We had read about ShareASale affiliate Marketplace in our previous post.  I hope you liked this article.  Today I will share with you a detailed tutorial about Commission Junction.  Commission Junction is a very popular marketplace for affiliate marketers.

 I myself have been using commission junction for the last 1 year.  And I have got a good result so far.  

CJ review

 Commission Junction is a well-reputed company.  From where you can find to promote high-quality affiliate products.  In this tutorial, I will share with you all the important things about Commission Junction that you need.

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 1 What is Commission Junction Affiliate?

 1.1 How can you use Commission Junction?

 What is Commission Junction Affiliate?

 Commission Junction is a marketplace, where you marketers find a lot of products and make money by promoting them.  Commission Junction is a global affiliate marketplace.  Commission Junction is the best solution for bloggers like us and you to earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

 The most important thing about Commission Junction is that you do not need any exclusive training to use it.  Anyone can use the CJ network very easily.  To promote a product through Commission Junction, you will need to create a free account on it.

Create a free account at Commission Junction.

  How can you use Commission Junction?

 Once you sign up at Commission Junction, after that you will also get approval very soon. In comparison to any other affiliate program, Commission Junction gives you quick approval.

 After signing up, go to the Dashboard of Commission Junction, you will see an option of “get links” there.  You can find your target affiliate program by clicking on it.

 You can see in the screenshot below that I have found my target affiliate program.  In this way you can find affiliate products for any niche of your blog.

 Commission Junction pays you in check or direct bank deposit.

 One thing about Commission Junction that I like very much is that you can easily find a product in a different niche.  If you are a blogger who does not run a blog of a different niche, then you can get a huge commission by picking a niche based product through Commission Junction and promoting it through your blog.

 If you are interested in hosting products, then you can easily apply to top hosting companies such as Hostgator, a top hosting affiliate like BlueHost through Commission Junction.

 Here I am sharing a screenshot where you can find the best products for various categories for affiliate promotion.  One advantage of using Commission Junction is that it has more commission than other affiliate programs.

 If you want to earn good money through affiliate marketing, then create your account at Commission Junction today.  Commission Junction is completely free.

Deep Link generator feature:

In this feature you can create a deep link affiliate link f0r any of CJ advertises you are associated with. All you need to do is, drag and drop the deep-link bookmarklet from this page to your bookmark browser, and on any of your associated CJ advertiser website ( Any page), you can click on bookmarklet to generate the direct link to the specific page. Here is a video which show this feature in detail:

Again this feature seems to be useful for existing CJ affiliate marketers, but again one find print for this feature is:

You must have access to a deep link for the Advertiser in the CJ Account Manager

If you are looking forward to making some good money via Affiliate marketing, you should sign up for CJ and it’s free.



 Which affiliate program are you using now?  Please tell us in the comment box.  If you liked this tutorial, do not forget to share it on social media.

So this was the detailed Commission junction review if you like then plz share it with you friends.

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