Fitbit ionic was the fitbit flagship since 2017.with the release of the versa 2, fitbit has introduced a second flagship modelto its range of smartwatches! we’ve taken a good look at both modelsand put them in a head-to-head comparisonto work out which one holds the advantage!if you are new to Wesknows Tech News and Reviews, we talk about the latesttech news. we do brutally honest reviews and sharehacks and tricks along the way. so make sure to hit that subscribebutton and bell notification so you don’t miss out! it’s important toremember that both smart watches have almost identical functionality.the UI is the same – if the versa 2 does it,so does the fitbit ionic. pricing is also similarboth cost around 200 pounds or 200 dollars. there are really just fivefactors or differences that distinguish these smart watches from each other.the first being display type. the versa 2 uses an amoled screenwhile the ionic has an lcd panel. secondly ionic uses a slower cpusimply because it was released 3 years prior to fitbit versa 2.



The design is quite different on the two watches. versa 2 is muchmore of a subdued ionic, smooth corners and not as conspicuousas the fitbit ionic. the fourth factor is the limitedbut nonetheless awesome voice control added to fitbit versa has amazon’s alexa and you can even talk your repliesto texts. the ionic doesn’t have a built-in microphonehence it misses out on voice control but the ionic is much more functionalin terms of sports, as it does have inbuilt gps.the versa 2 on the other hand is focusing on smartwatch functionalityand offers connected gps only. having covered the highlights let’s diveinto the details! we’ll run through key areas includingthings like designs, displays, pricing, and features to makesure that you can make an informed decision about the watch you really need.effectively the main differences between the 2017 flagship ionicand versa 2 lie in the watch designs. in my view the ionic from fitbit is verycool. think about it, it doesn’t pretend thatit’s a classic watch by design. it’s a very sporty smartwatch, it lookstechy and actually embraces the futuristicnotions behind the smartwatch idea. the ionic watch case is squaresitting in a plate of contoured aluminium. 



It’s pleasantly cool to thetouch, the glass has ever slightly curved andspans the watch face from corner to corner.there are three brushed metal buttons around the case. one hardware button onthe left hand side, with another two on the right. you willnotice that the back of the case is slightly raised and that is also wellthought through. because your wrist doesn’t getsweaty when you’re pushing yourself. the bands are attached directly to thealuminium case in a lug-less fashion, again emphasizing the sportiness of thewatch. the gray silicone strap in front of us iswide and tapered, hugging the watch to your wrist. a bit ofa let down is the plastic clasp. considering the watch case is aluminiumwe would have thought that the clasp could be aluminium as well.forget about universal appeal people either love it or hate it!both smart watches are relatively light, the ioniq is just 47 grams and versa 2is 38 grams with the straps on. meanwhile the versa 2 is a slightlyrefined version of the original versa design,smoothing away some of the corners and losing the fitbit logoon the lower bezel, also a squarish watch case but with softer rounded corners.the case is also aluminium but much less distinctivethan the ionic.


 There’s only a single button on the left of the watch case.Notice that the bands are also tapered to the side for that seamless look but the straps here are the usual 20 millimeters replaceable bands.the clasp is also made out of plastic. the band is significantly thinner andless rugged than the one on the fitbit ionic. the fitbit ionicfeatures a coloured 1.42 inch LCD display – it’s so bright!going up to 1000 nits, the resolution is 250 by 348 pixels.while the versa 2 has a 1.34 inch AMOLED display,with a resolution of 300 by 300. And frankly,it’s not nearly as bright as the fitbit ionic.Both watches have touch navigated displays accompanied by the buttonsrounding the watch cases. these are flagships and hence both haveauto brightness available, as well as always on display options,adjustable screen timeout periods and so forth.additionally of course you also have tons of watch faces to download from thefitbit app store. to ensure the watch face is always justthe way you like it. the versa 2 has an inbuilt microphoneand hence that opens up a whole array of options.One of which is access to amazon’s “Alexa”. it allows you to ask questions and makerequests with your voice. so use the shortcut button or click onthe app and ask away. let’s see how it actually works.. and justa tip here, yes, you need an amazon account to use alexaon versa 2! okay so we’ve mentioned voice controland you probably went all jittery with excitementand rightly so, not only do you get to chat to alexa,if you have it paired to an android device you can speak replies to messagesand it will turn those into text. the ionic misses out on voice controldue to not having an inbuilt microphone. 


Sports and activitiesmanagement brings us to the topic of in-house gps.The versa 2 tracks exercise and can be taken to just about any activityincluding running, biking, and free exercises in the’s water resistant up to 50 meters so you can take it swimming,you can keep up to seven activities in your shortcuts but there are 20 tochoose from on the watch. the versa 2’s achillies heel is the ionic’sstrength and prominent advantage! the versa 2 doesn’t have a built-in gpsso you’ll have to use a smartphone on your runs. the ionic does have a gps reciever and hence can be used independently fromyour smartphone, so the ionic does have an upper hand insport modes. Here’s a tip if you’re looking for sets of exercises to get back into shape or get fitter check out a personal coachapp you get by the fitbit app store. the app is great as it provides guidance, ittimes you, as well as actually showing you how to perform the exercises.this brings us to “smarttrack”.


 There are seven auto recognizable exerciseslike walking, running, and biking but the additional smarts kick in with adjustingwhen the activity recording kicks in. Smarttrack is continuously runningcalculations to detect when you’ve been moving for 15 minutes or morebut you can adjust the setting to anything from 10 to 90 minutes, really.if you are wondering why this is so useful – let’s imagine that you justpopped outside to the shop by your house and the walk to the shopis only 5 minutes, you probably don’t want the watch tostart recording this as a sport activity. But if you areout in the park and have been walking for, say, over 10 minutesthen the activity recording will kick in. very intelligent indeed!by following the intensity and patterns of your movement smarttrack recognizesthe activity that you’re doing and tracks your stats when you havefinished. A workout summary automatically gets locked to the fitbitapp. you can download up to 300 songs ontoeither your ionic or versa 2 for listening on the go. however it’s abit of a gimmick on the versa 2 because if you’re a runner, biker, orhiker you potentially would go out without your phoneand you would need inbuilt gps in your smartwatch, as you doon the fitbit ionic. Nevertheless for the occasional sports,the versa 2 should suffice since you would most likely have your phone withyou at all times and use the smartwatch as an accessoryto the phone. here’s a tip, you can download the”spotify” app to your watch, there’s just one little caveat in thatthe ionic and versa 2 spotify apps work only if you have the premiumsubscription service! both watches charge from flat to fullwithin 2 hours. the manufacturer is claiming 6 days plusfor the versa 2 and 4 days plus for the ionic, withcasual use. in general, i agree with the claim forionic but the versa 2’s battery juice ran out within 4 days for me. 



fitbit justcan’t seem to come up with a consistent charging dock for its models.the ionic uses a charging cable that has a magnetic pinthat attaches to the back of the watch case. while versa 2opts for an awkward clamp-like dock you clamp the case.But then the clamp cannot be placed flat on any surfacebecause the cord is sticking straight out of the back of it.To reiterate, both fitbits are almost identical except for five majordifferences, which include the display type – AMOLEDversus LCD. Also, ionic uses a slower cpu simplybecause it was released three years prior to fitbit versa 2.there’s no voice control on ionic while the versa 2 has amazon’s alexa and youcan even talk your replies to texts. but ionic has inbuilt gps, the versa 2 onthe other hand is focusing on smartwatch functionality and offersonly connected gps. design is quite different on the two watches,versa 2 is less techy and looks like a much subdued ionic.all in all the versa 2 is more of a smartwatch and ionic is more sports oriented due to the inbuilt gps.both are intelligent and useful for daily wellness insights,getting fit and staying connected. But it’s down to youto decide where your preferences lie. 

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