GALAXY A71 vs A80: which SAMSUNG MID-RANGER PREMIUM is a better BUY? | Comparison

 GALAXY A71 vs A80:

 The A71 is the most advanced model of the current generation of Samsung intermediaries in Brazil but is it a better phone than the A80? The exotic Galaxy with a rotating camera was not very successful here but we will see in this tech radon comparison which one delivers the best set, as well as which of the two it is better to buy. 

GALAXY A71 vs A80


The A80 is a cell phone with an excellent build quality, made of metal and with a glass back with Gorilla Glass protection. It’s a shame that Samsung took a different path with the latest models of the Galaxy A series, as they all come with plastic bodies and that includes the A71. The latest model comes with a hole in the screen, something that was popularized from the Galaxy S10 and is present in almost all launches in 2020, and not just on Samsung phones.

GALAXY A71 vs A80


 With the A80, the Korean bet on a more exotic design with a rotating camera. You don’t have a front camera for selfies, instead, the rear set rotates upwards. The mechanical part that moves the camera looks good and should not be a problem For the next year or so. Overall, the A80 feels like a premium phone, the downside is its weight. If you are looking for the most compact and lightweight you will prefer the A71. The A80 has two disadvantages that can make you give up buying it does not have a MicroSD slot, nor does it come with a standard headphone jack. If you don’t like the phone that comes with it, you’ll have to use a wireless one, since it doesn’t even have an adapter in the box. We started with a tie, the A71 is more compact and complete and the A80 has better construction and no notches Except for the hole in the A71’s screen.

GALAXY A71 vs A80


Both have very similar Super AMOLED panels are 6.7″ with Full HD + resolution on both. By default, the screen of the A80 can achieve a slightly higher brightness when in automatic but when HDR content is displayed on YouTube, the A71’s screen can go a little further in brightness. In terms of color reproduction and viewing angle, we have a draw. In terms of sound, the A71 takes advantage – none offers stereo sound, but it delivers audio More balanced than the A80. The sound power is also superior in Samsung’s latest model. The headset is the same in both, only the connection that is P2 on the A71 and USB-C on the A80 changes. It is comfortable and delivers decent sound quality. If you are looking for the best to listen to music, you can choose any of them. The advantage of the A71 is that it will only have a P2 input, which allows you to use any phone you have. We give the screen a tie and an extra point to the A71 in the sound part. The A80 was released with Android 9 Pie and received an update to Android 10 with the same interface One UI 2.0 present on the A71. Both share the same features, but as the A71 arrived more updated it should receive updates for longer, including Android 11. 

GALAXY A71 vs A80


A curious detail is that the A80 has no facial biometrics, it uses only the built-in fingerprint reader to the screen – perhaps because the rotation of the rotating camera is a little slow, which would make using the frustrating facial biometrics. We then give the point to the A71 on the software side. Their hardware is similar – the A71 comes with Snapdragon 730 and the A80 with Snapdragon 730G. What’s the difference between the two? Only the GPU operating speed. In our standardized speed test, the A80 managed to be a little bit faster in benchmarks, we have no advantage for the faster GPU and the A71 achieved a higher score. In AnTuTu we had a difference of just over 10%. The A80 should be better for games, but both can run any game available for Android without lags. The difference is that the A80 ends up heating up a little more because of the more powerful GPU. This may have an impact on benchmarks that are affected by temperature, especially AnTuTu. Either way, the A80 scores for overall performance. Although slightly smaller and thinner, the A71 comes with a larger battery and as we have similar hardware and same screen size and resolution, Samsung’s latest phone delivers superior autonomy. It’s a difference of almost 15% in battery life, but both can get through the day away from power outlets. What doesn’t make a lot of sense is the recharge time – both support 25-Watt charging and having a smaller battery, the A80 was expected to spend less time on the plug. In our tests, the A71 was 15 minutes faster. The difference may seem small, but the faster the better, don’t you think? And with that, we have a double point for the A71. Who wins the camera? The A71 already wins in quantity, they are 4 against 2. It also wins in resolution, but in practice, it delivers similar photo quality to the A80. The older model has a ToF sensor, which works with photos and videos. The advantage of the A71 is for the most efficient Night Mode, the ultra-wide, which records better photos than the same camera type on the A80, in addition to having a dedicated macro sensor to shoot close-ups. Both have depth sensors, but the A80 is more advanced and has less failure separating the planes from the image.


 Taking all this into account, the A71 gets the better of its rear cameras. The big difference of the A80 would be when using its rear cameras to take selfies since they rotate forward. Interestingly, when the A80’s cameras are facing forward they are of inferior quality. Depending on the lighting of the scene they present photos even worse than the most basic front camera of the A71. The advantage is in offering autofocus and having the secondary with a wide-angle lens to take selfies of the whole class without squeezing anyone. And if you like selfies with blurred backgrounds you will prefer the A80. So, for selfies, the A80 wins. The two shoot 4K videos, but if you want to take advantage of stabilization, you’ll have to shoot in Full HD. It is an electronic type and works well on both. The focus is agile on both the A71 and the A80. To shoot during the day we have better quality on the A80, however, the A1 does better in darker places. The background blur effect on the A80 can be interesting, as long as you don’t move too much in the video.


 And as none of the camcorders stands out, we draw here. The Galaxy A80 arrived  for $ 200, while the A71 arrived in early 2020 for $ 160 – currently, there is a difference of $ 60 between the two, which makes the A71 cost-effective higher, because it is better and cheaper. We ended the comparison with the last point by going to the A71. 

GALAXY A71 vs A80


The Galaxy A80 did not show a significant superiority in its launch over the A70 and now, against the A71 he ends up losing in many points. If you are in doubt about which one to buy, go to the most recent one that you will be carrying a cellphone more complete, which delivers a better multimedia experience, with a battery that lasts longer and recharges faster, in addition to a better set of cameras in general and all this paying less. Even if both cost the same, it wouldn’t be worth it to choose the A80 – only if you really insist on having a superior build quality, slightly better performance and greater versatility for selfies.  

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