What is KEYWORD and Why  it is important:

 What is keyword, if you have been in Blogging for some time, then you will definitely know about the word keyword, but if you are completely new, then you might not know much about it.

What is KEYWORD and Why  it is important:

 So today we are going to give you complete accurate information about the keyword in this post, as well as tell you how much importance is there in the world of blogging.

 The first thing we all know is that Google’s search engine is the most important role in bringing traffic to our blog, but traffic from Google will come only when we SEO our blog post.

 And keyword is the biggest and first step of our SEO (search engine optimization).  Without complete information about the keyword, we can never do SEO for our blog post and then we will not be able to get traffic from Google. So it is very important to have complete information about the keyword.

 And let me also tell you a very important thing that some selected keywords related to your topic can make you successful in blogging.

 Table of contents-

  •  what is keyword

  •  Why is Keyword Important

  •  What are the types of Keyword

  •  what is keyword density

  •  How to do Keyword Research

  •  Where to place the Keyword


 What is Keyword:


 There are some phrases or sentences that common people use on the internet or google to find the answer to their question. And the same phrase or sentence are keywords for Blogger like us.

 Let me give you an example too – Suppose I want to know about seo, then I went to the search box of google and I typed what is SEO. Now for me, this was a sentence with the help of which I answered my question google  Will be able to take

 But this is a keyword for a person blogging related to SEO topic.

 Why is Keyword Important:

 You know what is keyword and how is it necessary for those of us blogging?  So let’s know this now.

 Like I told you above that Google’s search engine is the biggest source for you to bring traffic to your blog, but for this you have to SEO your blog post and SEO is the first and very important step of keyword.

 Yes, keyword is the first and very important step of SEO. Whenever you write a post on a particular topic and do not use those phrases or sentences on it, people who know about your post topic on Google use.

 So, Google’s robots will never understand which topic you have written above, due to which it will never rank your post in its search engine and then you will not get traffic either.

 Because Google’s robots are a machine, although google always updates them so that we can think like humans but still they search for similar words, phrase or sentence in the post which people used to search in google’s search box.  Are


 Now you must have understood that to get your own post ranking in google, it is very important to use some phrase or keywords in the post that people search on Google so that you can understand the robots of google related to your post topic.

 But to know which type of keywords you can use to bring your blog post to the top ranking of google, you should know what are the types of keywords, so now let us know.

 What are the types of Keyword:

 Well, there are only two types of keywords, but according to SEO, if we see, there are three types of it –

  •  Short tail keyword.

  •  Long tail keyword.

  •  LSI Keyword.

 Short tail keyword-

 In this way, keywords are just one word.  Like – SEO now however searches on this keyword for a blogger will be very mean that most people use this short tail word.  But competition is also enough on this word.

 Therefore, any new bloggers should not always write a post targeting the short tail keyword.

 Long tail keyword:

 The sentence that is formed by mixing 2 to 3 or more words is called Long Tail keyword.  Like – how to earn money online, how to earn money sitting at home etc.

 As a blogger you should always select long tail keyword because it gets less competition than short tail keyword.

 And another advantage is that you can also target short tail keyword on long tail keyword like – your keyword is what is seo in hindi, so in this you see that seo in hindi is also a keyword in itself.

 Meaning that when people search what is seo in hindi, even then your post will be ranked, then you will get traffic and if someone searches seo in hindi, then in that too you will get traffic when your post is ranked while the post will be same

 LSI Keyword

 The full name of LSI is Latent semantic indexing.  These are basically words that are similar to your main keyword.  In addition to your keywords, Google robots find the words associated with it and people who search in google in your post, after which it becomes easier for them to find out about your post.

 Therefore, you must also use such LSI keywords along with your keyword in your post.  For example, suppose the main keyword of your post is – what is SEO, then google robots search for related words like SEO in hindi, what is seo and what is seo in hindi etc.

 what is keyword density:

 You must have heard this word a lot, but is it real?

 How many times you have used your main keyword in your entire post is called keyword density.  Suppose you wrote a post of 2000 words, what is SEO, on top of this keyword, now how many times you have added what SEO is in the entire post, it will be its keyword density.

 One thing you always have to keep in mind is that you do not have to do keyword stuffing at all in the post, that means do not deliberately use your main keyword too many times, only you have to use only 2% of the maximum length of your entire post.  

 Otherwise google robots will not rank due to keyword stuffing in your post.

 How to do Keyword Research:

 So far, you have learned in our post that what is the keyword and why it is necessary as well as how many types are there, now the question in your mind will also be that how to research the keyword?

 Friends, there is a process of researching keywords that you have to follow –

 Step 1 – keyword ideas

 First of all, you have to know that what people related to my topic are searching on Google, for this you just have to go to the search box of google and type your topic like- SEO, then without pressing enter you will see google itself  Is giving some suggestions.

 Now you have to choose the long tail suggestion from these suggestions.  In this way, you have to take about 10 suggestions, save it in a sheet somewhere.  Apart from this, you can also take suggestions of this way from quora.

 Step 2 – Keyword search volume and competition

 Now you will need the help of some tools which will tell you the search volume for those keywords which you have listed above, which will tell you how many people search this keyword in a month.

 Now these keyword research tools are some which are paid which tell you are accurate but are expensive which new bloggers cannot take, so here I will tell you about some free tools –

 Google Keyword Planner – It is google itself and its data is quite accurate but one of its issues is that it does not tell you exactly the exact number, like – 1000 people search it does not tell it but 1k – 10k tells it.  With this, you do not know the correct idea.

 ubersuggest – This is also a free keyword research tool which belongs to the famous online marketing expert Neil patel ji.  If you have just started blogging, then you can do keyword research from here, in this you also get to know how much competition is there in this keyword.

 keyword everywhere – This is the best tool for keyword research, which I personally recommend to you.  Although it has now been paid but is very cheap rate,

 Its data is quite accurate and it is a chrome extension meaning that once enabled, it tells you the search volume of any keyword on google’s search page.  So quite a right tool.

 Now I have told you the tools to find the search volume, now how much competition is there on these keywords, that means how many people have already written posts on this keyword on google, to know that you are using the moz tool.  You can also have this chrome extension and it is free.

 Where to place the Keyword:

 Now you have decided the keyword and started writing posts on it, but the question is where in the post – where do I have to use this keyword so that my post will rank in google.

  •  In post title.

  •  In the Url of the post.

  •  Posted in meta description.

  •  In the first and last paragraph of the post.

  •  In post H2, h3 heading.


 I sincerely hope that after reading this post my friends, you have got information about what keyword is and with it a lot of keywords.

 If you have any suggestion or question about this post or our blog, then you can tell us by commenting.

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