Unlike Yesteryears, the consumption of content in video formats is increasing, thanks to them being more entertaining and visually rich.  While there are many things that go into making a video great, an important aspect is the editing that goes into it.  Good editing on a video can certainly increase its effectiveness and thankfully, there is no shortage of great and powerful video editing applications for both Windows and Mac, but you will agree when we say that some video editing tools are very complex.  If you are looking for a video editing software that caters to both beginners as well as video editing professionals, you can try Wondershare Filmora review.


 Filmora review is a simple but powerful video editing software available for both Windows and Mac.  It includes features for both casual video editors as well as professionals, so whatever the reason may be for you to watch a new video editing software, Filmora should cover you.  Well, let’s Filmora review  and take a detailed look at the software.


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Hey what’s up guys it is Ritik here.Now today I am going to do filmora review .There is a bunch of video editing software but filmora is one of them, it is the best video editing software.

Many youtubers use this software for video editing.some users use its  paid version while others use free version .This software was developed by WONDERSHARE.


Wondershare is an established name in Mac software, and We can now also sample the company’s wares, with the release of its Filmora video editing software. This software offers the overlays, standard trimming, transitions,  and effects you expect in this kind of application, but it lacks more advanced and modern features you find in more competitors like powerdirector,Cyberlinks—things like motion tracking, multicam, and support for 360-degree videos. 


Anyone who’s used a video editor will find Filmora9’s interface to be very familiar – it has a very similar layout to many of its rivals, but has an infinitely more polished feel than others. The first step is to import media to work with, and there are numerous options here. as well as adding footage that’s already on your computer, you can also pull content directly from a phone or camera, as well as from online resources such as Facebook. There’s even a record option for grabbing footage from a webcam, or recording videos of on-screen action. 

Automated scene detection does the hard work of splitting up lengthy clips into more manageable, ready for you to add to the workspace, apply effects, and drag to different timelines. As well as a range of strikingly decent effects and transitions, there are also numerous Split Screen options for creating various elaborate picture-in-picture layouts. 

On-screen titles, text and on screen elements (such as graphic overlays) are handled with equal aplomb, and it’s hard to find fault with what’s on offer. Completed projects can be saved in a variety of formats, burned to DVD, saved for specific devices, or uploaded directly to YouTube and Vimeo. 

When you’re working with effects, you’ll quickly realise that you need to download them in order to use them. You can do these on an as-required basis, or opt to download everything at once. IT is at this point you’ll discover that Wondershare has chosen to host its 1GB Effect Pack on Google Drive, with ‘Desmond’ indicated as being the owner; while there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, it is a little strange, and a little unprofessional.

But the results you can achieve with Filmora9 are far from unprofessional. It’s worth taking the trial version of the program for a test drive, bearing in mind that anything you export will be watermarked. If you’re impressed – as we think you will be – you can upgrade to the paid-for version and export a clean version of your creation.


 Like any other advanced video editor software, the Wondershare Filmora Pack has a ton of features, so let’s talk about some of the key features of filmora 2020:

 Different modes:

 When you start Filmora, the software asks you to choose from two different modes: Easy Mode and Full Featured Mode.  As the name suggests, Easy Mode is for those who just want to edit casual videos, while full featured brings all the advanced features you can expect from a video editor.

 Creative features:

 Filmora offers a bunch of creative features like the ability to add filters and overlays to make your video more engaging.  The software also lets you add text, titles, motion elements, and transitions.  It also has a strong library of royalty-free music that you can use in your videos.

 File format support:

 Filmora supports almost all popular video formats as well as audio and image formats.  It also includes support for 4K resolution video and GIF files.  Also, the app lets you import photos and clips from social media platforms like Facebook.  That’s not all, because Video Editor lets you export files in common video formats, HD, DVD formats, as well as formats specific to devices. 

 Basic Video Editing Features:

 The software includes various basic video editing features that we have come to expect in a video editing software such as noise removal, frame preview by frame, motion control, color tuning (adjusting dynamic range and white balance) and adding panning or zooming.  Capacity.  Movements for a footage.  There is also the ability to play a clip in reverse by flipping your clip.

 Advanced Video Editing Features:

 Along with all the basic video editing features, Filmora also has advanced options such as Picture in Picture support, so you can layer multiple video clips and audio mixers to adjust the audio of each individual soundtrack.


 There is also support for advanced text editing, 3D lute, video stabilization, audio equalizer, scene detection, tilt shift and more.  Filmora also supports Green Screen, so you can change the background of your video and create effects using Chroma Key.

 Video and audio controls:

 With Filmora, you get common video controls such as trim, rotate, crop, contract, merge, as well as the ability to change aspect ratio, hue, saturation, brightness and more.  The software also includes audio controls such as trim, out and fade out.  Splits, voice over pitch and more.

 Impact Store:

 Wondershare software has a large collection of effects, including filters, animated elements, and other modern video effects that you can use in your videos.  The best thing about the effects store is that it is updated every month with new effects.  You can easily buy some great effects that are tied into classified collections such as food, travel, fashion, games, retro, etc.  There are also free collections if you really don’t want to pay for the effects, so there is something for everyone.

 User interface:

 Unlike many video editing software, Filmora has a pretty sleek and clean interface.  Filamora’s easy way is to have a very simple interface that is understandable, considering that users have to edit simple videos.


 When it comes to full featured mode, this is where the Filmora Video Editor really shines.  Many video editing software looks very complicated, thanks to their dirty interface.  Well, not so with Filmora.  All the features like music, transitions, text, filters, overlays, etc. are available on the right front, which makes the software very easy to use.  Each of these effects has very well fleshed out options and you can use drag and drop with various options to get things done quickly.

 The top panel has options to import media locally or from Facebook, Instagram or Flickr.  You can also use the record option to record the screen of your PC or Mac, or to record with a webcam, or to record a voice-over.  The Export option lets you burn a disc with videos you’ve created, save your file locally, or export to Facebook, Vimeo, or YouTube.  There is also an option to switch from dark theme to white theme.


 Overall, Filmora has a nice looking modern interface and is definitely very user friendly.  In addition, the features are listed in a simple way, which is certainly good for those who are just getting into professional video editing.

 Easy of use:

 When you first start Filmora, the software prompts you to choose between easy and full featured modes and 4: 3 or 16: 9 aspect ratios.  Easy Mode is easy to use and in fact, it is surprisingly simple and if you want to edit family videos or anything casual, you will love the simplicity of the mode.  In this mode, you can just add a media file, choose a theme, then music and you can preview the video file.  Once done, you can easily export the video to various formats.


 The full featured mode is very simple, as you might have seen from the user interface and when you consider the advanced options it offers, it’s commendable that the development of the developer at Wondershare has managed to keep things so simple.  The effect is easy to use and you’ll love features such as Chroma Key, Picture in Picture, and Tilt Shift, which is usually only part of high-end video editing software.  While this is all good, software can be slow at times when it comes to importing and exporting files but it also depends on your system configuration.

 Pricing and availability:

 Wondershare Filmora is available for Windows and macOS and is available in a free trial, which gives you all the options, but adds a watermark to the exported video.  If you want to get the full version, you can get a membership starting at $ 39 / year.  You can also get a lifetime license starting at $ 59 for a single computer.



  •  Great UI

  •  Easy and Full Featured Mode

  • Feature rich

  • Easy to use


  •  Slow on time

 Wondershare Filmora: A video editing software for both beginners and professionals

 In our testing, we really liked what Filamora had to offer.  You can use it to make casual videos or you can make professional grade videos with software.  So, yes, it is a video editing software for everyone.  Okay, you should try the free trial and see if it is worth your money.  Let us know how you like it in the comments section below.


Filmora is a good video editing software. That’s why I have done a Filmora review You can use it.Really it is very good.

So this was the Wondershare Filmora review 2020,Features of filmora 2020.Hope you have liked our Filmora review 2020 So plz share it with your friend.

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