When you go to decorate your living room you probably think of two priorities one is to install a high-quality TV, while the other is to decorate the room. But have you ever thought of having both features in one product? Samsung launched its QLED TV model Q80R in 2019 intending to unite the beautiful image with an elegant look. Did it achieve this feat? It is worth buying it a year after launch and with new models already being offered? This is what you can see now in this review. 


Even for a model released last year, the Q80R’s design is still modern. You find a slim body with few edges and best of all, and a cable-free look or almost that. Samsung provides a separate device with all the connections you need it’s called One Connect. This is where the power, HDMI, USB, and antenna inputs go, in addition to the optical audio and ethernet network output. All of this is connected to the TV by a single cable that goes easily un0noticed. If you prefer to put the TV in a hack you will see that the base occupies a considerable space compared to other models from Samsung. But here we recommend placing the TV on the wall. In addition to being compact, it has one more highlight that favors leaving it on a wall mount but we will talk about that in a bit. 


Samsung’s universal remote control is also bundled on the Q80R. The advantage here is to dispense with any other control. With the TV, you can synchronize to the cable TV decoder, video game, and even Apple TV. It allows you to do research and even control some functions by voice commands and it also has, in addition to the buttons for streaming services and general TV control, a button to activate Ambient Mode 2.0 quickly, something that we will also discuss later. Samsung has managed to improve its QLED TV models over time to offer increasingly better image quality – the Q80R can deliver true 4K and with a good viewing angle, even in this tested variant that has 55″. The upscaling improves images at lower resolutions without letting you see the pixels even with your sofa at a distance of up to two meters from the screen. And even if the environment is large, you can see the panel from any angle With distortions in colors. This TV is compatible with HDR 10+, which makes the image even more beautiful. Also, the contrast has evolved compared to predecessors, but the most observant people may miss some details in very dark images. 

The sound system has full-bodied and balanced audio, but we can’t ignore the fact that, it’s still a TV embedded sound system. And even being crisp and loud, to do justice to the image quality we recommend a system with A dedicated sub-woofer, to deliver bass that will make your movies and games even better. The Q80R comes equipped with Samsung’s Tizen system, as well as other Smart TVs from the brand. And this can be a problem for some users That like to have severalapplication options. The Brazilian version of the platform does not offer many useful applications and you may find it difficult to find some specific tools at any given time. One of the cases is a video player with more support for video and audio formats. Yes, it may happen that some file is not compatible with the native TV player and this will let you down. At least the most common ones are present like Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, YouTube, Globo Play, TeleCine, Spotify, and others. Also don’t expect to find a variety of games here. 

There are around 5 options and none that excites. Speaking of games, it has dedicated mode for those with consoles and you want to make the most of your gaming moments. The TV recognizes when you switch to the console and automatically activates Gamer Mode to decrease the input lag. Another feature that can liven you up when it comes to games is Steam Link, which makes the TV connect to your computer and run the games installed on the PC through a convenient to use interface. In most titles, the application is functional and, even with some drop-in graphics or rare lags, you can have a satisfying experience. Another positive point is being able to connect the Joystick directly to the TV. If the PC is too far away this is a good one to help with fluidity. FPS games are not as recommended with the feature, especially when you need to be quick on the trigger. In such cases, it is better to connect the computer directly with an HMDI cable. But you can bump into the bug we found – some Steam games don’t send audio for TV on this type of wired connection. And speaking of connectivity, both for games and the use of applications support for the 5 GHz network makes everything very fast. You can shoot your favorite movies and series with maximum quality without crashing. Something that is not possible in more basic models of the brand, such as the RU7100, for example.

 Bluetooth also works perfectly to connect wireless boxes and headphones. Remember that we recommend fixing the TV on the wall? So, it was to make the most of it one of the main highlights of this model, the Ambient Mode 2.0. With it, you can customize images shown on the screen to serve as a decoration object. The Q80R can show personal images, artistic works, professional photos or even simulate the image of the wall itself so that it is even more invisible in appearance. You can still enter the time and temperature of where you live if you want to stay on top of this information with the device in stand by. Because of the low reflection level, Ambient Mode will make your TV look like a frame on the wall, and if you install it with the No Gap, which makes the device even closer to the wall, the impression of a decorative object is even greater. The Samsung Q80R is undoubtedly one of the best 4K TV options available on the market. QLED technology and other embedded features can deliver high image quality with improved contrast, although a little exaggerated for some eyes and a sound that could be better, but it doesn’t disappoint. 

Despite being a 2019 model, this handset still features a modern design and that it was not outdated in just one year. A CON regarding it’s design goes for the base, which didn’t need to be that big. But hanging it on the wall already solves this problem – and by the way, having a TV as A decoration piece gives the charm it needs to be a premium product in all its characteristics. It is a high-end TV when in operation and a real picture when it is turned off or stand by, better said. The main negative highlight is the operating system, which still lacks more app options. If that is your priority, it is more advantageous to look for a brand that uses Android TV. 


The Q80R arrived in Brazil in 2019 for a price of $ 500, but you can already find it for practically half the retail launch value. The cost of around $250 is already considered a good deal with all possibilities that you will find with this model. So, did you like the whole set that the Samsung Q80R delivers? Do you think that this QLED TV can fulfill the dual function of delivering an ilĺmage with quality and serve as a decoration piece? You can write down in the comments and tell us what is your opinion about our evaluation For the device..

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