Are you tired of applying again and againon Google Adsense and still getting rejected each time? Then here I am to help you out. Hi everyone, this is Ritik Gupta and in thisshort video, I will quickly tell you about the top 3 Google Adsense alternatives. First of all, I am not saying that these alternativeswhich I am going to tell you about are better than Google Adsense. You should always put Google Adsense as yourfirst priority. You should go for these alternatives in caseyour application gets rejected even after a lot of attempts. Or when your Google Adsense account gets banned. So, the first alternative for Google Adsense is; 

1.  It is the best alternative for Google Adsense. I am saying this after reading the reviewsof lots of users who are already using it. is an ad network by Yahoo and Bing. The minimum payout of is $100 andyou can get the payment via PayPal or Wire transfer. Also, the ads served by are similarto that of Google Adsense. The next ad network is ;


2. Propeller Ads:  This ad network is good when you are havinga small-sized blog or when you are having low traffic. The minimum payout of Propeller Ads is $25and they offer various kind of payment methods. And the third ad network is offered by world’s largest e-commerce which is Amazon. It is ;

Propeller Ads

3. Amazon Display ads:TOP 3 ALTERNATIVES OFB  This ad network is really good when you gettingtraffic from the US and Europe. In this, you can get paid via Payoneer, Wiretransfer and Amazon gift cards.


 I understand that getting Google Adsense accountapproved is a dream for bloggers. It was my dream also. But to fulfill this dream most of the bloggers ignore some important points which in turn leads to the rejection of their Adsense application. a. So, this was my blog about the top 3 GoogleAdsense alternatives. If you have any doubt or queries, tell mein the comments section. Or if you face any problems you can contactme through social media. All my social media handles are mentioned in the in my profile below. So, that’s all for this blog. If you got any valuable piece of informationor a dvice from this video, then give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to follow. 

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Stay happy stay blessed. 

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