Friends, if you make money from online internet then you should know What is Instamojo?  If you do not know, in this post today, we will know that What is Instamojo?  How to earn money using Instamojo?  And how to create an Instamojo Account by ourselves, by which you will also learn to earn money from Internet .

 We all use the Payment Gateway like Paytm, PayPal, PayU whenever you buy a product or service.  In such a situation, Instamojo also has a Payment Collection System which helps us to collect payment from others.

 Let us know what is Instamojo and how can we use it, as well as learn about how to earn money from Instamojo.



1 What is Instamojo? 

2 How to create Instamojo Account? 3 Instamojo Account Advantages – Advantages of creating an account on Instamojo.

4 How to Earn from Instamojo (How to make money from Instamojo)?

5 On Instamojo  How do Product & Service Sale? 

6 How to take Instamojo Payment? 

7 How to do Instamojo Marketing?


 What is Instamojo?

 Instamojo is a payment gateway system in India that makes payment collection for any type of product like physical, digital or event ticket selling etc.  Here we can earn online by selling online products.

 Just like PayPal Payment Gateway is used for International Payment, Instamojo is used as Payment Gateway in India.  Many such Blogger (Anil Agrawal), Digital Marketer (Amit Mishra) or YouTuber (Satish Kushwaha) earn millions by selling their own product by becoming Instamojo Seller.

 Digital product sales were done on Instamojo as soon as Books, Software, Courses etc.  But in today’s time, Instamajo also makes a payment collection to do Physical Product Sale.  Like-

 If you work in T-shirt manufacturing, then you can sell your made T-shirt by collecting Payment with the help of Instamojo Payment Gateway Collection.  Whenever someone will buy your product, its mailing address will be emailed on behalf of Instamojo.  At that address, you can Deliver your Product.

How to open online store on Instamojo:

First you have to open your online store on Instamojo.  For this you can follow these steps-

  • Instamojo accounts will have to be created to open

  •  Instamojo online stores, Personalize your store like Name, Cover Photo, Profile Picture, etc.

  •  Add your product to Instamojo store. 

  • Collect payment for your added product. 

 How to create Instamojo Account?

 On Instamojo we can create two types of accounts: Personal Level and Business Level.  For which you should have an Email-ID, Mobile No, and a Pan Card for Instamojo account KYC.

 To create an Instamojo Account, you can follow the steps given below-

  •  First of all, you have to go to the Instamojo Official Website – Instamojo Account Open Click 

  • Here you will see two options Business and Consumer If you want to sell the product, you will create a Business Account, if you want to buy the product, you will create a Consumer Account.

  •  You will enter Email-ID and Password and click Have a Referral Code, and enter the refer code below and click on Signup.

  • Now an OTP will appear on your given mobile number which you will have to Verify by putting it. In the next page you will select your Username. 

  • You can check the availability of your username by clicking on Check availability. 

  • Once your Username is selected  Then you will be asked your PAN number, you will enter your PAN number, as well as enter your real name, address, state, pin code, etc. Click on Next. 

  • Now you will have to enter your payout details in which you will get your Bank Account Number, Bank Account  Put the Holder Name, IFSC Code etc. and click on Next. 

  • Now you have completed your Instamojo Account Setup.  After all this is done you will go to your Profile Dashboard. 

 Instamojo Account Advantages :

Advantages of creating an account on Instamojo are:

  • On Instamojo you can create an account for free and set up your initial, but if you need some more features then for that you will have to buy Instamojo membership. 

  • For that you are using Instamojo Payment & Service, for that you need Instamojo  You have to pay 2% + ₹ 3 of each sale.

  • You can use the Instamojo App in which you are given the facility to do Instamojo Affiliate Program and Message. 

  • You can upload any product to Instamojo Store and upload it via Instamojo  You do not have to pay any money for this. 

  • You are given the facility of Google Analytics Integration in which you will be able to see all your details. 

  • You can create your own Discount Coupon Code for your uploaded product.

 How to Earn from Instamojo (How to earn money from Instamojo)?

 How to earn money from Instamojo: You can earn money by uploading your product on Instamojo and let’s understand with an example,


 Suppose you buy a software that costs ₹ 10,000, now you can buy that software and upload it to Instamojo.  And its price can be ₹ 1,000.  When a lot of users will come to you and buy that product, then you can do a lot of Earnings by selling ₹ 1000 from them.

 How do Product & Service Sale at Instamojo?

 How to earn money from Instamojo: You can earn money by selling physical or digital products on Instamojo.  If you want to sell any goods, you can sell it by adding it to the Direct Product.

 First of all, you have to login to Instamojo and go to the Dashboard, then you can follow the steps given below: –

 You see two options in your Profile Dashboard in which you see the option of Payments Link and Product & Store. If you just want to collect payment, then click on Payments Link and set your Payments Details and copy your link and  Will send the payment you want to take, with the help of Link, he can pay you. If you want to sell any physical or digital product, ebooks, software etc., then you will click on Instamojo Product & Store. Now you can get your Product  After uploading, write the Product Name, Description and all the details and will save. Once your Product Upload is done, you will get a link.  You can give it to anyone and you can collect payment from it. 

 How to take Instamojo Payment?

  •  When your product will be sold and people will pay you, then all that money will be added to your Instamojo Account, later Instamojo sends you or money.

  •  Instamojo deposits your payment within 2 to 3 days from NEFT in your bank account.

  •  You can also take Instant Payments on Instamojo, for this, some Charges are taken from you and the payment is deposited immediately in your bank account.

 How to do Instamojo Marketing?

 By now you must have understood that What is InstamojoHow to earn money  from Instamojo?  And how to do upload Product  on Instamojo?  But to promote your product, you have to do Instamojo Marketing only then your product will reach more and more people and your sales will increase.

  •  If you are a YouTuber and you make videos on YouTube, you can do Instamojo Marketing. You will make your product, insert it in the description of your video, which will cause your Instamojo Earning Increase. 

  • If you are doing blogging, then you have uploaded the product on Instamojo. You can write about it on your blog and tell people that you can download this product and give your link there.

  • Whenever you upload your product on Instamo, then definitely put in good tags and keywords description so that  If a person comes to Instamojo and searches, then you will come to your Product Search and can buy it from there too. 

  • Instamojo allows you to upload your product and do SEO where you can give related keywords to your product.  You can add that your product will start coming in Suggestion. 

  • Even if you make an offline product sale, you can still collect payment from Instamojo, this will increase the Reach of your Instamojo account and Instamojo will recommend your account itself.


 So friends, if you make money by Product Selling, then you have to know that What Instamojo is.  How did money earn from Instamojo?  Instamojo is a great marketplace that allows you to create an online store for free that you should use.

 Hope guys, What is Instamojo?  You must have liked this post very much, if you have any suggestion in mind, then you can comment below.  We will talk about how to put products on Instamojo and how to earn money with Instamojo.

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