How to get Call details in 2020:

Here we will learn how to get call details of your no. We will tell you the call details of India’s top three telecom companies Reliane Jio, Airtel and Vodafone.


And here you will be told the legal method, so that you can easily remove the call details of both your prepaid and postpaid SIMs. You will be able to receive incoming, outgoing calls as well as SMS history.

You must have seen that the policeman does the call details and mobile track of anyone’s number when needed. For this, they take the help of  SIM provider company. But you know how you can remove the details of your call history from home.


1.How to get  Call Details in  2020 The Easiest Way.

2. Why do we need Phone Number Call Details?

3. Any other  call details.

4.How to get Jio Call Details.

5. How to get Airtel Call Details.

6. How to get Vodafone Call Details.

Why do we need Phone Number Call Details?

Many times there are some such numbers in our call logs which we need but we have not saved it. If for some reason our phone switches off ie, or if we reset the phone or we remove the SIM, then our phone call history gets deleted.

But all these details are with your SIM provider and some providers also share this details with you. And if you have any other problem then you have to complain to the police.

The process of getting call detail  is called CDR i.e. Call Detail Record. This is your bank statement. Just like there are, where you get complete information about your call history, SMS, data usage, current bill.

Earlier, one had to contact the telecom operator to know the call history. But ever since mobile recharge, connection online, we have got this feature.

 Call details of another:

Here we have many ways to get call details of mobile such as; Through website, contacting customer care, through USSD code.

Previously, after registering their mobile number on the official website of the mobile operator in India, we could get call history from there, but in recent times many telecom providers have stopped this service.

So let’s know how you will be able to get Vodafone, Airtel and Jio call detail.

How to get Jio Call Details:

If you run Jio SIM, you are a Jio user, then all the details of your number will be found on MyJio App, from here you can also see the details of the phone call and can also download its PDF easily.

Step 1- Install My Jio App

Step 2- If you are not logged in with the jio number in the app, then log it in with your jio no.

Step 3- Now in this application, the search box will be visible at the top of the home page and it will be written in my jio search, then you have to type in my search by clicking in the search box (see picture below)


As soon as searching my statement, the page to open the statement will open in front of you. (See picture below).


Now here you can remove a statement of 30 days at a time and then you can remove a statement of up to 180 days in 6 times.

To extract the statement, first of all you will select the date above, that is, you need a statement of call details, data details and sms from how much date to how much date.

After flirting the date above, for the statement below you will get three options: first view statement, second email statement and third download statement

Selecting this statement means clicking the submit below and you will be able to see the call details statement in the My Jio app itself.

And if you tick the email statement and click on submit below, then a small popup will open in front of you and you will be asked to enter the email.

 Enter the email on which you want the statement of call details and click on the submit below, and then the PDF file of the statement will be sent to your same email.

Then you will be able to open that email and download the PDF file attachment of the call details statement and see the complete details.

If you tick the download statement and click on submit below, then the statement of call details will be saved in your phone or computer as a PDF file.

And then you can share it anywhere or get a print out of it, this PDF will contain complete information about your call details.

So by doing this, we can get the call details of the jio number through my jio app. Now we will learn to get the call details of Airtel in the next part of the call details kaise nikale.

How to get Airtel Call Details:

Some time ago Airtel used to support CDR facility, you could register your number from official websites of Airtel and get call details, sms details etc. from there. But now for some time the company has stopped this service.

Call via SMS For the text, send the text message as per the format given below.

EPREBILL <space> Month <space> Email Id & Send to 121

First 3 letters have to be entered in the month, like (APRIL- APR, JANUARY- JAN)


Send the SMS to 121 (Charges Free, May charge for incoming calls)

After sending the message, a PDF of the statement will come on your email which will be password-protected and you will get its password through a text message.

How to get Vodafone Call Details:

Vodafone has also stopped the CDR (Call Details Record) service for a few months. Earlier, you used to register call number on Vodafone’s website and remove the call history, but now this is no longer possible.

If you want, after login in the Vodafone app, you will be able to see only 5 days of call details, SMS and data usage from there. Right now I am going to tell you a paid method by which you will be able to contact customer care and remove the call details.

You have to send a message from your Vodafone number

BILL <space> Month & Send to 144

First 3 letters have to be inserted in the month, like (APRIL- APR, JANUARY- JAN)


Send the SMS to 144 (Charges 50 Rs)

Shortly after sending the message, you will get a call from Customer care. Firvo will ask you some questions and you will have to give a valid answer to the question because you need call details and you want to give details of incoming or outgoing calls only then you will get those details.

Warning: Never try to know the call details from the Play Store through the third party app. First, they will not provide you the right data, secondly it can also result in loss of your privacy.

When you install any third party application, it asks for your administrator access and then you allow it, it will fetch the details of your call log and show you the result. So if you have deleted a number, in such a situation it cannot give you its details.


So this is the full tutorial of how to get call details.

Hope you have understood  how to get  call details, if you still have any question or suggestion then please comment below. Thank you regards Ritik.Plz share it with your friends.

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