Nowadays there are many ways to earn money online from the Internet.  Of which, everyone knows about Blogging and Youtube.  But today we are going to tell you a very easy way to earn money online.

 Friends, in today’s time, you can earn money just by asking questions and looking at the answers.  For this, there is a website on the Internet which gives you money on doing so, whose name is Quora.

 Many of you will know about this website.  You may have used it as well.  Whenever we have any question or information, we search it on the internet.  Then you get the answer to that question on this website.

 What is Quora? How to earn money with Quora?

What is Quora? How to earn money with Quora?


  •  What is Quora?

  •  What is the Quora Partner Program?

  •  Quora How to earn money with Quora?

  •  1. By bringing traffic to the website

  •  2. Sell Product / Service

  •  3. By promoting Youtube Channel

  •  4. By selling Ebooks

  •  5. Blog branding

  •  Quora Partner Program kaise join kare?

  •  How much money can you make with Quora?

  •  Conclusion:

 What is Quora?

 Quora is an American website that was launched in 2009.  And in India, Hindi language has started in 2018.  Quora is one of the largest websites in the world.  More than 12 crore traffic comes on this website.

 Quora This is a type of Online Question and Answer Forum.  Meaning it is a Question Answer website.  People from all over the world are connected with this website.  Anyone can ask their questions here.  Whose answers can be found here.

 If you get an answer to a question, then you can also give your opinion.  Through Quora you can ask questions on any topic and in return Quora gives you the answer to that question.

 What is the Quora Partner Program?

 With the help of this program you can easily earn money from Quora sitting at home.  Through the Quora partner program you can earn money by asking questions or answering those questions.

 If you join the program and when someone asks questions on Quora, then Quora runs its ads on it.  You get some money from those ads.  You can withdraw these money through Paypal.

 This program of Quora is still new, so quora is sending invitations only to those people who spend a lot of time on quora.  And ask questions or answer them.  If you are a good writer then you will definitely get an invitation to the Quora Partner Program.

  How to earn money with Quora?

 Friends, we have come to know one way to earn money from Quora which is the Quora Partner Program.  Now we will talk about other ways to make money from quora.

 1. By bringing traffic to the website

 Millions of people answer questions on Quora every day.  If you want to bring traffic to your website, then you can share the link of your website on quora.  With which more and more people will visit your website.  And you will be able to earn a lot of good money through Google Adsense.


 When someone asks a question on Quora, in that answer, all you have to do is add your website link.  More people can visit your website by clicking on that link.  Which will bring traffic to your website.

 2. Sell Product / Service

 If you have a business and you want to sell your product to more people, then through quora you can reach your product to the targeted audience.  And you can sell your product or services very easily.

 3. Promote Youtube Channel

 If you have a Youtube channel, you can make money from quora by branding it.  As you know people come to quora to know the answers to their questions.  If you provide a video related to their questions, then your channel subscribers will help to grow.  And you will be able to earn good money from your youtube channel.

 4. Sell Ebooks

 Quora is a platform where many people come to enjoy new information.  In such a situation, you can earn good money by selling Ebooks through quora.  If you like writing books, then you can write your Ebook and put it in the answer to any queries on quora.

 5. Blog Branding

 Through Quora, you can reach the information of your blog to maximum people.  With which you can increase the popularity of your brand.  In this, if someone clicks on the link given to you, then he gets information about your brand.

How to join the Quora Partner Program?

 If you also want to earn money by joining this program, then you will have to improve your account further.  For which you should take care of some important things.

  1.  To join this program, first you need to create an account on Quora.

  1.  Then you have to complete your profile.

  1.  Next, you have to fill knowledge, Experience and all the other details in Bio correctly.

  1.  Ask the same questions on Quora about which you are aware.  Ask questions that encourage people to answer and read.

 How much money can you make with Quora?

 Friends The best way to earn money from Quora is to join the Quora Partner Program.  With which we can earn money from Quora through Ads.

 If you have any questions on Quora.  So how much money you get from it depends on what topic your question was, which user saw or read that question from the country.

 If the cpc of the ads is high, then you can get $ 1 or more.  It depends on the cpc of your ads and from which country the user is watching.


 Friends, now you must have known that Quora How to earn money with Quora.  If you have a good knowledge of a subject or topic, then you can earn money from quora by asking questions on that topic.

Friend so this was How to earn money with Quora and what is Quora partner program.

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