How to download Rich dad poor dad book for free-


Rich Dad Poor Dad Book in Hindi Free Download:

 Do you like to read a book?  Today I will tell you about the book Rich Dad Poor Dad Book In Hindi as well as tell you how to download Rich dad poor dad book for free.

How to download Rich dad poor dad book for free-

 What is money?  How does money work?  And how does our life become when money is made?  Also how can we earn maximum money?  It is explained in this book.

 All of our lives are spent in earning and spending money, but very few people will know how money works. Addressing two different people in this book or telling that money is our  What is the effect on life. 

 Rich Dad Poor Dad Book In Hindi is a very famous book to earn money, which everyone wants to read whether he is a big person or belongs to small society.

 However, the book Rich Dad Poor Dad Book In Hindi Free PDF Download is written in English that is why people in our India like to read it in Hindi and search it on the internet how to download Rich Dad Poor Dad Book In Hindi.

 But now do not worry, in this post I will tell you how you can buy it online and how you can download it for free too.

 The name of this book does not seem to suggest that it is a famous book by Make Money Technique, but the theory of this book is about making money and it has been very thoughtfully titled.

 Rich Dad Poor Dad is written by two authors together named Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon lechter.

 But Robert Kiyosaki has contributed mainly to this book and has explained the Make Money Theory well, so this book is more famous than the name of Robert Kiyosaki.


1 Who is Robert Kiyosaki (Robert Kioski)

2 Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Summary (Summary)

3 What does a rich person and a poor person have what does not happen. 

4 How Does Money Works

5How to download some important lines

6 Rich Dad Poor Dad Book In Hindi?

 Who is Robert Kiyosaki (Robert Kioski):

 Robert Kiyoski is an American citizen who has always been in Japan, having studied in NewYork, after completing the studies, the robot moved to Vietnam as a helicopter gunship pilot.

 Robert Kiyosaki began his business career after returning from Vietnam, the first time he started his first company in 1966, in which he traded more than millions of dollars.

 In 1996, he launched his first book titled Rich dad poor dad (Rich Dad Poor Dad), this book proved to be the best seller in New York and today Robert Kiyosaki’s many books in the market are avialable and do good business.  dad poor is also known by the name of dad’s book.

 Now let us take you to some main summary written in this book.

 The book was named Rich Dad Poor Dad Book because Robert Kiyoski or believed he had two fathers.

 One father of “Robert Kiyosaki” who was very poor and another his friend’s father who was rich.

 Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Summary:

 Not all of us learn the value of money in school or college, rather we learn the value of money from people who have no money.

 Now it is a matter of thinking that those who do not have money will explain the value of money to you, but the thing to understand here is that those who do not have money are poor and only they know the value of money well.

 Robert Kiyosaki speaks,

 That the person whose financial status is similar, he gives the same idea to others, for example I tell you,

 If a person earns ₹ 2,00,000 in a year, then the consideration he gives will be worth ₹ 2,00,000 but if the same person earns ₹ 50,00,000 in a year then his financial advice will be like ₹ 50,00,000.

 Robert says that I am very fortunate because I have got the opportunity to get ideas from two types of ideological person. I have described the personality of rich person on one side and poor on the other side in Rich Dad Poor Dad Book In Hindi Free PDF Download  The idea of ​​the person is described.

 What happens to rich person and poor person does not happen:

 Friends, let me tell you that if you read Rich Dad Poor Dad Book In Hindi Free PDF after downloading, then you will know what a person has and what does not happen.

 According to Robert Kiyosaki,

 Rich people have their Assets Assets i.e. source which pull the money towards them.  Poor people have liabilities, meaning their money is taken away from them.

 Now if we see this point in the real world,

 rich dad poor dad hindi pdf download: A poor man who Belong from Middle Class has a Limited Salary Source who is dependent on the job, they do not have much to spend and many job people  The difference between Assets and Liabilities is also not understood.

 For example, if a 9-5 Job person takes a loan to buy a car, he feels that there are Assets, whereas he does not think that after buying the car his Expenses have increased as if driving a car.  For Fuel, Parking Charge, Maintanace, Insurance etc.

 Writer Kiyosaki says that along with our Assets, we should also pay special attention to fulfill our Liabilities, so that we have more income.

 Just like if we do any work, apart from that we can do any small work on the side, such as blogging from the internet nowadays, you can make YouTube video, you can do freelancing work, so that we can generate exide income.

 How Does Money Works:

 Friends believe me I like some points in Rich Dad Poor Dad Book In Hindi Free PDF very much.

 rich dad poor dad hindi pdf download: People who are rich never work for money, their money always works for them whereas it does not happen with Poor people Poor people work for money, and  He gives all his time for his 9-5 job.

 Rich people know that the money that they are investing now is going to work for them in future and this will give more returns to them, but on the other hand poor people are afraid to invest money anywhere due to which rich people are rich.  And poor people become poorer.

 Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Some Important lines:

 Winner are not afraid of losing, but losers are failures is a part of the process of success people who avoid fade out also avoid success.  He survives from failure. He also survives from success).

 In school we learn that mistakes are bad and we are punished for making them yet if you look at the way humans are designed to learn we learn by making mistakes. (In school we learn that making mistakes is a bad thing and we  Even if punishment is found, if we see how a human being is made to learn, then we will know that he learns by making mistakes).

 The love of money is the root of all Evil.  The lack of money is the root of all Evil. (Loving money is the root of all evil. Lack of money is the root of all evil).

 Considering be addicted to money.  work to learn.  managing work for money.  work for knowledge. (Do not use the wrong habit of money. Work for learning. Do not work for money. Work for knowledge)

 How to download Rich Dad Poor Dad Book In Hindi?

 If you want to read this book, then you have to buy it from Amazon or Flipkart because this book has not been legally free.

 Wait wait, I told you to download it for free, then you will also do it for free.

 If you want, you can buy this book from the link given below.

 Buy From Instamojo (15 Rs): Click Here

 The PDF of Rich Dad Poor Dad Book In Hindi is also quite correct.  If you do not have much time, because of which you can not read the book, then you can download the Rich Dad Poor Dad Book in Hindi PDF, even if you are very

 Whether you are traveling by train or using mobile at bedtime, you can easily read this PDF in your mobile.  From the link given above, you can buy it for just 15 rupees.

 If you want to listen to all the points of this book in Hindi, then you can listen to this Rich dad poor dad AudioBook of YouTube, in which all the points have been told in Hindi.

 If you want to download Rich Dad Poor Dad Book in Hindi, you can download it by clicking on the link given below. 

 Click Here To Download

 Friends, in the end, I will tell you that if you look at what Robert Kiyosaki has told in the Rich Dad Poor Dad book and relate it to the real world, then you will know that every single point of this book has been written by a practical experience.  .

 I explained it to you in very few words, but by reading Rich Dad Poor Dad Book in real, you will understand its real meaning, if you have read this book, then you will definitely tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.

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