Hey guys what’s up it is Ritik and today I am going to tell you TOP 5 BEST YOUTUBE CHANNEL without showing face.

Everyday people watch over a BILLION hours of video on YouTube.

Youtube is a good source of income.Even many people earn millions from youtube.


You  watches thousand of  YouTube video  and you have thought that you can also do youtube and can create a very quality content video but you  fears of showing face on youtube.It is because of several reasons like some people don’t want to show their face,some peoples are so shy,some people have no good camera so they feared for the quality content.

But don’t be scared.Good news, this post is here to help you defeat those worries and give you some example YouTube channel ideas without showing your face.

This is what we are going to cover:

  • Top 5 youtube ideas without showing face.

  • The best YouTube Channel Ideas without showing face.

  • Best video recording and editing software to grow a faceless youtube channel.

  • Examples of big earning youtube channels who never  show their face on youtube.



You have listened about 5minutecraft they are having 67 million subscribers and they have started there channel only 4years ago on 2016 l.Now they earn $6million to $50million per month.This is a very huge amount and their earning is increasing day by day.

It is a great example of dominating YouTube with faceless videos.

It is also number one ‘craft’ and ‘how to’ channel on youtube.

The key to their content is showing you how to do something without over complicating it with people’s personality. Less distraction and more about how you achieve something.

This category is highly demandable and even one of your family members likes to watch these kinds of video.There is also an advantage that you even do not have to speak in this type of video.

Now what you need to do is just select a subcategory and create your channel and create unique and build your channel.


There is an advantage of this niche because in this you have only to speak, no need to edit, you just place some non copyrighted stock videos.

Now you have also heard the name of many motivational speakers and also they have millions of subscribers.

3.TOP 10

 This is a very trending topic in which just you need to do some research of minimum 10 or any number.On this you can create any fact,comedy scenes,Tip 10 youtuber or blogger in this also have a sub category like top 10 gamer of India or any country.Even you can also make top 10 dishes of any state or country.

Make on any topic do you want just do some research and that’s it.


You have also listened to the name of a channel HELPING GAMER he only told about the event in the game in very detail and gained million subscribers.

This is not a famous niche but you have played any game and also you have research on YouTube for specific game events like in their pubg many events come regularly and many people can’t understand that so they do youtube research.So if you have knowledge about any game you can go to this niche.


Have you heard the name of FACT TECH? He has 16million subscribers on youtube and he earns $20,000 per month.

He even completed 10million subscribers without showing his face.Even I also liked his video too much.

If you want to make these types of videos you can also go for this niche in this only you have to research for some facts and you can easily make 

Video Techniques Used By The Successful Channels:

All of the channel ideas above have something in common, they are all YouTube channel ideas without showing your face.

Each one in their own right has created a successful and yet anonymous channel.

What are the techniques they used to create this success?


  • Camera pointing over the shoulder (on a tripod) and filming just their hands.

  • Screen recording using a video editor such as filmora.

  • Use Google to create a basic slideshow and add your voice over the top.

  • Be consistent and post regular videos.

  • Animation videos created with simple to learn software.

Now if you follow these steps I will guarantee in under six month you will get monetized by AdSense.And even you can do affiliate marketing.You can also promote other channels when you reach a good amount of subscribers and take money from them.


This is the complete tutorial that TOP 10 YOUTUBE CHANNEL IDEAS WITHOUT SHOWING FACE.By this you can easily got and plz tell me in comment which niche  you have selected.And if you have any query feel free to comment and ask your question.

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