthis between zero to two milliseconds i feel like samsung could just edge itdown ever so more when i know they’re capable ofdoing it though on the note of input lag turning on the g-sync on this monitordid add roughly on average around three milliseconds input lagso there’s the g7 out of the way the magical land of 240 fps 1440pgaming was i super impressed by it and i’m gonna be honest with you guysit’s nice i’m not gonna lie but i am waiting for oledto hit gaming monitors oled has the perfect lighting ormore near perfect lighting that your eyes need it’s got a mix ofbetter greens and reds versus blue in the back lightingand

 it’s also got some of the fastest response times to that of near beinginstant so that technology i am just reallyhanging out for it to hit mainstream 24 inch 27 inch or even 32 inch gamingmonitors but who knows when that’s actually gonnacome though one more note of the color profiles out of the box for the g7they did do a pretty good job of making this thing relatively color accurate imean it’s not perfectly accurate if you’re aprofessional video editor you definitely wouldn’twant to use this monitor as your main video editing monitor unless youcalibrated it but if you’re getting into video editingand mainly gaming this monitor will do the job so next upnow we have the aoc 24 g2 now this is an ips panel 144 hertz1080p and you’ve got the best thing is the pricewhich is 300 aussie dollars roughly or in the us you can get these things foraround 150 usd now one thing i’m going to say straight awayfor this price point the stand is actually very impressivefour-way adjustable height tilt swivel and horizontal and vertical sothat in itself is as a feat when you’re giving out an ips panel that doesperform pretty well i mean we’re looking around at roughly a six to sevenmillisecond response time you’d want to leave this on the fastestoverdrive setting and then you’ve got input lag which is extremely low i’mmeasuring around 15.9 on average milliseconds which is coming very closeto that of the best model that i’ve run through here and that is thekd25f for morris so that was getting the lowest frame i’ve seen of sevenmilliseconds 

this scored eight milliseconds so ifanything you’re looking at roughly a zero to two millisecondinput lag on this aoc monitor very impressive then you’ve got the ipscolors then you’ve got the viewing angles ifyou need it and again not really going to make a differencethough if you’re sitting in front of a monitor playing gameshowever the next part about this panel is that when iit’s got a setting called motion blur reduction just like the g7but this is doing it a different way it’s got red frame insertion whereit’s got about five milliseconds off and then it’s got about 2.5 milliseconds onso the brightness will be reduced greatly as opposed to the g7 which willtake a hit of around 33 brightness where that’s got 3milliseconds on to 1.5 milliseconds off so in my opinion this is one of theperfect gaming monitors to get if you like value for money and ifyou’re a bit more enthusiastic than 60 hertzin the magical land of pc gaming and to be honest 1080p24 inch it’s where a lot of professional gamersstill play their games at having too big of a screen is notalways a good thing especially if you’re too close to it where your peripheralvision can’t see all the details going on atthe screen at the same time which leads us to the last monitor herethis is the benq ew 3200 now this monitoris very pricey it’s coming in actually more expensive than the g7it’s a 32 inch ips but this monitor here i’m going to highlightin the world of pc where there’s different strokes for different folksit’s got a 10-bit panel 

so if you’re editing videos in 10-bityou’re going to see that come out on this monitor where you’re going to getmuch more accuracy to then down-sample that to 8-bit laterto give the viewers the best image possible in the videosbut besides that this ips panel i got to say there’s something about it out ofthe box the colors look absolutely gorgeous andthey’re actually very close to being calibratedby the x right system so there wasn’t much of a difference at allvery little difference as opposed to the aoc which is a little bit off same withthe g7 but you could still get your work doneon those other two monitors but this is where the band q monitorcomes into play where you need those accurate color profiles whether you’reon macbook or whether you’re doing a rec 709 profile you’ve got thosesaved into this monitor from the get go another thing is too all three monitorsin today’s video do have relatively good brightness it’snot the best i’ve seen but it’s certainly far from the worstbut for me personally these brightness levels are more than enoughespecially if you’re spending every day in front of this panel and you’ve got towork with it however hdr modes on these monitors andreally it’s more just a color profile on these pictures where if you want thatmore saturated contrasty look you’re going to get it on this panel inparticular where i actually prefer it with thecolors out of the box i think it looks gorgeous for a 4k panel and in fact evenif you want to do a bit of gaming beside your work this is going to doubledown especially if you’re playing rpgs or for me i’ve been playing a bit ofwarcraft 3 lately it really just pops and gives you a really enjoyableexperience now another thing going on toois this speaker system i’ve got to give kudos to benqon their higher end monitors they’ve included a really good speaker systeminto the monitors nowadays that i would honestly have noproblems using besides my headphones and gettinga really enjoyable experience so kudos to the audio kudos to thecolors and the ips panel as well as the low input lag which wasactually pretty good coming in close to that of the other twopanels though the response times do leave a little bit to be desired hereranging in at around 13 milliseconds on average which is fine for a 60 hertzpanel but 

it’s not going to be that great forfast motion games especially games like call of dutywarzone and stuff like that where you need the faster responsetimes because everything’s moving so quickly anyhow capping over these threemonitors here for you guys the three panels all feature eitherfreesync or g-sync and to be fair in the case of 60 hertzthat’s going to be a pretty desirable feature to havewhich i don’t see many 4k monitors offering this feature especially ipspanels so it’s good to see that bank use included thateven on a monitor with a 10 bit panel another thing is toosome of these monitors aren’t value for money plays i’d say the aoc24 g2 gives exceptional value for money actually i was very impressed with thevalue for money that things bring into the tablethough the g7 is more of a acquired tastebecause it’s 240 hertz 1440p you’re not only going to need a big budget to spendon this monitor you’re also going to have to make sureyour 2080 ti or your upcoming rtx 3000 orthe new rdna 2 gravis guard is going to be able to handlethis kind of resolution and frame rates as well on top of that is you’ve now gotyour cpu which also has to push 240hz too so inthe grand scheme of things you’re going to be spending a lot moremoney on not just your monitor but your hardware i’d say ingeneral expect to spend around three times moresetting up a pc to get the frame rates you wantversus the 1080p 144 hertz option and i’m going to say one thing you’reprobably not going to get three times more of an enjoyable experienceso of course the last model to the bank you that’s really not a value for moneyplay at all

 it’s got a specialized 4k ips panelwhich is targeting a specialized market and that’s about it really i just hopewe can get oled to gaming monitors very soon becauseyou can probably see my face i’m not blown awayas opposed to three or four years ago when all these monitors were coming outwith high refresh rates i was blown away i want to seetechnology progress with that aside let us know in thecomment section below what you guys think of all three monitors in today’svideo love reading your thoughts and opinionsas always just like this question of the day herewhich comes from andre p and they ask what are you sprayingthat you wear a mask for and what i’m spraying usually a lot of the times i’musing multi-purpose spray this stuff is as the title says multi-purpose youcan use it for pretty much anything it is my go-to spray even overthat of brake cleaner but of course when you’re spraying all these chemicalsyou don’t want them going in your lungs and even the you guys in the past haveexpressed concern over my poor little lungs here and i’ve got to start takingcare of them.