Congratulations to  new blogging friends.  I said this because the title of this post of mine today is something like that – why is it right to take hosting from for blogging and that too to a specially new blogger.  But it is also not that old bloggers cannot take hosting from this site.


 A big blog is mainly hosted on  So friends, in this post today, we are going to do Recoverhosting  review of this best hosting site, why should you take hosting from recoverhosring?

 But first let me tell you in a few short what is hosting and why do we have to take this?  So friends hosting simply means taking space to store your data online.  This space is called hosting for a website or blog and this hosting is needed only when you are creating your blog on WordPress.

 So now let’s talk again about why I recommended you website for hosting, then there is a reason why you should use its hosting?

  Even before writing this post, I was thinking to first use it to see if it is really useful for the new blogger, so I also hosted my some blog on it.  Friends, I got the best result of this and after that I saw that there is no shortage in this hosting, so now it should be recommended to all users as well.

 So friends now know what is the special thing that makes the best hosting for every user.

RECOVERHOSTING REVIEW || FEATURES OF RECOVERHOSTING || Review – Why is it best for every user?

 # 1.  Affordable Hosting

 The most important thing about is that this hosting is affordable and good for every user.  If you go to get the best hosting for you from a site like hostgator, then you will have to spend at least Rs 200 to Rs 500 a month.  According to this, around 6000 rupees of the year will be spent only on hosting and the charge for the domain and the rest will be separately.

 So now to talk about the new blogger, it is not very difficult for the old bloggers who are earning well from blogging and they can comfortably pay so much money, but for the new blogger, there is a problem.

 The first problem is that they are not earning and the second problem is that if you are not earning, then you can never spend 6000 rupees on hosting and if you want to create a blog on WordPress, then in such a time only one hosting showed the best.  And that is –Recoverhosting.

 You can get hosting for yourself from for just 30 rupees.  I am not saying 30 rupees a day for 30 rupees a month and if you take hosting for yourself from this site for one year, then you can get hosting for yourself for only 360 rupees for a year.


 Now just think what can be cheaper than this.  If you take hosting for a year from Hostgator, then you have to pay more than 360, which is impossible for a new blogger.

 So friends, if you are also looking for cheap hosting, then click here today and get hosting for yourself from RecoverHosting and create your blog on WordPress.

 #2.  Best hosting company to test

 Now here comes the talk of the big blogger.  Big bloggers are always trying to do something new and for this, they are also looking for a hosting where they can test their site.

 Apart from blogging myself, whatever tests I do, that is, to check a script or design a theme and then I do it on the live server, for which I have chosen this hosting.

 If you are also a big blogger then you can take hosting for yourself from this site without making some changes on your main site and you can make any changes in your pre-product.

 Apart from this, there are some bloggers who are not satisfied with any one hosting, so you can check hosting once from this site.  I hope you get good hosting.

 Some new bloggers also have the same problem because they are new and when they ask about good and cheap hosting from a blogger, everyone suggests different hosting according to their own.  Now the new blogger does not know who is really the best, then I will also tell them that if you are looking for cheap and right hosting then Recoverhosting will be the best.

 # 3.  Is also good for understanding wordpress

 I sometimes see such posts on my social media in which blogger comes from google’s free platform blogger in wordpress, but after coming here, everything goes upside down and they don’t understand anything.

 And this is also true because there is a lot of difference between the wordpress and blogger platform and the system of both is also different.  So if you also want to avoid this problem, first take hosting from recoverhosting and learn the wordpress properly and only then migrate your blog to wordpress.

 WordPress has a plugin and also a custom Cpanel that you should know about all of them so that you don’t have any problems later.

 Apart from this, there is a truth that wordpress is a million times better than blogger, so if you also use blogger, you can shift to wordpress today.

  # 4.  Great Support System will be available for free

 If a company does not give a good support system, it will never be a success and the biggest reason behind the success of any company is the trust of its customer and its support system.

 Recoverhosting has the same thing.  They have created a good support system for each of their users.  I will not say here at all that you can never have a problem.  Every user who runs an online site knows that the problem can come anytime and anything, but it is also very important to solve every problem.

 You get two types of support system in recoverhosting.

 Server Support: – If there is any problem in your server, then you only have to tell them once, after that the work of these hosting people is to correct the complete system.  All you have to do is go to the homepage of the site and you have given the messenger icon there and you have to tell your problem.

 You will get a reply immediately and your problem will be resolved.

 Site Support: – This facility is available only for bloggers.  In this support system, any problem related to your blog is fixed online.

 For example, if you have any problem migrating your blog, then you are given from start to last in complete migration free.

 Apart from this, many more support is given in the system free like cloudflare setup, getting AMP setup done in the blog.

  # 5.  Affiliate System

 If you are also its user and you also like the product of this site, then you can promote this site but not for free.  Recoverhosting offers you that if you promote our product online and someone buys hosting from the link given by you, then we also give you commission.

 The system of the affiliate will be found on almost every site, but recommending that product to everyone and taking the product mentioned by you in front is less possible but if you tell about recoverhosting then it will definitely take it.  Getting such cheap hosting.

 Therefore, I would also tell you that after taking hosting from it, join the affiliate for free and earn money by promoting online.  With only 500 rupees, you can withdraw in your bank.

  Free SSL Certificate

 They are now going to know about the importance of ssl for a blogger because according to Google, if you do not use ssl on any website, then we will now show a warning that this site is not secure for you.

 And it is not a good thing to have this warning show in today’s time, so you will have to take ssl even if you come from anywhere.  If you take ssl from Godaddy, then you will have to pay around 3000 rupees for a year but if you have hosting, then there is no need to invest this money.

 With every plan of Recoverhosting you will get ssl for free and you will be given that ssl by installing it for free.

 By the way, if you have any other hosting besides recoverhosting, then you can put free ssl of cloudflare in your blog.

 So friends, these were some great features of, due to which I am recommending this hosting to you and writing this article also meant that the new user should be told that if you do not have the money to take expensive hosting.  You can get cheap and good hosting for yourself.


I hope that you must have liked this article written by me and if you too have taken hosting for yourself after reading this article, then tell me how your experience was by commenting and sharing this article with my friends.  So never forget.

So this was the complete Recoverhosting review.If you liked it plz share it with your friends.

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