If all of you have started blogging recently, then those people will have very little information about Best Blogging Tools.  We need a lot of tools to make our blogged work easier and simpler.


 Of which, today I will tell you about the 10 best Blogging Tools that you guys can use for absolutely free and in this I have also told about some Paid Tools.

 And these tools are also used by all Pro Bloggers.  Using these tools greatly benefits the ranking of our blog.


  •  1 Tools

  • 2 Top 10 Best Blogging Tools used in Blogging: – 

  •       2.1 Keywords Research Tools: –  

  •       2.2 Canva: – 

  •       2.3 Grammarly: –  

  •       2.4 Similarweb: –

  •       2.5 Seoquake: – 

  •       2.6 Alexa Traffic Rank: –

  •       2.7 WMS Everywhere: – 

  •       2.8 Google  Docs: –

  •      2.9 Quora: –

  •      2.10 Blog Topic Generator: –

  • 3 Conclusion: –

 Tools used in blogging:

 If you too have recently started a new blog, then you will definitely need these tools.  Now, even if your blog is on Google’s Blogger or you have created your website or blog on WordPress.

 You will definitely need these tools in both ways, and I use these tools myself, so I am telling you all about the Best Blogging Tools.

 Top 10 Best Blogging Tools: –

  •  Keywords Research Tools.

  • Canva Grammarly.

  • Similarweb.

  • Seoquake.

  • ExtensionAlexa.

  •  Toolbar Extension.

  • WMS Everywhere.

  • Google Docs.

  • Quora.

  • Blog Topic Generator.

 This is what they can use for their blog with the help of 10 Tools For Blogging.  Let us now know which of these tools works.

1. Keywords Research Tools: –

 Do you know that how to do Keywords Research?  I often get messages from many people that my brother is not getting traffic on my blog, what should I do?  And some people also get post rank but still their traffic does not come on their blog.

 This happens because they have used such keywords in their blogs, which no one searches for.

 We should always use only those keywords in our post on which competition is very useful and its search volume is good.  So to find out all these things we need a Keyword Research Tool.

 Tools is the best in these cases: –

  •  Ahrefs

  • Semrush

 Although both of these are Paid Tools, in Semrush you can do 10 Searches for free every day, but this is not the case with Ahrefs.

 With the help of these tools, we can check the Search Volume and Competition of any Keyword.  And if some other website has to check which website is ranking on which keywords, we can do it very easily with the help of these tools.

 Canva: –

 When we write an article for our blog, it is very important to add some images to it, so that the user reads our article for more time.

 Some people make those images with Photoshop, but for that you should also use Photoshop.  With the help of this canva tool, we can create free HD images.

 Suppose we have to prepare a Featured Image for our blog post, then we can make it very easily with the help of this Canva Tool.

 If you also want to use Canva, then you can prepare great images right now by visiting this website https://www.Canva.Com/.

 Grammarly: –

 Whenever we write a post, no matter how big the Expert, there are mistakes while writing the post.  So we know about those mistakes with the help of this tool.

 And we do not need to read our written posts again and again.  It would also happen to you that instead of what you are typing, another word gets written or else whatever you want to write, you have spelled that word wrongly,

 So with the help of this tool, we are saved from all these troubles.  If you also want to use this tool.

 So search in Google Chrome Browser on your computer or laptop, Chrome Web Store and after searching grammarly there, you can download this Chrome Extension.

 Or you can download it by clicking on this link Download Grammarly.

 Note: – This extension is only for those who blog in English or who have to write more in English.

 Similarweb: –

 Similarweb is also a Chrome Extension, with the help of this, you can see your competitor or any other website, how much traffic comes on it.

 And Bounce Rate, Session Duration and Country Rank can also be found on that website.  This extension is absolutely free.

 You can also download it from the Chrome Web Store.

 Seoquake: –

 It can help us when we want to see our Ranked Post how many numbers it is ranking, then we use this Chrome Extension.

 When searching any keyword on Google, we saw a number in front of all the results that would come there, so that it would be known how many numbers the post is ranking in Google.

 And at the same time, we also know what the age of the website is on that keyword.  If a new website is ranking on that keyword then our website can also be ranked.

 Alexa Traffic Rank: –

 When we have to check Alexa Rank for our website or someone else’s website, then for that we have to turn on Alexa Ranked website, and such time also takes time.

 When you use this extension, you do not need to go to the Alexa website, just open the website of your website in your Browser.

 And on the top you will get Icon Show of Alexa Traffic Rank Extension, just click on it and immediately you will get to see Alexa Rank of that website.

 Along with Alexa Rank, we can do more things in it, such as we can check 3 related websites of our website and keywords of those websites can also be removed.

 That website is ranking on which keywords, if we also want, by making an article on those topics, you can get traffic on your blog by ranking your article.

 WMS Everywhere: –

 You must have heard the name of Keywords Everywhere, with the help of an extension, the search volume of any Keyword can be checked, but now to use this tool You have to spend money.

 But you will not have to do this, this option is an alternative to Keywords Everywhere, this tool works exactly the same and we can also use it for free.

 This is the best tool to do Keyword Research in Free.

 Google Docs: –

 This tool is going to be the best by writing our posts.  If you want to write any post, then you first write that post in Google Docs and then paste it using Post Editor.

 By doing this, you have a backup of your content and we can use it in both our mobile and computer.

 Quora: –

 Quora is a platform where we can ask any question and if we know the answer to any question asked on Quora, then along with answering it, we can also put a link to our blog.

 Which brings traffic to our website from there and we also get a high-quality Backlink.

 And along with this, we also get lots of topics from our Blog and YouTube Channel from here.  Here, whoever asks the questions, we can create a content on the same topic and after writing our answers to that, we can also put a link, answering Quora also creates authority.

 Blog Topic Generator: –

 Many times it happens that we do not have any topic to write posts on our blog, then in such a situation this tool helps us a lot.

 This tool works in such a way that any topic is going on in our mind, write it on this website and then we are told here the Topic for 5 Blogposts in Free.

 The title on which we can prepare a good post, if we want more than 5 titles, we will have to spend money.

 So in this way you can take advantage of this tool.

 Conclusions: –

 So I have told you about the Best Blogging Tools and by using these 10 tools, you can prepare very content for your blog.  There are many Pro Bloggers who use these tools themselves to prepare their posts.

 Hopefully you guys must have liked this post of our Best Blogging Tools, then you must share this post with your friends.

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