Hello friends, today we will tell you that What is Backlink and How to create Backlinks.  If you are a blogger, or have started blogging then you must have heard this word.  You would know that with the help of SEO, we can rank our blog quickly, but the most important and important thing in SEO is Backlink.


 So that you can make it famous and rank quickly by creating a backlink for your blog.  But many people do not know that What is Backlink  and How to create rightly Backlink.  So today we are going to explain the answers to all your questions in a very good way.  So that you know all the things related to it.

 Backlink plays a very big role in Blogging Field.  Without backlink it is going to take a lot of time for your blog to be ranked.  Because in today’s time blogging has increased a lot of competition.  That is why the role of backlink has increased a lot.  So let’s know that Backlink Kya Hota Hai and Kaise Banaye Jaate Hai.


 Friends, in easy language, Backlink is a type of link that your website gets from another website.  Looking in depth, linking one web page link with another web page link is called Backlink.  Backlink plays a very big role in SEO of your blog.

 Now we tell you why Backlink is so important, suppose that there is a very good authority website.  On which Google has full faith and on which a large number of traffic comes, now imagine that the link of your blog is given in an article of this Authority Website, then through the traffic link coming to the Authority Website  Will also come to your blog.

 So that traffic will come to your blog or website through backlinks and the trust and ranking of your blog will start getting better in Google.  Also you will get backlink from very good website, so that DA and PA of your blog will increase.  Friends, you must now understand that Backlink Kya Hai and how important it is for everyone’s blog.

 Types of Backlinks:


 Now we tell you what are the types of backlinks and what are the functions of all these types of backlinks.  So let’s know.


 Friends Backlinks are of two types.  Such as a DoFollow Backlink and another NoFollow Backlink.  These two have different roles.  Both work differently on your blog.  So let’s know about these two backlinks.

 1. DoFollow Backlink

 Friends, the way to go from one blog to another is done by a link.  Which we call Backlink.  Through which traffic comes on our blog.  Now we all know this.  But such backlink is also called Dofollow Backlink.

 Dofollow Backlink Boosts your blog in Google very quickly.  In a way, we can also call it Link Juice.  Ranking and SEO of your blog increases drastically.  So you have to try and make Dofollow Backlink mostly for your blog.

 2. NoFollow Backlink:

 Friends NoFollow Backlink does exactly the opposite.  On getting Nofollow Backlink, there is no difference on your blog nor does the ranking of your blog increase.  But it also has some advantages.  If you get Nofollow Backlink from a very big and good site, then it makes your blog’s Backlinks Natural.

 Because if you have created all the Backlink Dofollow for your blog, then Google will feel that you are making this intentionally on your own and can also Penalize your blog or website.  You must take care of this matter.



 Now we will tell you how to create backlink  for your blog.  Which is a very important information.  You have to consider it carefully, we have told you in a very easy way.

 Friends, now we are going to tell you many ways with which you will create a backlink for your blog.  You have to follow this every way.  You can also rank your blog.  So let’s know that we backlink Kaise Banaye.

 1. Social Bookmarking

 Friends Social Bookmarking is a very good way to get backlink for your blog, as well as you can also bring traffic to your blog through it.  It is known by the name Social Bookmarking that you have to build up the profile of your blog and share the post URL of your blog.

 There are many Social Bookmarking Platforms, where you can add your Blog URL and Post URL.  So that you will also get a high backlink and traffic will also come with the help of the post URL shared on your blog.  Because the traffic of the Social Bookmarking Website is very high, it increases the chances that traffic will come from there on your blog.

 2. Classified Submission

 This method is also very good for creating backlink for your blog.  We tell you in easy language what is Classified ads Submission.  In Friends Classified ads Submission, you promote Link of any Product, Blog, Post, we call it Classified Ads Submission.

 Friends, through this you promote your blog, so that you get a high quality backlink.  Also, Traffic also comes on the link given by you.

 3. Guest Posting

 Guest Posting is a very good and very strong way to take backlinks.  In this, you have to apply for Guest Posting by going to your popular blog or website related to Niche and how much is a post to Submit.  In which you have to give your blog or post link.

 So that you get a very good and high quality Backlink for your blog.  Also, the traffic coming on the popular blog comes from the link you gave in the guest post, traffic also comes on your blog.  Due to which the ranking of your blog increases rapidly.

 How to Index Backlinks in Google 2020:

 Friends, till now we told you that What is Backlink and How to create Backlink. Now we are going to tell you through video how you can get your Backlink indexed into Google as soon as possible.  Which is very important, due to which you are going to get a very boost for your blog in a short time.

 You know that any backlink we create takes a lot of time to be indexed.  That is why we have to resort to many types of Ping Website to get it indexed as soon as possible.  Which makes all our types of Backlink Indexes.

 Friends, we hope that you will now know that What is Backlink  or How to create Backlink.  We have given you all kinds of information related to it.  Through which you can also make a backlink for your blog and rank it.

 Please do share this information with your friends and family.  So that every person who does Blogging and wants to start Blogging can know that What is Backlink  or How to create BACKLINKS.  Therefore, you should help everyone in the Blogging Field.


 Friends, we hope that you have liked today’s topic What is Backlink or How to create Backlink in 2020.  You can also create a backlink through the method mentioned by us and at the same time index your backlink in all types of Search Console.  You have to understand that backlink is very important for our blog or website.

 Friends, we keep bringing important information related to Blogging, Tech and Earn Money Online on our blog.  With the help of which you can also earn money sitting at home.  Like people are earning.  You should keep your love like this on us.  Thank you once again for reading our topic today.

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