Infolinks is a name that you may have heard before when you are looking for how to monetize your blog on the Internet.  

 Infolinks Review: Hello Friends In this article today, we will review Infolinks and also see how you can do the settings of Ads on Infolinks as well as Earning Prof on Infolinks so that you can have an idea that you Infolinks Advertising Platform  How much money can you earn by joining

So this will be detailed Infolinks review.

 The first question that came to all mind was:

 Can we use Infolinks with Google AdSense?

 After reading many reviews,we decided to use it on his blog.

 Infolinks Review: Perfect works with AdSense!

Friends, Infolinks is an advertisement network through which you can earn money by monetizing your website or blog.  This network is better for those people whose Adsense Account has become disabled or people who want to earn money from their Blog from Adsense as well as from other Advertising Network.

Infolink review

 First, let’s talk about what are the requirements to create an account for Infolinks?  To create an account on Infolinks, you must have a blog that is built on Blogger, WordPress or Drupal and there should be at least 10,000 / Month Traffic on your blog.

 Now let’s talk about monetization, Infolinks gives you a total of 5 types of ads that you can put on your website.  The best thing is that to install Infolinks’ ads, only one code has to be installed on your blog and Infolinks automatically shows ads according to your blog, that is, 5 types of ads only by applying one Ad Code.  On your blog.

 One thing that you will love Infolinks right now is that it is very easy to setup and once you have setup, you will not need to do much else again.  Infolinks will automatically start showing ads on your blog and you can start making money right now.

 Now before you jump, swing and sign up, you should know that you will take some time to earn well with Infolinks.  You will need Google Search Engine Traffic and you must also ensure that your traffic is in the U.S.  And U.K.  Like countries so that you can get high CPM from Infolinks.

  •  Infolinks has a minimum payout of $ 50 and Paypal is included in its payment methods.

  •  The control panel of Infolinks seems a bit outdated but still it is an available Best In-Text Advertising Network according to experience.

  •  Integrating infolinks is easy and from the options panel you can configure ad color, number and other options.

By the way, there are many other programs which look similar and claim to be from the Best Advertising Networks, but when it comes to payment, many issues arise.

 Let me tell you that Infolinks is not a scam paise kamane ki website, they pay within the stated payout time.  They offer different payment options like Paypal, Bank Wire Transfer etc.  Harsh uses PayPal to recieve payments from it.

 One good thing about Infolinks is that you can run it with your existing AdSense Ads and that too without any issue.

 Here below is a Demo video of Infolinks so that you can get an idea of ​​how this advertising network works and what type of ads will be displayed on your blog.

 Here are the payment options offered by Infolinks:

  •  Bank Wire Transfers – $ 25 + 2% to recieve payment in your local currency

  •  PayPal – U.S.  $ 1 for residents, and 2% up to $ 10 for everything else

  •  eCheck – $ 6 + 2% for Currency Conversion

  •  Western Union – At least $ 15

  •  ACH and Payoneer – No fees.

 An Android App and an iOS App are also available from Infolinks and you can use it to monitor your performance from your mobile.

 According to my experience, Infolinks is one of the best text link ad programs available to date.  We will also tell you about other similar advertising programs on our blog in the coming days.

Infolinks Ads Settings:

 Now let’s talk about Infolinks Ads Settings, first of all let us tell you that on Infolinks you get only one code that you need to put on your blog and all types of Ads of Through Infolinks of these codes show on your blog.  .

 The best thing is that you can customize all these ads according to your blog such as: Style, Minimum Number of Ads, Ad Color, Ads Show or Not.

 Style: Almost all Ads of Infolinks in Style have one to two styles, which can be changed a bit.

 Minimum Number of Ads: You do not get this option on all ads, because some ads are shown only in one place, but the ads that are multiple shows in more than one place, you can see there how many Ads Show you  Have to conduct.

 Ad Color: In Ads Color you get different colors, so that you can change the color of your Ads.

 Ads Show or Not: Now if you do not want to show any type of Ad on your website, then you can turn off that Ad so that the Ad does not show on your blog / website.


So this was the detailed Infolinks review if you liked than plz share it with your friends.

Use the comments section below to tell us whether or not you do Infolinks for your blog and how you have experience with it.  What suggestions do you have for people looking for in-text advertising programs?

After reviewing the Infolinks review, you must have learned how much better infolink Advertisment Platform is, how much money you can earn from infolink and whether or not you should add Infolinks to your blog.

 According to me, if you have a news blog then Infolinks can prove to be a little better for you and you will be able to earn more money than that.

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