Friends, today I will tell you about Jio Meet App. What is Jio Meet App and its features? How to use this application?

In this post, I am going to tell you the complete information about Jio Meet. So come know about this app.

Friends, because of the recent Covid 19 Pandemic, all schools, colleges, government offices, companies etc. All are closed Due to this, many people are facing many problems and all their work has come to a standstill. Those people are not able to communicate properly with each other.

To avoid this, many people have done their work online. Online education of most children has started in the country. And big companies are also doing their work like online.

Nowadays people are doing their work with the help of Video Conferencing Apps. They include an App Jio Meet. Let’s know what is the Jio Meet App.

 Reliance Jio has finally launched JioMeet in the country. The JioMeet app is available on both Android (Google Play) store and IOS (Apple App store). With the help of JioMeet, Reliance Jio is aiming to take on the likes of other video calling platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet,etc.Now we will know WHAT IS JIO MEET APP


Jio Meet App is a Video Conferencing App. Which has been launched by India’s largest company Reliance Jio. This is a free video calling app. In which you can do video conferencing anywhere. This app is completely made in India. Which is a very good thing. There is no interference from any outside company.

Jio Meet supports Android, Ios, Windows, Mac, Web all these platforms. This app was launched on 3 July 2020. And within a short time it became very popular. It has more than 1 Million downloads on its playstoreplaystore. And its user base in India has become very good.

Video conferencing apps like Google Meet and Zoom are also available in the market before Jio Meet. At first most people used the Zoom App. But due to security issues and data theft, people have almost stopped using it.

Nowadays people are also using Google Meet. This is Google’s App. You can use Jio Meet without any doubt. In this, your data will be safe.


1. If you are an Android user, then you go to Google Playstore and write Jio Meet in Search and do a search. After that you install Jio Meet.

2. If you are an iOS user, then download it from the App Store.

3. If you want to download it for Desktop / Laptop. Then you download it from the official website of JioMeet.


1. Open the Jio Meet App after downloading it.

2. After opening, you will get three options. The first option you will get is the Join A Meeting. If someone has sent you a Meeting Code or Meeting Link. Then you will be able to join the meeting by putting it in the meeting id.

3. We get the second option of Sign Up. If you want to create a meeting. So you have to sign up first.

4. You have to click on the Sign Up button. Then you have to enter your mobile number or Email Id there. You can put whatever you want. Then you have to enter First Name and Last Name and tick I Agree Terms and Condition. After that you have to do next.

5. If you have entered the mobile number then you will have an OTP for Verification and if you have entered the Email Id, then you will have a Mail for Verification. Then you have to Verify.

6. If you have entered Email Id. So after Verify you have to set a password. Password You can enter any of your choice. Do whatever you like and then you have to click on Continue. And now your Jio Meet account has been created.

7. After this, you have to close your App and open it again and click on the third Option Sign In.

8. Then you have to sign in by entering the same Mobile Number or Email and Password. Now you will be able to create the meeting from your Jio Meet account.


1. After creating an account in Jio Meet, you have to open the app.

2. Then you will get the option of a new meeting. You have to click on it. After this you have to turn on Personal Meeting Id and click on Start A Meeting.

3. Now your meeting will start. Now you will see your Meeting Id and Password in the top. Whom you will share. He will join the meeting with that Id and Password.


1.Open the jio meet app.

2.Now click on join option on the home screen.

3.Now enter the meeting ID provided by the host.

The platform provides an option to disable audio and video before joining the meeting.

4. JioMeet allows you to join a video conference even if you don’t have an account with JioMeet.


1. In this app, we can have a meeting with 100 people along with One to One meeting.

2. Its interface is very simple. Which will be easily used by anyone.

3. In this we can do Unlimited HD Video Calling. And that too without stopping. Even if you are talking 24 hours. Even then you will not have any problem.

4. If you are meeting with many people. And one of them is disturbing the person. So we can also mute or remove it.

5. In this we also get the features of Screen Sharing. Through which we can explain our point to another person with Screen Sharing.

6. In this we can join a meeting without creating an account. If someone has sent you a meeting code or link.

7. This app is completely safe. And Video Conferencing is encrypted in every way. So that we will not be afraid of our data being stolen.


Today we have  knew that WHAT IS JIO MEET APP? How is it used? What are its features? Hope you enjoy this post. I will keep bringing such information for you daily.

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