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HostArmada Review:

Cloud hosting review- Bloggers had the most difficulty in choosing a good and budget web hosting because they all know if hosting fast.  If reliable and secure website hosting is not found, then there may be a problem for them.  So here I am going to tell you about the affordable cloud hosting for all of you.

HostArmada Review:

 Buying cheap hosting is a different thing and if you buy very cheap hosting, then you can not even ask the provider that hosting is good or not.  But if you buy a budget hosting, you get a good price as well as the features in it and at this time it is time for cloud hosting for WordPress or custom website everyone.

 Today we are going to talk about a similar website hosting that is based on the cloud.  Let’s know in detail.

 HostArmada Cloud Hosting:

 It is a hosting company that offers Shared, VPS, Dedicated, SSD, Development and Opensource hosting as well as domain registration solutions.  HostArmada is not a very old company, but its specifications that you get in normal shared hosting are much better than others.

 You all must have seen many people start their hosting company with a small server and pass the time by offering hosting to people for 10 rupees, 20 rupees.  Because such people buy resell hosting from someone else and then sell them to the customer.

 But this is not the case in HostArmada, it does not use any type of reseller server and this gives customers a lot of benefits related to hosting speed and website data.

 We now tell you about HostArmada a Managed WordPress Hosting plan, then you will get a better idea about what kind of hosting it is.

 HostArmada Managed WordPress Hosting Plan:

 As I told you here, you also get the powerful hosting feature like VPS, Dedicated and development, but in this way the people searching the hosting have complete idea about its specification and value.  But we are with bloggers already limited budget and we need better hosting in this, so I am telling about the wordpress plan here, if you want to check about another plan then you can check the website.

 HostArmada Managed WordPress Hosting basically has 3 plans which are separated on the basis of pricing and specifications.

 1. Start Dock: You will get it for $ 2.69 / mo and it has some common features.

  •  1 Website.

  • 15 GB Cloud SSD Storage.

  • 2 Cores CPU.

  • 2 GB RAM.

  • Unmetered BandwidthFREE Domain Register / Transfer. 

  • 10 000 Unique Visitors.

  • 7 Daily Backups.

 Along with all these, 2 more features are found Default Hosting Perks & Prepare for Launch Perks.  In such a name, you might not be thinking about what it is, but in these two, you get many features.  Such as unlimited database, subdomain, email and along with free transfer, multiple PHP versions and free loading optimization are available.

 2. Web Wrap: You will get this for $ 4.49 / mo and it has some common features.

  • Unlimited Websites.

  • 30 GB Cloud SSD Storage.

  • 4 Cores CPU.

  • 4 GB RAM.

  • Unmetered Bandwidth.

  • FREE Domain Register/Transfer.

  • ~60 000 Unique Visitors.

  • 14 Daily Backups.

  Along with all these, 3 more features are found Default Hosting Perks, Prepare for Launch Perks & Wrap features perks.  You get all the features of Default Hosting Perks & Prepare for Launch Perks as well as you also get features like 2X CPU, RAM, free private DNS, 3 website transfer, 1 click restore management and unlimited addons.

 3. Speed ​​Reaper: You will get it for $ 5.69 / mo and it has some common features.

  • Unlimited Websites.

  • 40 GB Cloud SSD Storage.

  • 6 Cores CPU.

  • 6 GB RAM.

  • Unmetered Bandwidth.

  • FREE Domain Register/Transfer.

  • ~120 000 Unique Visitors.

  • 21 Daily Backups.

 Along with all these, 5 more features are found Default Hosting Perks, Prepare for Launch Perks, Wrap features perks, Speed ​​Reaper Perks & Dynamic Caching.  If you are getting features in the first and second plans, then you will continue to get 2 more additional benefits as well as Speed ​​Reaper Perks & Dynamic Caching.  In this, you will get better benefits like LS & MemCache and together with lite speed web server.

 HostArmada Review:

 Talking about HostArmada, this is a new hosting in the market and I did a single page website setup test loading speed is good.  Seeing Pricing, all these tradition shared hosting is a little expensive but you also get very good features in it.  I liked this siteground hosting and they have made it even better by adding cloud SSD.  In it you will find all the latest technologies based futures.


 The second feature that I liked is that they have their own server, it benefits both the customers and the provider.  If any problem comes then the provider can give fast support and he has complete control over the server.

 Web hosting customer gets the benefit that they do not have much risk in speed, and security and there is a transparency with companies whereas if the hosting provider uses another server then the customer does not know that his data is called  saving

 If your budget is a little better, then you can try the managed hosting of HostArmada, it is quite good in terms of security and speed and also with 1 click application installation.  Which is also much better for new people.

 Friends, we have given a little information about a new cloud hosting here, if you want to use hosting companies like Siteground but budget is low then you can shift to HostArmada and by the way this cloud wordpress hosting and all big  Hosting plans have been made.  It is very good and if you use it, then once you share your experience in the comment.

HostArmada Review:

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