these days technology has improved so much that you’ll find all kinds of camera in the market with so many fancy features however till this date..there is one thing which can done by one camera only… & that thing is…. I am sure by now you have already guessed it that which camera I am talking about today yes…its the Sony A7S iii which finally got released after 5 long years some of must have seen its review on other  YouTube channels, where they just talk about the headline features which are 4K 120p it also shoots 16bit RAW, no record limit its has got IBIS, its has 12.1 mpx stills resolution & it records video in 10 bit 4:2:2 compression these are the headline features of sony A7S iii if you’re just intrested in this, than you can leave this video here  however if you’re someone who wants to know more details the details which no one is talking about then you’re at the right place guys because now we’ll discuss its less talked about features which no one is talking about so lets start.

  In this camera they have fixed all the issue  which we were facing with the previous models & its great to see that Sony listen to our feedbacks  for example placement of mic jack they’ve placed the mic jack in such a way that now the cable doesn’t obstruct the screen while doing vloggs. which still happens with other brand camera models now if you look slightly below the jack you would be happy to see that this camera now has a full size HDMI port now no more loose connection because of  micro HDMI port and the biggest change which you can notice instently..its the vari angle LCD screen we all were dieing to have that on sony cameras  & finally we have one & this screen supports proper touch screen unlike other models e.g. a6400, 6600 where you can only set you focus while touching but you can scroll the menu or pinch to zoom an image but on A7S iii you can do all of that you can access & enable/disable settings through touch  and it also supports pinch to zoom feature and since we are talking about camera menu.

 I am happy to tell you that sony has changed its camera menu if you’re sony user you know their menu system is quite complicated they have redesign their camera menu  new menu is far better and easy to understand what;s the next thing which we cribb a lot ?? that is placement of its video record button that is also solved now now the record button is placed near the shutter button there is another small thing they did if you check the other sony models Mode Dial options you’ll find that “stills’ & “movie” option on the dial are not placed near by there are quite a few options between them, atleast 3-4 so if you want to switch from still to video quickly you’ll have to turn the dial atleast 3-4 times  now on A7S iii…these options are together so that you can quickly change the mode from stills to movie or movie to stills by just a click  its a small thing..but its helpful next change is a really good one now the AF on button will work on manual focus also so if you’re using a manual focus mode  and you want to quickly & accurately lock your focus on something without getting out of manual focus mode.. just click the AF on button it will lock the focus & once you release it..

camera will come back to MF its an amazing techinque to use auto focus while in manual focus mode in sony’s other camera models, there are 3 drive settings slow, medium and fast & there was no other option in A7S iii they have provided 7 speed adjustment so you can have greater control on drive speed which in turns will give you a very smooth & cinamatic focus pull effect it will look like that you actually hired a focus puller  the autofocus capabilities has been drastically updated on Sony A7S iii as far as I looks like, its sony’s best AF implementation on any camera till the date its has best AF capability, it has best focus tracking capability just touch on the screen and see its magic  next is storage here you can see sony’s innovative thinking it has a dual card slot, however they have designes these slots in such a way that you can either use 2 USH ii SD card or 2 CFexpress A type card which are the new types of cards sony is developing they are actually smaller then SD cards but their read and write speed are very high so you got 2 different types of storage options here by the only need CFexpress for 4k 120p S&Q mode I guess Sony understand our financial limitations thats why they made their other video format in such a way  that all of these can be recorded in SD cards  unlike canon’s R5..if you want to record 8k… you need to buy a CF express card for that which costs around 15-20k another thing related to storage is  you can record simultaneously on both the cards at full quality so its a great way to safguard you data in case of card faliure.

 you’ll also get relay recording option on A7S iii with relay can swap one of your card without stoping the camera video recording which means if you one card gets full.. you can change it  without stoping the camera recording its a great other camera’s like canon’s R5 the moment you open its storage card door the camera will shut off sony has used some new kind of cooling mechanism on this camera .. which is very effective what I saw that i can record 4K 60p untill its battery dies or you run out of memory but never shows the overheat warning as I told you in the begining .. that it records in 10 bit  what I didnt tell you is that it can now record in All-i its the first sony mirrorless which has All-i record option in All-i mode you’ll get really heavy files however those files will work nicely at the time of editing other wise thing they did that they used h.264 codec for All-i format its an old codec which supported by all the computers as well as editing softwares for h.265 lovers, which is a new codec you can use sony’s new XAVC HS format in h.265 you’ll get lighter files with slightly better quality then a regular h.264 but its gonna be a hard for your computer to edit this h.265 not lets talk about the crop so in 4K 120p mode it does a very small crop of 1.1 times & you get uncrop images on all the other modes just to clear .. a crop of 1.1 times is not even visible untill you try to  see carefully I guess its gonna be the first full frame camera  which can shoot FHD in 240 FPS slow motion you would be able to slow donw your clip 10 times & it supports full autofocus capability in this mode as well there is a USB – C port on this camera, which can be used for 2 things 1 it can transfer data from your camera to computer at a very high speed so if your computer supports USB 3.2, than it can transfer at 5GBph speed which means.. you dont need to purchase a seprate SD or CF card reader 2 it can be used with powerbank to recharge your camera basically your camera will run totally on powerbank, without utilizing your internal battery power now imagin this.. 

if you combine  no overheating, no record limit, relay recording, USB power delivery support with all these features, we are getting a camera which can records for days  without even stopping camera creats video files with naming like C001, C002 etcs and I guess we dont have options to change name in A7S ii now if you’re into weddings & you’re doing a multi camera shoot all the camera will create fille like C001, C002 & when you go to system to download the data it might create confusion so now in sony A7S iii, we have a options to change the file naming which can be really helpful in data management it has In Body Image Stablization  which provies upto 5 stops stablization in stills mode they have also added an “Active” mode which only works in movie mode  Active mode crops the image 1.1 times..which is a very small crop but it gives some additional stablization.. which is great we can say that with active mode, A7S iii has best stablization among all sony cameras however its still not at panasonic, or canon R5 level this camera is 8 x faster then old A7Sii because of new processors which has taken care of its rolling shutter problem it has got 9.44m dots OLED EVF which is the best in the market currently when it comes to video cameras the lesser the megapixel .. the better the camera more megapixel in video camera can decrease its low light performance as well as its dynamic range thats why instead of using more megapixels  sony went for bigger pixel size because of that now you get 15 stops of dynamic range on sony A7S iii 15 stop is cinema camera level guys and just to prove my point.. R5 which has 45mpx sensor.. has just 11 stops of dynamic range since now A7S iii can record 10 bit video now we can use sony’s Slog 3  which earlier was not usable because of 8 bit footage base ISO for Slog 3 is 640 as per sony if you use Slog 3 on A7S iii, you would be able to match the colors  with the cinema line cameras like Venus or FX9 which is huge plus…we’re gonna see some huge improvement in sonys color sciense if you’re intrested in external recording you can record upto 4K 120 at 10bit 4:2:2 in external recorder as well as in both the cards which means you would be able to create 3 copies older sony camera models didnt work very well with external monitors they used to make camera’s LCD blank, face detection AF wasnt supported etc but now all of this has solved with A7S iii now there are separate function menu for stills and video modes & they will only reflect the corrosponding modes settings only..

 its a welcome change its base ISO starts with ISO 80 now which use to be ISO 100 and it goes upto 409600 & you get amazing clean shadows at high ISO it has got timelapse feature also lets talk about its stills features it has got 12.1 mpx stills resolution which is not enough from stills prospect however if you just upload for posting on social media like instagram or facebook then you’re anyways uploading a compressed image you cant upload a 45 or 50 mpx photo to any social media site so for social media centric people, 12.1 mpx is still sufficient  it can shoot upto 10 fps if you talk about its image buffer with the SD card you can shoot upto 200 RAW+JPG  & on CFexpress cards you can shoot upto 1000 RAW images thats correct guys.. 1000 RAW images .. thats huge it shoots RAW, JPEG as well as the new HEIF it shoots HEIF in 2 flavours – 4:2:0 & 4:2:2 here 4:2:2 would provide better colros & dynamic range it can lock the focus in as dark as – 6 EV it has good 2.4 as well as 5 Ghz WiFi support it also support FTP if you have your own FTP server.. you can configure it in camera & date would be automatically transfer from camera to your system  if you connect your camera thorugh your phones network where you can also create a LR catalogue with your images so when you reach home.. your LR would be ready for editing it uses sony FZ100 battery.. which provie a great performace its one of the best when it comes to run time so you’ll get great battery life out of this camera it has got a high quality durable shutter assembly which can easily go to 500000 shutter cycles this camera weigh just 614 grams its body constructed of magnyum alloy  and its a weather sealed body lets talk about the pricing it will be launch in US in $3500 so in india  it would be under 3 lakhs.

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