Good day ladies and gentleman, welcome, today i have a very special thing for you, this right here is a package sent by Huawei, and in this package, we have Huawei’s brand-new Nova 7 5G. We’ll unbox this package and review the phone inside before moving forward,   Let’s jump straight into it. 



So, the variant that Huawei has sent me has8 gigs of ram and 256gb storage. Let’s open up the box, first up we havethe phone itself, let’s move it out of the way and have a look at other things whichare inside of this box. Next up we have this pack, which containssim ejecting tool and a silicon case for the Nova 7 5G with some manuals and warranty information. Next up we have this white type c cable, awired set of headphones and type to 3.5mm converter because Nova 7 doesn’t have aheadphone jack. Then we have this 40Watts Super charger rightin the box, so Huawei sends regards to Apple. Anyways moving forward, let’s put all thethings back in the box and focus on the phone now We’ll quickly peel off these stickers andI have to be honest I’m quite impressed with the build quality and they way this phonelooks. It feels amazing in the hand, it’s backis made out of glass and feels very comfortable in the hand but one thing to keep in mindis that it doesn’t support wireless charging. It’s a very light weight mobile. It comes is 3 different colors such as black,space silver and midsummer purple. I personally prefer the black one becausethat’s the I got. This mobile size is very well suited for allhands but specially for the ones with shorter hands, it doesn’t look too small and itdoesn’t feel too large as well. So, Huawei has done very well with that part. Anyways let’s talk more about the specsnow. 



It has a beautiful 6.5-inch OLED display withthe resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. Huawei’s flagship Kirin 985 Octa-Cor processorwhich supports 5G out of the box, which is a very good addition for a mid-range flagship. It comes with 4000 mAh battery which willeasily last you for a day of usage and again the best thing is it supports super charging,so that is not really a problem these days. Let’s go ahead and boot up the phone quickly, setting up the phone is quite simple. It comes with android 10 out of the box. Just a couple of steps and you are good togo. I’ll skip everything for the time being. As you can see it feels really snappy whileusing, super smooth. Now I’m not really a fan of Huawei UI, Iprefer the clean looking phone, but it does the job really well. It supports navigation gestures. On top of the bottom navigation gestures,it also supports swipe navigation gestures, which means you can swipe right or left fromthe corners to go back. Display gets very bright; it has a very goodin-built dark mode as well. So overall it’s turning out to eb a greatpackage. It has in-screen fingerprint sensor, and tbe honest the positioning of the sensor if a bit weird, it’s very near to the bottomand it may take some time to get used to the position. I have placed my thumb on a wrong positionmany times and it get’s a bit frustrating but the sensor itself works very well andfast. So that’s a relief Afterall. It catches fingerprints on the back side prettyeasily, so you should put a case or skin on it, or it’s pretty easy to clean with amicrofiber cloth. Okay so let’s talk about the most importantaspect of the mobile, it’s camera. It’s a quad-cam setup on the back with mainsensor of 64 Mega Pixels with f1.8 aperture, then an 8 mega pixels ultra-wide lens withf2.4 aperture, 8 mega pixels telephoto lens with f2.4 aperture and lastly a 2 mega pixelsmacro or crops sensor with f2.4 aperture. On the front side it has a single punch holecamera of 32 mega pixels with f2.0 aperture. Both back and front cameras can record videoin 4k. Back camera setup supports 3 types of zoom,optical zoom, digital zoom and hybrid zoom, which is a combination of optical and digitalzoom.



 These numbers are pretty big, but how wouldthey perform in real life, let’s go give it a shot So, this is a picture taken from main backcamera in daylight, nice colors and details are there, I think sky is too bright but it’schallenging condition with the sun right on top of my head and there are no clouds. This is picture taken from wide camera, tobe honest, it is pretty wide, image is not much bright, but it does the job. This picture is taken from crop or zoom sensor,zooms in pretty well. It’s all optical zoom, please note thatthis is 5x zoom with optical sensor, you can further zoom in like 20 X to the stuff byusing digital and hybrid zoom. Good thing to have this in a mid-range flagshipdevice. This is a picture taken from front camera,there aren’t many details in the picture but In my opinion it performed great becauseas I said sun was right on top of my head and most phones aren’t able to capture muchlight in this scenario, but this picture is fairly bright. Not much details, but I’m it can capturegreat photos in normal light. Here’s a picture taken in portrait mode,I didn’t have anyone to take my portrait, that’s why I went with an object. Again, pretty sharp and bright image. Let’s move forward to the night shots, thisis a picture taken around 11 in the night from main camera, it has captured many details,image looks sharp, now this is a picture taken with night mode on and just look at the difference,very bright and it has captured many details. Again, this picture is taken without nightmode, and this picture is taken with the night mode on. So, Huawei AI does a great job in sharpeningand correcting the images. 



One thing to keep in mind is that these arejust quick samples, just point and shoot, I didn’t try too hard. If you want an in-depth review of camera performance,like videos samples, picture samples in different conditions and phone performance with differentgames and apps and day to day usage, then let me know in the comments section down belowand drop a like on this video. So overall it’s a great looking phone withtop notch specs and amazing battery life and good thing is it won’t cost you a fortune. You can totally go for it, it’s worth themoney you are paying for it.  

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