Advantages and Disadvantages of Oriflame MLM Business Plan:

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 In our last post, we introduced you to Oriflame. It included information about how oriflame started, how to make money by investing in Oriflame. This article is more related to oriflame’s business plan, Where in the advantages and disadvantages of Oriflame business plan, what are the advantages of Oriflame network marketing?  Why join Oriflame Business Plan?  Like answers to questions included.


 Disclaimer: – This post is not meant to promote any company or harm any company. Here you are based on internet research and analysis.

  Advantages and disadvantages of Oriflame Business Plan: –

 As you know, there are two aspects to everything, one side is the benefit and the other side is the loss. It is not that you will get benefits everywhere, but you will get a shortage from many.  Understanding the advantages and drawbacks, you have to make your decision. Just like that in our analysis, where you will get both benefits and losses.

 Benefits of Oriflame: –

 World-Class Business Opportunity: –

 Oriflame is a company based in Switzerland, spread across 60 countries, including India. Oriflame’s name is worldwide today, because it is very sensitive to its distributor. The major reason for Oriflame’s success is its distributors and such distributors only  Come, when the company is giving them a good profit. So joining Oriflame as a distributor is equivalent to getting a big business opportunity, yes the company is not its own. But when the team is formed, the income is also on its own.

 Quality Product: –


 Oriflame later became an MLM company, Oriflame has created top quality products first. Most of the products of Oriflame are only for women, so they can use their own to check their quality. After that they can share with their friends or family.  Can also be advised to use Oriflame.  Due to which there is no need to use the product of a poor company behind the income.

 Job Security: –

 Before joining the MLM company, people raise questions about job security and how long the company will exist. It is also important to do this, because if an MLM company is closed tomorrow, then the people’s hard work is wasted.  Because it takes a lot of time to build a network. So it is mandatory not to waste your hard work, it is mandatory to join a stuffed company.

 Talk about Oriflame, Oriflame is the oldest and globally spread company. Oriflame has been making a mark in the market for a long time, it is justified to trust Oriflame.

 Other benefits of the Oriflame Plan: 

 First of all, the investment of Oriflame is nothing, only you have to buy a product for 299 ₹.  In this, you do not have to forcefully add people to bring back your investment.  You can work whenever you want, your income depends on you in a different way, if you are hardworking, you will definitely get the fruits of hard work if not today.  Here, if you buy the product and cannot sell further, then you can use those products yourself and oriflame also provides complete job security.

 Disadvantages of joining Oriflame: –

 Product to be expensive: –

 The reason why many people may not want to use ORIFLAME is because the ORIFLAME product is expensive. Yes, the products of ORIFLAME are undoubtedly good in quality, but to some extent they are priced higher, if you use ORIFLAME.  If the product is from other big companies.

 Competition in india:

 Not many people know about ORIFLAME in India, because there is already a lot of competition in India. Many companies in India do not afford to promote to a higher level with the exception of cosmetics and BUT products.  Many companies provide quality products at a lower price than oriflame, so it becomes more difficult to work with Oriflame as a distributor.

 Product List of Oriflame; –

 The reason Oriflame is not so successful in India is Oriflame’s product list. Oriflame’s product is only for women.  More than half of the population in India is middle and middle class.  Which makes most people unable to buy Oriflame products.  After this, most of the products of Oriflame are for women, but the condition of women in India is worse than men. Women are confined to their homes. So if someone wants to connect with Oriflame and create a network, then of course this work in India  Harder than in other countries.

 Meaning that it can be difficult to make a better career with Oriflame’s business plan in India as per the current situation. Not that it is impossible, but yes, after a decade it can be quite easy.

 Conclusions: –

 We hope that you have got clearly due to oriflame joining and not joining.  If you have any question or suggestion, then let us know in the comment.

So this was the advantages and disadvantages of Oriflame. If you have liked it plz share it with your friends.

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