Hey there. I’m Ritik gupta, here on the Newegg Studios channel, and this month we’re talking about lightweight tech. We’re talking portable, agile, easy-to-carryand, very importantly, wireless. Specifically today we’re going to be talkingabout wireless mice. Wireless peripheral tech has gotten betterand better over the past decade, to the point where even dedicated gaming companies likeCorsair and Logitech sell wireless gaming mice that can deliver performance effectivelyequal to what you get from their wired options. Sounds like blasphemy to me too but it’strue! When you’re shopping for wireless mice thesedays you have a bunch of different connectivity options, including Bluetooth, IR, RF, andplenty of models that can convert from wired to wireless, which can really give you thebest of both worlds in terms of flexibility and reliability when you need it. If you’re on the go a lot, tossing a wirelessmouse in your laptop bag will make your life much easier than relying on a laptop trackpad. And maybe you’re in a position that a lotof people are these days, where you’re working at home sometimes or you’re going to beat school or at work sometimes – with that kind of uncertainty from day to day, havinga good mobile productivity setup is key, and that means you need a solid wireless mouse. To help you out, we took a look at the wirelessmice available for sale on Newegg, and we looked through the ones with the best customerreviews that also had a lot of customer reviews. Taking that into account, along with price,availability, and special features, here are six of the best wireless mice you can buyon Newegg right now. 

  M510  Logitech: whichcurrently sits at a score of 4 out of 5 eggs with 317 reviews. Logitech is a name that’s going to showup multiple times on this list, since they are a major presence in both sides of themouse world – productivity and gaming. The M510 is a good choice if you want an affordableproductivity-focused mouse but you don’t want one that’s really small. Several of the other mice on this list arereally tiny, to make them easier to fit in your bag, but the M510 is more like the sizeand shape of a regular mouse, at 4.7 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. If you have bigger hands and want somethingthat’s a little more comfortable to use, the M510 could be the way to go for you. The mouse also has an ambidextrous form-factorso you can use it with either hand – though its extra buttons are only on the left side,so it’s not a pure ambidextrous mouse, there are still several people in the customer reviewswho discuss using it as a left-handed mouse option. The M510 runs on two AA batteries, connectsto a tiny Logitech Unifying receiver, which can also work with other wireless Logitechperipherals, and it has laser tracking, which will make it better on shiny or reflectivesurfaces, like a glass table. You can pick it up for just around $25 throughthe link in the description below. Continuing on the office mouse side of things,let’s talk about the M310. It’s another wireless mouse that’s a decentsize for average to large hands, and this one is fully ambidextrous since it doesn’thave any additional side buttons. The M310 is very similar to the M510 in termsof features, but it comes in different colors, like grey and teal, and it’s a little bitsmaller and a few dollars cheaper. It also runs on a single AA battery insteadof two, and it has a visible power indicator light that shows you how much charge you haveremaining. The M310 also has an Optical sensor, ratherthan the Laser option that the M510 has. That difference in sensor type isn’t quiteas important for office mice as it is for gamers, but if you want more information,check out the recent video we did covering gaming peripherals – we’ll pop up a linkhere, and it’ll also be in the description below.Okay, one more wireless productivity mousehere on our list of the five best wireless mice on Newegg .

Microsoft Wireless MobileMouse 4000: If you want a wireless office mouse, the twobiggest names are Logitech – which we’ve already covered – and Microsoft, which isreally well regarded in this part of the industry. The Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 has 74 customerreviews on Newegg for an average of 4 out of 5 eggs. In contrast to the full-sized Logitech options,this is a miniature mouse that’ll fit in any bag, and you can use it easily in a crampedplace like a coffee shop or a plane seat. Customer reviews praise the small size andthe simple reliability of this mouse – some people say they’ve been using it for yearswithout any issues. It runs off a single AA battery, and has oneextra button on the left side, in addition to a tilting scroll-wheel. If you want a productivity-focused wirelessmouse and small size is a big plus or you, the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 isone of the best options available on Newegg. Now let’s switch gears and take a look ata gaming-focused wireless option

 The Corsair Harpoon:It’s available for around $65 from Newegg,and it has 63 customer reviews for a 4 out of 5 egg score. This is an example of one of the new gamingmice we’ve seen released over the past few years that delivers an advanced form of wirelessconnectivity. Each company has their own name for theirwireless tech, and Corsair calls theirs “Slipstream.” When using the Slipstream connection Corsairsays you can get a response time under 1 millisecond, so you shouldn’t notice any lag with gamingat all, and the mouse also allows you to use Bluetooth if that’s more convenient foryou, or you can connect with a physical wire. The Harpoon is a lot simpler than what you’llget with many other gaming mice, with a compact, contoured shape and only two extra buttons. It does have RGB lighting via the Corsairlogo on the palm rest though, because can you really call it a gaming mouse withoutRGB these days? Don’t judge me! (as Trisha motions to hervery RGB setup) The Harpoon is built with highly-rated Omronswitches and has a sensor capable of up to 10,000 DPI. Corsair also advertises up to 60 hours ofbattery-powered wireless gaming, and if you regularly switch to wired mode when that’san option to keep charging while you play, you’ll likely never find yourself runningout of charge. For the last mouse on this list of the bestwireless mice on Newegg, we’re talking about one of the best best gaming mice around, period

 The Logitech G502:   With its distinctive shape, generous thumbscoop,adjustable weights, and 11 customizable buttons, the G502 has been getting glowing reviewsfor years, throughout different versions and upgrades. The LIGHTSPEED edition of the mouse combinesthe highly regarded features and form factor with Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED wireless tech,which the company is happy to brag has been used by professional gamers in actual competitions. With all those features comes a heftier price,as the G502 is going to run you about $150 – but this is a mouse that basically doesit all. You can use it in wired or wireless modes,you can take full advantage of all its programmable, customizable gaming features, and it evenhas RGB lighting that can sync with the rest of your Logitech peripherals. You can play for up to 60 hours on a fullUSB charge or 2 and a half hours with a quick 5 minute charge – and if you combine the mousewith a Logitech PowerPlay mousepad, you can actually charge the mouse via wireless inductioncharging while you are using it. All that, plus Logitech’s 16,000 DPI HEROSensor, which is one of the best in the business. If you want the G502, the Corsair Harpoon,or any of the other wireless mice we highlighted.