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So hey guys whats’up it’s Ritik here and today i am going to tell you what is oriflame,how oriflame works and how to join oriflame.So if you want to know about oriflame read this post till  end.


Today, Oriflame’s popularity in MLM, network marketing and direct selling in more than 60 countries, including India, is huge. With the sale of World Class BUT and Cosmetic Products, oriflame has the opportunity to earn many people as a distributor, business. In this post, you will get some initial information related to Oriflame, due to which you will get to know a lot about Oriflame.

What is oriflame? How did it start?

Oriflame was started in 1967 in Switzerland. Oriflame was founded by Robert Jochnik and Jonas Jochnik, brothers Jonas and Robert. As you have previously told, Oriflame manufactures BUT and costume products. If you do not know how Oriflame makes products, you can directly compare Oriflame to Hindustan Unilever and P&G.

Oriflame is a MLM company selling a BUT and personal care product, as well as an opportunity to the distributors to earn profits and a big revenue by doing network marketing and direct selling. That’s why oriflame has put its brand tagline “Your Dream, Our Inspiration”, which means “your dreams, our inspiration”.

That is, it tells us that Oriflame also gives many people a chance to build their career with the brand.

What products does Oriflame sell in India?

The list of Oriflame products is very long. Most of the products of Oriflame are for women, including skin, hair and body care products. Like other companies, Oriflame offers products such as shampoo, hair oil, soap, body lotion, BUT cream, face wash, and hundreds of variety products.

But, yes Oriflame is a bit expensive due to being a big brand. Oriflame’s 75ML coconut scrub oil costs Rs 209. To know about the product of Oriflame, you can download the Oriflame catalog. Visit this link to download the Oriflame Product Catalog PDF.

Oriflame Catalog PDF Download

How to earn money with Oriflame/oriflame Business Plan: –

As already told you, Oriflame is an MLM company, which gives you income on direct selling and network marketing.

Oriflame Direct Selling Income: –

In direct selling, you have to first buy any product from oriflame, then you have to sell the purchased product further. Overall, direct selling has to work like a retailer. If you take a product from oriflame, whose MRP is 500 rupees, then the company will provide you that product for 400 rupees. As soon as you sell that product for 500 rupees, you will get a profit of 100 rupees. More than the company’s products have to be sold, so that you can make a good income every month.

Oriflame Network Marketing Income: –

After direct selling, you can also do income from Network Marketing / Networking. In this you have to add people and people to the company and do team work. Now as soon as your team is formed, the company will also increase your commission. It will be easier to income with and income will be more.

Oriflame Bonus Income: –

It is not limited to just this, like other MLM companies, oriflame also offers bonus income. If a person gives good performance in a short period of time or makes a big team, then the company gives them a gift, money or product in bonus. They also give it for free, so MLM experts will benefit more from it.

How to join Oriflame: –

Now the question comes, how to get connected to Oriflame. If someone is already connected to Oriflame as a distributor, then you should contact them. They will help you become a distributor for Oriflame. Associated with the same people, who work not only on money but also on learning, teaching and teamwork. Apart from this, if you do not know the distributor of any Oriflame, then you can find a nearby Oriflame office.

Oriflame Join Fees And Investment: –

Oriflame’s joining fees are zero, but to join Oriflame, you have to buy products worth at least 299 ₹, which you can also use for yourself for the first time. This will give you an idea of ​​the quality of the product of Oriflame. Apart from this, you can also get big plans directly, in which you can buy products of higher price.

Conclusions: –

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