GALAXY NOTE 20 and 20 ULTRA REVIEW: Are they BETTER than the S20 Series?



 After so many leaks in the last few weeks, we were finally officially introduced to the Galaxy Note 20. The new Korean phablet comes in two versions and promises to revolutionize writing and the way you take notes. All this without giving up a lot of technology and power for games. Do we have a great evolution compared to the Galaxy Note 10? That’s what you’ll see in this hands-on with first impressions. Just like last year, we have two sizes. Samsung dropped the Plus name and decided to call the larger Note 20 Ultra model, to be more aligned with what we have with the S20 series. However, it’s not just the measures that differ between the two – this time, the Korean decided to adopt design unique for each model. 


The Galaxy Note 20 has a flat-screen and has more edges than the more expensive version. It brings the same number of cameras, however, with simpler sensors. The build quality is similar, with the structure made of the same metal alloy however, the Note 20 Ultra debuts Gorilla Glass 7, while the smaller model features Gorilla Glass 5, being an older generation than we have in the Note 10 line, for example. Last year Samsung claimed it was important to offer a more compact Galaxy Note to consumers, since not everyone likes big phones but it seems that the Korean has changed her mind and decided to increase the dimensions of her newest models. The new Note 20 is the size of the Galaxy S20 Plus, while the Note 20 Ultra is among the Note 10 Plus and the S20 Ultra. And for those who were sick of the same colors as always, the novelty is the copper tone available on both models.


 In all options, the S-Pen has exactly the same color as the phone, different from the Galaxy Note 10 which in the silver option brings a blue pen. Another difference between the Note 20 and the Note 20 Ultra is in the S-Pen. The most expensive model comes with a more advanced pen, which has less response time being only 9 milliseconds. It’s the same latency as Apple Pencil, and it helps a lot when making notes or drawing. However, if you choose the smaller Note 20, you will have to settle for a more traditional S-Pen that delivers 26 milliseconds of latency. Still, it is a good step forward compared to the previous generation. Since the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has added support for gestures with the pen so you can control your phone even when you’re away from it. In Note 10 this evolved for the camera, and now, in Note 20 it is possible to return to the mobile home screen by making a swipe up gesture with the S-Pen from any part of the system. 


Samsung Notes is also evolving and gaining more features to improve productivity. A partnership between Samsung and Microsoft makes it easy to edit PDFs and PowerPoint presentations in Notes itself, with cloud sync, so you can follow in real-time on your mobile and on your Windows 10 PC. There is also synchronization with Microsoft OneNote and Outlook, so you don’t miss any appointments or important information.


 As with the S20 line, the Note 20 Ultra also features a 120 Hz Dynamic AMOLED panel, but is now able to adjust the speed according to the displayed content to help save your battery. The Note 20 ended up being left out and has a 60 Hz screen with lower resolution and Super AMOLED+ panel. The power of Note’s multi-tasking has evolved, and it’s now possible to use Samsung DeX on your TV without the need for cables, as long as the model has MiraCast technology. And for those who own a Samsung Smart TV launched from 2019 will have an optimized experience with less latency and the possibility to do even more things at the same time. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the first Samsung phone with UWB technology, which enhances the connection with other compatible devices and streamlines communication and data exchange. It would be like an evolution of Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth and promises to be the future of short distance data transmission. 


Everything looks promising with the Galaxy Note 20 and it really has a lot to offer. But perhaps what will most disappoint some is its chipset. Samsung kept the Exynos 990 from the S20 series, and the worst part is that some countries will receive the version with Snapdragon 865+, which delivers superior performance? Regardless of what hardware version you have, Samsung promises an innovative gaming experience. The Korean company took advantage of its partnership with Microsoft to bring the Xbox Game Pass to the Galaxy Note 20 so that you can play games like Minecraft Dungeons, Forza Horizon 4 and Gears of War from anywhere directly from your phone. This will be possible thanks to Microsoft’s xCloud service for game streaming and will be available in more than 20 countries by the end of the year – but don’t expect to see the novelty so soon in Brazil, as Samsung warns that Galaxy Note 20 5G connectivity it is essential to have a good experience with the Microsoft service. The Galaxy Note 20 inherits the set of cameras from the S20 – we have the same resolution and lenses, including wide-angle and telephoto with 3x hybrid zoom. On the front side, there is also the same 10 MP camera seen previously. So, we can expect similar photo quality – of course, we’ll test it out thoroughly to see if The software improvements make the Note 20 shoot better photos than the S20 models. Samsung, however, preferred to give the Note 20 Ultra more attention. 

.It also comes with three cameras, but here you have the 108 MP camera premiered on the S20 Ultra with a new telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom and maximum zoom of 50x. It’s less than what we saw earlier on the S20 Ultra, but let’s face it, the photos taken with the previous model and its 100x zoom were not that good. The S20 series failed to outperform the Galaxy Note 10 Plus in our camera comparisons and we will see soon if we finally have a good leap in image quality. Our first impressions are mixed – the Note 20 Ultra was interesting, but the smaller Note 20 looks more like a Lite version that had several features capped, Unlike previous year when both devices delivered a similar experience Of course, we will review both of them to see if the difference in the price is fair and we’ll bring you all the details in our full review.


 The Galaxy Note 20 comes in 4G and 5G versions, starting from the same price charged in the Galaxy Note 10. The Note 20 Ultra arrives only with 5G options and will be more expensive than the Note 10 Plus. The new Korean phablets will have two storage options initially 256 or 512 GB. Samsung will also launch some special pre-order packages for the Note 20: the music pack comes with the Galaxy Buds Plus, while the Game Pack includes three months of Xbox Game Pass subscription, a joystick, and a wireless charger. Prices and release dates here in have not yet been released. 

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