Is your question also that how to increase  jio 4g internet speed because many jio sim users are very much worried about the net speed in their mobile or computer.

 We are not able to take full advantage of the speed of Jio 4g in our area, the settings in our phone are not set properly, due to which we are not able to use even half of that speed.

 Here we will make you change some settings in your mobile, along with this, you will have to follow some more steps, after which, jio 4g internet speed Will increase substantially.




 1. jio 4g internet speed kaise badhaye

 2. jio 4g internet settings

 3. jio apn settings for high speed internet

 4. jio 4g internet speed kaise badhaye

 5. How to Keep Mobile Safe

 How to increase jio 4g internet speed:

 In order to increase Jio 4G Internet Speed, we have to change four types of settings in your phone. Keep in mind that here we will tell you the process of changing the settings in ASUS mobile phones, but if you have a phone from another company, then according to that you  Settings have to be found in your phone’s settings.

 Jio 4g internet settings:

 1. The first thing to do is to insert jio 4g sim into a number SLOT in your mobile phone, that is, if your phone is of two sim, then jio sim should be in one number.

 2. Now we have to turn on data roaming by going to the settings of our mobile in the second task, even if your SIM is not in the roaming area, we still have to turn it on.

 To do data roaming on, go to your mobile settings and then click on network and internet and then click on mobile network.

 After clicking on the mobile network, you will get the option of mobile data and roaming in front of you, mobile data will be on you as well as you turn on roaming.

 Now click on the third option below data usage and in the top right side a small set of settings will appear, click on it.  (See picture below)


 By clicking on the top of the Chakri, the page of the app data usage cycle will open in front of you, now here, by clicking on the button in front of the set data warning and set data limit, you have to close them and come back if it is already closed.  Now we have to complete the third step.

 Jio apn settings for high speed internet:

 3. We have completed the above two steps, now we will complete the third and important step, you go once again in the settings of your Android phone and then click on mobile network after clicking on mobile internet settings.

 As soon as you click on mobile network, you will come to the network settings. Now click on advance below here and the Access point name will be written at the bottom.

 We are using ASUS mobile phones here, maybe these settings are a bit different in the brand of mobile you are using, so you have to find the option of Access point name in your phone settings.

 If you are inserting a SIM of Jio 4g in your phone, then you will click on this option Access point name, by writing JIONET will come in front of you.

 Now you will see a round point in front of JIONET and have to click on the triple dot above it.  (See picture below)


 On clicking triple dot com an option will come Reset to default, then you have to click on it and your APN settings will be reset to default as soon as you click.

 Once you reset, restart your phone once or for that you press and hold the power button in your phone for a while and then you will get the option to restart or reboot the phone on the screen.

 When your phone is restarted and turned back on, the internet will start running normally according to your area in your phone, that is, your phone Jio 4G Internet Speed ​​will increase to a great extent.

 How to increase jio 4g internet speed:

 By following the steps mentioned above, jio 4g internet speed becomes hundred percent incremental and if the net speed is not increasing even after doing it in your mobile phone, it means that the software has decreased.

 For this, whichever company your mobile phone belongs to, call their customer care and talk to them about it, they will ask you to dial some code, this is to check the performance of your mobile.

 Complete the steps given by them and tell them the result on your mobile screen, then they will tell that your mobile software has been damaged and they will ask you to go to the service center.

 How to keep mobile safe:

 Sometimes due to the lack of some applications on the Play Store, Google removes it, but if we continue to get used to that application then download the APK file and use it.

 When you download an APK file from Google, at the same time a warning comes on the screen of your mobile and it is told that “this file can harm your device, would you still like to install it” and  We install it by clicking on OK in it.

 If we do not install that file at the same time looking at that warning, then our mobile can be safe and safe, this APK file damages the software in our mobile and then our phone becomes prone to many diseases.

 We should download any application from the play store itself, if the app is not present on the play store, then its APK file should not be used because there was something missing in it, only then Google removed it from the play store.

 If you work on the internet, you have a YouTube channel or you do blogging or there is some other big work for which you want internet speed very fast, then you can take Jio Fiber.

 jio has made Jio Fiber Plans even cheaper. Its smallest payout is ₹ 399. If you want to get Jio Fiber installed then here is a guide.  How to install Jio FiberNet This post explains the complete process of applying Jio Fiber online through your mobile or computer.


 So guys We learned here how to increase  jio 4g internet speed and increase speed as well as know the reason for the shortcomings coming in mobile.

 If your problems have been resolved after reading this post, then do let us know or if you still have any questions or suggestions, we will be happy to answer your questions by commenting below.

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