PS5 vs Xbox Series X / S: which next generation console is the best buy?


PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S:

There is a month left before the launch of the new generation consoles and this time we do not have just a video game from Microsoft and one from Sony to choose from, which can make buying more confusing for you.  But calm down, TudoCelular will detail the differences between the two versions of the PlayStation 5 and also what changes between the Xbox Series S and Series X so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S:

 This is not comparative, after all we have not yet tested the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft.  We will address what each has to offer, hardware differences, which games are exclusive to each platform, the features and services of each company, as well as the price of each one practiced here in Brazil.


  •  Design

  • Hardware

  • Games

  • Services

  • Control

  • Prices.


PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S:

 PlayStation 5:

 PS5 Digital Edition (left) and traditional PS5 (right)

 Discussing console design can seem like a waste of time.  After all, each consumer will have their favorite.  Let’s focus on what’s really important: dimensions.  The most compact of the four models is the Xbox Series S, it is the smallest console made by Microsoft and will fit even in the tightest racks.  It is about the same height as the Series X, but is almost a third as wide, and weighs less than half.

 The PS5 is the largest of the four, being the largest console made by Sony.  He is almost 40cm tall and is also the heaviest of the new generation.  The digital version is slightly narrower and weighs half a kg less due to the absence of a Blu-ray player.

 Xbox Series:

 Xbox Series S (left) and Xbox Series X (right)

 And then the question arises: buy the digital only version or with a disc player?  If you have a PS4 and intend to continue playing your game collection on physical media, then you will have to invest in the more expensive PS5.  The same is true with Microsoft consoles.  The Series S has no input for Blu-ray discs, being limited to running digital games only.  If you want to have games on physical media, then you have to invest in the Xbox Series X.


 There is a reason the Xbox Series S is the most compact: it is the weakest of the new generation.  Microsoft claims the Series S is 4 times more powerful than Xbox One S, but still has only a third of the graphics power of the Series X and less than half the power of the PlayStation 5.

 In the case of Sony consoles the only difference is the Blu-ray drive.  Both have exactly the same hardware and firepower, which makes choosing much easier.  All four consoles share AMD’s most current hardware that included an eight-core Zen 2 processor and a second-generation RDNA Navi graphics chip, the same that arrives this year for PCs.

 PlayStation 5 Digital Edition vs Xbox Series S:

 The S Series has less memory than the others, as well as a smaller SSD.  According to Microsoft, it is a machine aimed at those looking to play in Full HD or even Quad HD.  The Series X and PS5 already target the audience that seeks to play in 4K.

 That is, if you are a casual gamer who will only play one or two games at a time, the Series S with its 500 GB of storage will be perfect.  Now if you are a more hardcore gamer that will play everything that is released, even the Series TB 1 TB SSD will be little.  Luckily, Microsoft launched an external storage unit that looks like a thumb drive and has the same speed as the internal SSD.  But be aware that the price is quite steep.

 PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X:

 And the PS5?  Sony chose an unusual amount of memory: 825 GB.  When you discount the operating system and the apps and games demos that come installed, you will have just over 600 GB free.  Think little?  Well, Sony will also allow you to expand storage, and also expect a hefty price tag.

 But there is a difference here: the SSD adopted by Sony has twice the speed of the drive chosen by Microsoft.  This means that games will load faster on PS5.  Sony is so confident that it claims that its exclusives will not have a loading screen.  We’ll see that when we test the PS5 soon.


 Speaking of exclusive games, which company arrives offering the best lineup?  Sony confirmed God of War and a new Horizon for 2021. Furthermore, already at the launch of the console we have a new chapter in the Marvel’s Spider-Man saga and a remake of the acclaimed Demon’s Souls that was very successful on PlayStation 3.

 We cannot fail to mention Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Gran Turismo 7, Returnal and Destruction AllStars for the coming months.  Sony will also come up with some temporary exclusives like Godfall, Final Fantasy 16 and Deathloop.

 Games from each platform:

 And the Xbox?  As we already know, Microsoft is not much of attaching games to your console and everything will be released for PC.  We will have Halo Infinite in 2021, Everwild, Hellblade II, Fable, a new Forza Motorsport, State of Decay 3 and others.

 Which list of games sounded most appealing to you?  Sony has big names and the fact that many of them will never win a PC version will make the purchase of the PS5 mandatory, unlike the Xbox.

 However, Microsoft has the advantage of offering broader backwards compatibility.  With the Series S and X you will be able to run games of all generations, while the PS5 only brings backwards compatibility with the PS4.


 Sony and Microsoft have two similar subscription services.  On the Japanese console, you can subscribe to PlayStation Plus to play online, save your games to the cloud and receive at least two free games every month.  In addition, you will also have access to 18 games that were quite successful on PS4, including God of War, Infamous and Uncharted to play on your newly purchased PS5 via backwards compatibility.

 Microsoft has Xbox Live Gold which is very similar to PS Plus.  You pay a monthly or annual subscription to play online and get some benefits, plus free games monthly.

 All games included in the PlayStation Plus Collection:

  •  God of War.

  • Last of Us Remastered.

  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

  • InFamous: Second Son.

  • The Last Guardian.

  • Ratchet & Clank.

  • Persona 5.

  • Detroit: Become Human.

  • Bloodborne.

  • Until Dawn.

  • Batman: Arkham Knight.

  • Fallout 4.

  • Battlefield 1.

  • Days Gone.

  • Monster Hunter World.

  • Final Fantasy XV.

  • Mortal Kombat X.


 Other subscription services offered are PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass, which are also similar.  On PlayStation you pay monthly to access more than 800 games to play whenever you want.  There are PS2, PS3 and PS4 titles.  Those from previous generations only work by streaming, while PS4 games can be downloaded and played directly on the console.  Unfortunately, the service is not available in Brazil, but it is possible to subscribe using another country’s account to access more than 100 PS4 games.

 The Xbox Game Pass follows the same principle and has a similar version for Windows on the PC, but all games, including those of older generations, run directly on the Xbox and not by streaming as on the PlayStation.  There are currently almost 400 games available.  The Microsoft service has the advantage of being available in Brazil and will now also include the subscription to EA Play, which will further fatten the list of games.


 Which one has the best control?  DualShock became DualSense.  What changes?  Sony added haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to make you feel the weight of each weapon, the grip of the tires on the track and the difference in textures in the games.  The company says its control delivers an experience never seen before.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S:

 Control grew and became heavier.  Now it has measures similar to those of Microsoft, but it still remains at an advantage by offering a rechargeable battery while the Xbox controller still uses batteries or the purchase of a battery sold separately.  And compared to the Xbox One controller, little has changed: just the D-pad and the addition of a share button.  The experience would be the same as before.  So Xbox gamers will not have drastic news here.


 As seen, each company has its assets to win the consumer.  But let’s go to what matters most to many: the price.  If you’re looking for the cheapest, then choose the Xbox Series S that hits the national market for R $ 200.  It is perfect for casual gamers who don’t care about 4K resolution.  It has all the Microsoft services we have listed and will run all games that are released for the Xbox Series X.

 Going up to $ 270 we have the digital version of PlayStation 5. You will pay 50% more and you will have 150% more graphics power and much faster SSD, besides several games that will not come out for PC.  It sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

 Now, if you want to have a Blu-ray player, then you will have to pay R $ 500 more for the full version of the PS5, which costs the same R $ 5,000 for the Xbox Series X. Here the situation is complicated because the Microsoft console  it is 20% more powerful, despite having a slower SSD.  Sony must use faster memory and its exclusives as marketing to win over audiences.

 Is it worth paying the same for a weaker console?  If you don’t like the Sony exclusives, then the Xbox Series X is more business, especially because it has hundreds of Xbox Game Pass games, while the PlayStation Now is not available in Brazil and Sony has already revealed that the games  PS5 will be even more expensive than PS4, which makes the cost-benefit less attractive.

 Of course, we will test both to see which is better in practice and whether the PS5’s faster SSD outweighs the inferior hardware.  In the meantime, which one did you find most interesting?  Comment below.

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