Friends, today we are going to give you complete information about Nanu Calling App and together we will also tell you how to download Nanu Free Call App Apk.  Because it is not available on the Play Store, but you can easily use this app by downloading it easily as we have explained.

 If you do not have enough balance to do the calling and do not have internet facility and you want to make free calling from your friends, family or other member, anywhere or anywhere, with the help of this Nanu App  Along with India, you can do Local, STD, Landline Call absolutely free worldwide.

 The special thing is that through this app, whoever you are calling, even if there is no app in their phone, you will still be able to make free calling from that person.  But you have to keep in mind that the person’s phone must have 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, EDGE or Wifi facility.  So let’s know how to download Nanu Free Calling App.

 Nanu Free Call App Apk Download-

  • What is  Nanu Call App.

  • Nanu Free Call Apk Download.

  • How to Create Nanu Free Calling App Account.

  •  How to use  Nanu Free Calling App?

  •  Conclusion.



 Friends first of all know what is Nanu Call App.  Nanu App is a free calling app through which you can do any type of Calling Free anywhere and anytime around the world.  Also you can do both Free Calling Without Internet and Unlimited Free Calling With Internet with the help of this app.

 Every user is given free credit every day in the Nanu app to make free calling and in this app you get a lot of simple tasks.  Those you are given credits on completion.  With 50 credits, you can do free calling from anywhere around the world for 25 minutes.

 If you are doing on someone whose phone does not have internet facility, then this credit is going to be very useful for you and you will be able to take advantage of Unlimited Nanu to Nanu Calling, Messaging etc. through this app.

 Nanu Free Call  Apk Download:

  •  To download Nanu App Apk, you have to click on Click Here

  • After clicking, a page will open in front of you.  In which information, features and usage information of Nanu Free Call App has been given. 

  • After this, you will see a download button. From where you can download and install Free Nanu App Apk. 

  • This Nanu Free Call App Apk is completely Latest Version, Bug Fixed Apk and Secure.  So you don’t need to worry. 

  • Free Nanu Calling Apk is a very simple and user interface app.  Which everyone can use very easil.

So this is How to download Nanu free calling app.It is very simple a and easy to download Nanu free calling app.

 How to Create Nanu Free Calling App Account:

 Creating an account in this app is very easy.  First of all, you have to open the Nanu app and sign in with your Mobile Number.  After this, submit it on OTP arrival.  In this way you can create Nanu Free Calling App Account very easily.

 How to use Nanu Free Calling App?

 Friends, this app is very easy to use.  If you need to call someone anywhere and anytime, first of all open this app and click on the button of the dial pad and dial the country code by selecting the country code or entering the number in which country you want to make the call.

 If you are calling a person whose phone does not have this app.  So in this case you have to have credit.  But if there is a Nanu App near the front, then you can do Unlimited Nanu to Nanu Free Calling.  In this way you can easily call anyone. 


 So friends, I hope you find this topic of our day Nanu Call App Kya Hai |  Nanu Free Call App Apk Download 2020 would have liked.

 In which we told you how you can download Nanu Free Calling Apk.  At the same time, we have also given you information about this Nanu App is an app through which Nanu to Nanu Unlimited Calling and Free Calling Without Internet can do anywhere and anytime around the world.

 The special feature of this app is that even if there is no Nanu app in the front phone, you can still interact with the Nanu App by calling the member free.  If you like this information, then please do share this topic with our friends.  So that they too can get to know about this great app and also know how we can do Free Calling Without Internet & Balance Free Calling.

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