Friends, today we will learn about how to do Keyword Placement in Blog Post. To make the post SEO friendly, it is necessary to use quality keyword. Today I will tell you where and how to place keywords in your post.

Search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) will rank your article on which keyword it depends which keyword you use in the article and where do you use it. If you do not know about keyword placement, then you are loosening a lot of traffic.

So let’s know where and how to use high-quality keywords in a blog post.


Table of Contents

1 Keyword Placement in Blog Post

1.1 1. Keyword in Post Title

1.2 2. Permalink

1.3 3. Meta Description

1.4 4. Image Alt Text

1.5 5. Post’s First and Last Paragraph


Keyword Placement in Blog Post:

When you write an article, at any place in which you add keywords, it is called Keyword Placement or Keyword Prominence.

This is an important factor for the SEO of your post. If you do not use the keyword correctly in the post, then no matter how high quality your post is, it will not be able to rank in the search engine.

Through keywords, you generate traffic on your article from the search engine. Which keyword you will rank depends on which keyword you have used in the article and where it is placed.

Here I am going to give you important tips about keyword placement by following which you can make the article SEO friendly.

1. Keyword in Post Title:

Post title is an important factor for On Page SEO. The better the title of your article will be and the targeted keywords in it, the more people will click on your blog post. Because of this, use your main keyword in the title / headline of your post.

The title of the post is by default H1 heading. Use your main keyword in the title as well as in other headings like H2. With this, you will definitely get benefit in search engine ranking.

2. Permalink

The most important thing after a title in a post is permalink. Permalink is the URL / link of any post, to make it SEO friendly, definitely include the main targeted keyword of your article in it.

3. Meta Description:

Whenever you search for anything in the search engine, then in all the results, title, permalink and meta description shows you. These 3 factors are very important to rank your post.

Meta Description or Search Description provide some information about your article to the search engine. In this too, you can use your main keyword and along with it you can use some other related keywords as well.

The meta description of your blog post should be in 160 charecters. The more unique it will be and it will have proper keywords, then people will click on your link more and ranking of a particular keyword will help.

4. Image Alt Text:

Another way to get maximum traffic on your blog is image. You can get search engine traffic by optimizing the image of the blog post. But the search engine does not recognize the image. For this, you have to use Alt Text in the image.

Use the main keyword of your article in alt text. Apart from this, you can also use the keyword in the title text and caption of the image. Whenever someone searches for that particular keyword in Google image search, then the image of your blog post will show and this will bring traffic to your post.

5. Post’s First and Last Paragraph:

Add your main keyword in the first line of the first paragraph of your article and if possible, use a related keyword in the same paragraph as well. That is, whenever you write an article, try in its introduction that use your targeted / related keyword 2 to 3 times.

Similarly, you must also add the main keyword in the last paragraph. Apart from this, you can include the targeted keyword and LSI keyword wherever needed in the middle of the post.

But never use too much keyword again and again, this may cause keyword stuffing on your post. Including your main keyword and related keyword, keep the density of the keyword around 1-1.5%. If your article is about 500 words, then use the keyword 5 to 7 times in it.

Wherever you use the keyword in the post, make it Bold, Italic or Underline.


By following these tips, you can make proper keyword placement on your blog post and rank your targeted keyword in the search engine. To know how I place a keyword in my post, you read each of my posts carefully.

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