What is Roz Dhan?  How to earn money from Roz Dhan app?  Earn money online.  One such app which is becoming very popular today is Roz Dhan.  But those who do not know about this app, will have the same question going on in their mind: what is this Roz Dhan?  What is the use of it?  How to make money from it?  Why and how does it pay money to apps?  So in today’s post, we will learn about Roz Dhan apps.


 1 What is Roz Dhan?

 1.1 Is this app fake or real?

 1.2 How to earn Rs 50 from Roz Dhan apps?

 1.2.1 Ways to earn money from Roz Dhan apps:

 1.2.2 How to Make Withdrawal from Roz Dhan apps?

 1.2.3 Important information for withdraw money

 1.3 Conclusion and Final Words

 What is Roz Dhan?

 Friends, it is known by its name that we will get money every day.  Roz Dhan is an online article and video sharing app.  In other words, Roz Dhan is India’s best earning money app that gives money for Sign up, Sharing, and Invitation.  Today, millions of people are using these apps.


 If you are a writer, you can earn good money by writing content here.  There is no limit to earning money from these apps, the more you share, the more you will get money.  Most of the users get confused about the points, some users do not understand the points well and spread the wrong message in the logo, due to which other people cannot believe anything real.  This app contains 250 coins = 1 rs.  Let’s know about the further process of these apps, how to earn 50 rupees initially from these apps?

 Are these apps fake or real?

 I have seen many reviews about this app in which we received some positive and some negative reviews.  Seeing some negative reviews, we thought of not using these apps, but then it came to my mind that how can these apps be used?

 As soon as I installed this app and added the invitation code, I immediately got 50 Rs and also got 1250 coins on every Invitation i.e. 5 Rs.  So I want to give this message to all users, never judge anyone by just reviewing, check about it yourself and only then give your review on it.

 Many times it happens that we start to doubt him without thinking without thinking and later when we come to know his reality, we start to feel sorry.  So, before giving any wrong review, check thoroughly about it.

 Now you must have understood that these apps are fake and that they are real.  Friends, these apps are absolutely real apps, it really gives money to its users, some people do not understand it, due to which they call it wrong.

 How to earn Rs 50 from Roz Dhan apps?

 If you want to earn Rs 50 immediately from this app, then for this you will first have to download this app through the following link, after that you will have to login with your mobile number or Facebook.

 Download Link

 Step 1: Download this app through the Download link?

 Step 2: Now after that, sign up in this app through your mobile number.

 ´┐╝Roz Dhan apps sign up

 Step 3: After signing up you have to verify your number.  As soon as the number is verified, after that you will get 25 Rs immediately.

 Step 4: After verifying the number, a box will open in front of you in which some permission will be asked.  After that the second box will be open in which you will get two options.  1) Invite one friend to get 1250 coins and another option will be 2) Fill the invitation code to get Rs 25

 Step 5: Now you have to add the Invitation code by clicking on the second option, if you add this invitation code, you will get Extra 25 Rs.  Use this code to get extra 25 Rs.  “05SL7R”

 Ways to earn money from Roz Dhan apps:

 There are a lot of ways to earn money from these apps. The first way I told you above is that you can earn money by signing up.  Let us now know about some other methods.

 By editing your profile.  When you create an account for the first time, you will be asked to fill your details. If you fill the details, you will get 200 coins.

 Make money by referring your friends, that is, you invite your friends to install these apps and tell them to use your referral code which will give them 25 rupees and you will get 1250 coins = 5 Rs.

 You can earn coins by sharing an article on this app, that is, by writing an article or uploading a video and then you can convert it into money.

 The next method is by article sharing.  To share an article here means that you can share the article already available in Roz Dhan apps on your Facebook, WhatsApp.  After sharing, you will get some coins.

 So these were some ways through which you can earn money from Roz Dhan apps.  They named the apps very unique and very good, so that the users are also attracted.

 How to make money withdrawal from Roz Dhan apps?

 Now comes the money to withdraw from these apps.  To withdraw money from these apps, there should be a minimum of Rs 200 in your account.  If there is a minimum 200 Rs in your account then you can withdraw money by following the steps given below.

 First of all, open Roz Dhan apps.

 After that click on the lowest profile icon in the right side.

 Now you have to click on Withdraw Balance.  After that there will be a screen show like the image given below in which To Paytm account is to be selected.

 As soon as you select a Paytm account, you will be asked to fill your Paytm details, in which to enter your real name, your Paytm mobile number and your mobile number with Roz Dhan apps.

 After that you can easily transfer your money to your Paytm account.

 Important information for withdraw money

 Before withdrawing money from these apps, you should have some important information so that you do not have problems.

 You can transfer money to any of your Paytm numbers.

 You can only do 5 Withdraws in a day, meaning that you cannot withdraw money more than 5 times in a day.

 It is mandatory to have a minimum 200 Rs in your account to withdraw money.

 The coins deposited in your account will be converted into money on the second day and will be added to your income (Automatically)

 It contains 250 coins = 1 Rs.


 In this article I have given a review about Roz Dhan app review, which has been reviewed with complete truth.  If Roz Dhan apps change into coins in the coming days, then it is not the responsibility of the Guptatreepoint team.  To stay updated with these apps, you have to use Roz Dhan apps.

 People spread the wrong message about these apps, which is absolutely wrong.  First of all, use this app well, only then give your review on it.  If you have used these apps, then in the comment box given below, you should tell us how much income you have made from these apps so far.

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