Freenom World is a superfast and anonymous DNS Resolver. But what’s a resolver? Every time your computer, tablet, phone or other device connects to the internet it uses domain names. A DNS resolver translates these domain names into server numbers or IP addresses. Normally your internet service provider will provide this service. But a lot of these DNS resolvers are too slow, outdated and they log your IP address information. 

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If you set your DNS to and you are sure that you use a fast and secure DNS Resolver which is always geographically close to you. But there is more. Also large ad networks may provide your DNS Resolver service. If that’s the case your internet usage may be logged and used for unwanted ads. If you use Freenom World’s DNS servers your IP address will NOT be logged and you use the internet anonymously. 

So start to use the internet faster and anonymous and set your DNS to and Thank you for using Freenom World .

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