Galaxy A71 vs NOTE 10 LITE: PREMIUM MID-RANGE faces “FLAGSHIP” with S-Pen | Comparison

  Galaxy A71 vs NOTE 10 LITE:

Are you looking for a premium intermediary from Samsung and were in doubt between the Galaxy A71 or the Note 10 Lite? They are similar but offer a different experience. In this comparison , you will discover the positive and negative points of each one and which one is best for you. Shall we begin? 

Galaxy A71 vs NOTE 10 LITE:

Galaxy A71 vs NOTE 10 LITE:DESIGN

Both are the same size and have a hole in the screen for the front camera. The A71 has a larger hole and its body is all plastic the Note 10 Lite is a little more premium, with metal sides and its notch is more discreet. As much as it has the same battery size, the Note 10 Lite ends up being a little “chubby” and heavy, because of the S-Pen. There is a flat-screen in both, with a slightly curved back. If you are looking for the most comfortable to use, then whatever you choose. The cameras are organized in black blocks, the largest being on the A71. On the other hand, it has a more modern design with a holographic effect that attracts those who are sick of the design more conventional, like the Note 10 Lite. With the exception for the S-Pen, both offer the same connections and technologies. If you are looking for a cell phone with IP68 certification or wireless charging you will have to invest in a More advanced model by Samsung. For having better quality and a smaller hole in the screen we give the first point to Note 10 Lite. 

Galaxy A71 vs NOTE 10 LITE:

Galaxy A71 vs NOTE 10 LITE:SCREEN

For the screen, we have 6.7″ with Full HD+ resolution on both. Don’t expect a Dynamic AMOLED panel since Samsung reserves this technology only for its flagships. If you want the phone with the highest brightness then choose the Note 10 Lite. Now, if you prefer better color calibration, then the A71 is ideal, as it does not suffer from reddish white. Want stereo sound? Forget! Both have only a sound output with mono audio. The A71 exaggerates more in the treble, which allows it to deliver a little superior sound power. The earphones that comes in the box is the same on both models. It is a comfortable accessory that delivers a decent sound experience. As there is a P2 input on each one, you can use any other phone you have. We will give the screen a tie and an extra point to the A71 for having a louder sound. 


On the software side, there are not many differences between the two – both arrived with Android 10 modified by the One UI 2.0, what changes are the extras offered by S-Pen. With the pen, you can take photos while away from your phone and even switch between the rear and front camera It has the same features as the Note 9 but does not support the gestures that debuted with the other models in the Note 10 series. You can create a quick note by pulling the marker when the device is locked and when it is in use, a floating menu appears with several shortcuts that you can customize. For having more feature-packed software, we give Note 10 Lite a point. The Note 10 Lite inherits the old Galaxy Note 9 hardware, the Exynos 9810. It is an old top-of-the-line chip that faces Qualcomm’s intermediate hardware, the Snapdragon 730. 

Galaxy A71 vs NOTE 10 LITE:


Which is the fastest? In our speed test, both showed similar performance In benchmarks, we have a good difference between the two. Exynos was on average 40% higher in the AnTuTu score. If you get excited about big numbers, this can be a differentiator for you but for many, it will not be an important point. And in games, who wins? The A71 can run all Android games effortlessly, however, Note 10 Lite delivers higher performance, especially in heavier games like PUBG. For being better for games, we give the Galaxy Note 10 Lite a point. If you are looking for a good battery then you can choose any, but if you want the one that spends more time away from the sockets, then the A71 is the best choice. Even though they both have the same battery size, the Snapdragon 730 managed to make the A71 last an average of 10% more. Another curious point is that even sharing the same charger, the A71 spends less time in taking – the difference is small, but it will be a differential for the most impatient. And with that, the A71 takes a double point for autonomy and recharge time.

Galaxy A71 vs NOTE 10 LITE:COMPARE

 The A71 has a 64 MP camera and you may think that it takes better pictures than the 12 MP Note 10 Lite, right? Numbers don’t always mean something, especially when it comes to the camera. Note’s most advanced sensor records more details, has better color balance, suffers less from noise and captures clearer photos at night. This does not mean that the A71 does not take good pictures, but if you want the best camera you already know which Galaxy to choose. And the extra sensors? The Note has a telephoto lens for optical zoom, which is better than the digital of the other. The A71 brings a new camera dedicated to macro, which allows you to shoot more closely without struggling with a loss of focus. The Note 10 Lite scores one point for a better set of cameras at the rear. At the front we have the same camera on both and, as expected, the quality is quite similar for selfies – none impress and suffer in darker places leaving the selfies with a soft effect due to the drop in sharpness. Portrait Mode works well, without eating too much of your hair or blurring the ends of your ears. HDR is available to help with scenarios when there is a strong backlight. Overall you will have good selfies, but we expected more for devices in this price range. As none stands out in selfies, we draw. Which is better to record videos? Both shoot in 4K, however, Note 10 Lite offers greater fluidity. During the day it records more details, but at night it shows more noise. Both have an efficient image stabilization system, agile focus, and good quality audio capture. The difference between them is related to the scenarios (shooting at day or night), that is what will help you to make a choice. With that said, we end the camera part with one point for each.

Galaxy A71 vs NOTE 10 LITE:

Galaxy A71 vs NOTE 10 LITE:PRICES

 The A71 hit the market for $ 170, while the Note 10 Lite came for $ 140 more than that. Since its prices have plummeted since launch, we currently have a difference of just $ 30 between the two. 


If you are looking for the cheapest then the A71 is the ideal phone for you, but if both arrive to stay at the same price, then go for Note 10 Lite. They drew in our comparison, each with seven points. And now, which one is a better choice? If you want a more neat finish, a screen with a stronger glass and a smaller hole better gaming performance, better rear camera, and a more complete software with the S-Pen, then you can pick the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Is it worth paying the difference? If you like Samsung’s marker, then yes. Now if you want a screen with better color reproduction, a battery that lasts more and recharges faster, sounds more powerful and doesn’t need the S-Pen, you can save money and choose the A71, that is not due for the Note 10 Lite. 

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