Do you want to know How to earn money from Telegram  because today millions of people are earning millions of rupees from this app, but before earning money from this application, first of all you need to know that What is Telegram.


 1. What is Telegram

 2.How to earn money from Telegram.

 3. Is our data on Telegram safe?

 4. Where is the Telegram company from?

 5.How to make a new account on  Telegram.

 6.How to earn money from Telegram?

 7. How to increase subscribers on Telegram Channel?

 8. How to make money with Telegram.

9 . Conclusion

 What is Telegram:

 Telegram is a social platform like you use WhatsApp or use the Elements app, similarly you can use Telegram as well.

 Almost all the features of Whatsapp and Elements app are available in Telegram, you can also chat with each other, make groups, share videos, audio and files.


 There is a limit to creating a group on WhatsApp, you cannot add more people to your group, but on Telegram you can add millions to your Telegram channel, there is no limit here.

How to earn money from Telegram :

 When you create a channel on Telegram and start sharing it among the people, then the number of subscribers on your channel gradually increases but no one else can send messages on that channel, only you can message there  Huh.

 This is just like you have a channel on YouTube and your subscribers can only watch your video, like it can comment, but can not add the video, you have the right to put the video.

 If you want your subscribers to share their message with you, then you can create a group by linking to the same channel and everyone will be able to share the message with you in that group.

 Whoever will be associated with your channel will also be added to your group through the same channel, then all the members of that group will be able to share their message with you in that group.

 Now we will know that Telegram Par Naya Account Kaise Banaye because we learned about Telegram and also talked about Telegram’s group and channel.

 Now we will learn to create our account and then we will know that Telegram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, so let’s learn to create a new account on our telegram.

  Is our data on Telegram safe?

 There are many applications that save our data on their servers and in such a way our data is not protected but it is not so on Telegram, they do not save our data on their servers.

 Recently, you may have seen about WhatsApp on the news channel, chats done on WhatsApp have gone viral many times but with this kind of news telegram you may have never heard.

 With whom you chat on the Telegram app, your data is limited to them, the third party is unable to reach them, ie the message you send to the person in front of you and no third person can see the message other than you.

 Where is  Telegram Company From ?

 Which country is Telegram?  Telegram was launched in 2013 and the two Russian brothers who manufacture it are brothers Nikolai and Pavel. Later it was shifted to German due to certain regulations.

How to make new account on  Telegram :

 Telegram App is available on Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, etc. All of these, so if you have an Android phone, then you first download Telegram from Play Store.

 After downloading the telegram, when you open it, the screen of your mobile will appear in front of you as shown in the picture below and here you will click above the start messaging below.

 After clicking on start messaging, the screen of your mobile will be changed and here you will be asked for your mobile number. After entering your mobile number here, you will click on the next below.

 Next click on Next, you will be asked to enter the OTP on the same mobile number, the way you put the OTP in it, it will verify your mobile number.

 After the mobile number is verified, you will enter your name here and then it will take some permissions from you and then this app will open like WhatsApp. 

 Now here you will click above the triple dash in the top left site as shown by the arrow sign in the picture above. As soon as you click, some options will come out from the left side, of which you have to click above the new channel.

 Clicking on the new channel, you will be asked to enter the channel name and channel description, then you will put your channel name here and write some lines about your channel in the description.

 You can name your website in the name of your channel or you can also name it if you have a YouTube channel or you can name your channel as something that you want to do business on Telegram.

 After entering the name and description, you have to click on the check mark in the top right side and then you will come to another page, now here you will create a custom link for your channel.

 In the custom link, you can name your same channel, through this link, people will come to your channel, you will be able to gather subscribers by sharing this link anywhere on social media platforms or on your YouTube channel or website.

 Custom link or permalink will already be written t.me/ and next you have to type the name of your custom link.

 When you type the permalink and that name has already been kept as a permalink of your telegram channel, then sorry this name is already taken down, that is, Telegram is telling you that this name is given by your channel.  You have made another try.

 Then you will try to make some changes in that name by typing another name and if that name remains available then it will be available by writing in the green word below. 

 When the permalink is available, you will click on the right symbol in the top right side and then Telegram will display all the telegram users in your contact list in front of you.

 Now from this list, you will click on those whom you want to add to your channel and it will be selected, then click on next below and you will come to your channel, that is, your channel is ready.


How to earn money from telegram:

 Up to now, we have also created an account on our telegram and created a channel, now we need to increase the subscribers on our channel because we will not be able to earn from it when there are no subscribers on our channel.

 So now we are telling you some tips before this Telegram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, through which you will be able to increase subscribers on your Telegram channel fast.

 How to increase Subscribers on Telegram Channel:

 To increase subscribers on Telegram channel, first of all, you will open this channel, then click above the name above and then you will have to share it on WhatsApp, Facebook or other social media platforms by clicking above your Telegram channel Parma link.

 After this, by copying the link of your channel, you can also give in the description of your website or YouTube channel video.

 If you have a YouTube channel, you can make a video related to Telegram. You can give a link to your channel in the description of the same video by telling people in your video to create a Telegram account or information related to creating a channel.

 And then you can request your YouTube subscribers to subscribe to it by visiting your Telegram channel.

 If you have created a blog or website, then you can also write an article on it above the telegram and in that you can also promote your telegram channel.

 Apart from this, you can also request people to subscribe by sharing your channel in your Facebook page or group.

 If you want to spend some money, then you can also put your channel paid for promotion, you can get an ad to run on a platform by spending some money for it, this will increase your subscribers faster.

 In the beginning, you add quality content to your channel, add things that are rarely seen on other platforms and then share it, then people will connect with your channel because they are getting something new.

 Now till now we have created an account by creating an account on Telegram and the subscribers have also been in thousands, now we will know that Telegram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye and for this we will tell you the way through which people are earning millions of rupees from Telegram today.

 How to make money with Telegram:

 Link shortener-

 Link Shorter is some such website where you create your account and then share any kind of link on this site i.e. shorten it and people click on that link and go to that site, then you will earn it.  is.

 Now we understand this in a slightly simpler language. For example you wrote a blog post and want to share that post somewhere so that visitors come to your site.

 Now before going to share this link anywhere, you will go to the link charter website and sort it and then share it, then it will happen that whoever clicks on it will not go directly to your site.

 That user will first go to that link chatter site and then click on the gate link from there and then go to your site, in such a way, that link chatter site also gets traffic, in exchange of that they give you money.

 If you are going to share the link of a web series or Hollywood movie or Bollywood movie in your Telegram Channel to your subscribers, then first you must sort the link on the LinkShotter site.

 Because almost everyone likes to watch movies and you will share the link of that movie, then a large number of clicks will come, people will go to the link charter site, then from there to the movie site and this will give you a lot of income.

 Share link of Earning App in Telegram Channel-

 There are many earning apps available in the market, which we get some money on using, but most of the money is received by referring it to our friends.

 That is, in that application, you will create your referral link, then share it in your Telegram channel, according to all the people who will be connected to that application through that link, the person with that application will give you money because people used his application because of you.  is introduced.

 If you wish, you can also share your referral link by linking it to the linkshatter site, then it will benefit you from both sides.

 Share Affiliate Link in Telegram Channel

 You must have heard about the Affiliate Program, when you join the affiliate program of any site and share their products and sell them, then you get commission behind every product.

 Amazon Flipkart or some hosting companies that have started their affiliate program, first of all you have to go to these sites and create your affiliate account.

 And when the approval of your affiliate account is received, then you can share their product in your Telegram Channel in front of your subscribers.


 When any Android app comes new in the market, the developer of that app tells the big telegram channel owner to promote it in the market to promote its downloading, promote one of them and get a lot of money in return.  is.

 You can earn money in two ways in this way, first, by sharing their app in front of your Telegram subscriber, you can tell about it that it is unique in this app, download it.

 Secondly, you can create an account in that app and share its referral link, then according to the amount of downloading done through that link, you get a commission according to the app.

 When your Telegram Channel becomes large, thousands or millions will be subscribed, then these companies will contact you on their own, you do not have to go to find anyone.


 When thousands of subscribers are made in your Telegram channel, then many youtubers or bloggers will also contact you to promote your channel or block.

 If you promote people’s YouTube channel or blog website in your Telegram channel, then you get a lot of money in return.

 You must have seen many big telegram channels with pinned messages above, then that message is only for promotion, in which money is taken according to the day.

 If someone with a big telegram channel pinned the link of your YouTube channel or blog website to his channel, then he will take money from you according to how much he will keep pinned for the day.

 Sell ​​Courses and Notes in Telegram Channel-

 If you have more number of students in your Telegram channel, then you can sell courses and notes here, but for this you should also have a lot of information on these topics.

 Earn money by Sell Telegram Channel-

 Nowadays there is a competition to sell telegram channels, if your channel is big then many people will contact you to buy it.

If you want to make and sell Telegram channels, then you have to enlarge your channel, that means you will have to increase the subscriber maximum on this, then you have to go nowhere to sell it.  You will get a lot of money.


 In today’s time, there is so much competition in every field that we have to work very hard to move forward, every work depends on hard work, there is no shortcut.

 After creating your telegram channel, you will have to work on it for months, share good content, so that people will be able to connect with you and increase subscribers of your channel, only then you will be able to earn money from it in any way.

 So we learned in this post how to earn money from  Telegram  and also know what is Telegram, how to create an account and how to create a channel and where is Telegram’s company is.

 If you still have any kind of questions or suggestions related to this post Telegram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, then you must comment below, we will be happy to answer your questions.  Thank you

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